Among all the variety of modern household appliances, clothes dryers occupy a special place. For many housewives, such a unit is a new and little-studied device. In this regard, some cannot imagine life without a “dryer”, while others are sincerely perplexed why it is necessary. How to choose a clothes dryer in 2022? What is worth paying attention to and how, in fact, this type of household appliances works?

Who needs a dryer

drying machine

The problem of fast and high-quality drying of clean linen and shoes is familiar to many housewives. The limited area of ​​modern apartments, the need for frequent washing, high humidity in the room intended for drying clothes – this is not a complete list of inconveniences.

Of course, in the summer, you can hang things on the balcony or stretch the rope on the street. What to do in winter? Stumbling over a folding home dryer placed in the hallway? Hang all the heating radiators with wet things and enjoy the “bath” in every room? Of course not. Drying machines will help eliminate all these troubles once and for all. You can not do without this unit if you:

  • small housing;
  • there is no balcony at all or it is too small;
  • big family;
  • there is no desire to stroke often and a lot;
  • There is a newborn in the house.

A clothes dryer is especially indispensable in large families. As you know, children are able to be simultaneously in a hundred places at once, which means that the number of dirty things increases exponentially. In such a situation, no rope is simply enough, and for drying indoors, you will have to allocate an entire room. In such a situation, a dryer is just a salvation.

What are they

What are they

Before talking about how to choose a clothes dryer, it is worth understanding what they actually are.

There are following types of dryers:

  • separate closet;
  • drum dryer;
  • washing machine with built-in drying function, 2-in-1.


If the dimensions of your apartment allow, it is best to choose a dryer in the form of a cabinet.

Such a unit looks like a metal box with brackets and shelves on which wet laundry should be placed. When a special program is selected, warm, dry air is supplied inside the cabinet, as a result of which the moisture evaporates.

A properly selected dryer cabinet will perfectly cope with any kind of fabrics, including delicate and woolen ones. In addition, you can dry your shoes well in it. It can also be considered a plus that when the unit is off, it can be used as a regular cabinet. The disadvantages include its dimensions and price, slightly higher than that of other types of units.

Drum dryer

Drum dryers look like a regular washer: a box, a control panel and a loading hatch. Things here are also dried by means of warm air, but already in a drum rotating in different directions. There are two types of drum dryers on the market:

  1. Ventilation. In such dryers, during the entire operation, moist air is removed to the outside. This means that you need to install such a dryer in the immediate vicinity of a window or ventilation duct, which is not always convenient. In this regard, such models are not very popular.
  2. Condensing. Here, the humid warm air generated in the drum is discharged into a special compartment. Here, the condensate is deposited in a special container, and the air is again heated by means of a heating element and again sent to the drum. Such models are most popular because they provide a quality drying process without much hassle.

Two in one

There is also a third type – two in one. Unfortunately, in this case, the option is not an option. According to customer reviews, washing machines with a built-in drying function almost always do not do their job very well. Moreover, the quality of both processes suffers from such a symbiosis: both washing and drying. So if saving space is not a critical indicator for you, you should still give preference to two different units.

What to pay attention to

What to pay attention to

So how do you choose the right dryer? What qualities should a modern dryer meet? When you have already fundamentally decided on the type of unit (a separate cabinet or a drum), you need to look at this.

Main criteria

It is necessary to approach the choice of a unit for drying clothes based on your needs and requests. First of all, you should study the following parameters:

  1. Energy efficiency class. The figures that you will see in the receipt for the consumed electrical energy will depend on this criterion. It is best to purchase class “A” equipment, and the more “+” signs after the letter, the better. Class A +++ is considered ideal.
  2. Download volume. The most popular models of dryers can handle 6-7 kg of laundry in one cycle. There are also models with less or more performance. How to choose? Here it is worth focusing on the volume of your washing machine. According to the unspoken rule, the volume of “drying” should be 1 kg more than the volume of “siralka”. This is necessary so that the laundry is evenly and freely distributed over the drum of the dryer and the quality of the process is the best.
  3. rotation type. There are 2 types of drum rotation: in one direction and in different. It is worth giving preference to those models in which rotation occurs only in one direction. The fact is that in this case the load on the motor is significantly less, which means that the unit will last longer. And to prevent tangling of linen, models with one-way rotation are equipped with special blades that periodically “shake” things.
  4. Power. The higher this number, the faster the drying will take place. In this case, you do not need to be too zealous. When choosing, be guided by the numbers that the electrical wiring installed in your home can withstand.

Brands and prices

Choosing a dryer is no easy task. Such units are produced by many companies, both well-known and not so. Accordingly, the price range for choice is quite wide:

Economy class

This includes inexpensive brands that are not very popular on the market. Such machines for drying clothes are most often equipped with only the most necessary functions and you will not be able to find many positive reviews about these models. Their price fluctuates around $300. These include such brands: Mirta, Brandt, Midea and others.

Middle class

The price for such models starts at 450–470 conventional units and can reach $650. Middle-class models include brands such as Hotpoint-Ariston, Whirpool, Candy, Beko, Indesit, Zanussi, Gorenje and some others. It is in this price segment that the interdependence “price-quality” is most clearly traced.

high class

These firms pay special attention to the quality of materials and the accuracy of assembly of their products. Dryers in this price range start at $650-670. The following trademarks can be attributed to the high class: Bosch, Electrolux, Siemens, AEG and some others.

Premium class

This is the best option for those who do not pay too much attention to the cost, paying all attention to quality. In this line, the cost of models can start from $ 1000. The upper limit remains on the conscience of manufacturers. Models of “dryers” here have the function of air ionization, are equipped with UV lamps and multi-level filtration systems. What can we say about the design appearance and a huge service life. The premium class includes “dryers” Smeg, Asko, Schulthess and some others.

As you can see, the choice is quite large. And since you now know exactly how to choose a clothes dryer in 2022, it will not be too difficult to decide. Of course, this type of home appliance does not fall into the “must-have” category, like a vacuum cleaner or a refrigerator. You can continue to dry things on the battery. But if you want the process of drying and subsequent ironing to take you as little time as possible, and the laundry to always be soft and fresh, you cannot do without this device.