A boiler is a household appliance used to heat water. It is used both in everyday life and in catering industries. For the operation of the device, the presence of a power supply is mandatory. To choose the right device, you need to figure out which water heater is suitable in a given situation.

Purpose and advantages of the device

Depending on the purpose, the boiler can be used for the following purposes:

  • Rapid heating of water in places where it is not possible to use an electric kettle or gas stove (we are talking about a submersible boiler).

Electric kettle in hand

  • Heating water in the office at work or in the car. This is possible with the help of water heaters, which are made in the form of a mug. Due to their compactness and mobility, they are convenient to use.
  • Heating liquids for preparing food and drinks in large volumes. Such water heaters are used in catering establishments. They are needed mainly in food preparation places: cafes, restaurants.

The main advantages of the device include the following:

  • Big choice. A variety of models allows you to choose the device for any need, whether it be home use or operation in production.
  • Device safety. When using a boiler, you can not worry, as many of them have a built-in auto-off system.
  • The ability of an electrical appliance to quickly heat the required amount of water. A boiler for industrial purposes, for example, allows you to heat a large volume of water in a short time.
  • The ability to choose a device for heating a large amount of water (industrial boilers), taking into account the interior where it will be installed. This is possible due to the variety of design solutions.

Also, the advantages of modern devices for boiling include the availability of models powered by a USB connector. This allows, if necessary, to heat the water on the road without leaving the car.

Types of boilers

To date, manufacturers of water heaters produce boilers that are suitable for absolutely everyone, depending on the needs. These devices are of various types. You should familiarize yourself with them before choosing a device.

Immersion boiler

Belongs to the group of simple water heaters. The basis of such boilers is a metal spiral, which is immersed in water. The liquid is heated by heating the working surface from electricity.

Immersion boiler

Immersion boilers can have different power – from 0.3 to 3 kW. If it is necessary to heat a significant amount of water, a more powerful immersion boiler is required.

A heater of this type is used mainly at home, since they are not productive enough for catering establishments and are rarely used in such places.


This view is represented by several options. Most devices are made in the form of a metal cup with a plug for an adapter for use in a car (the device is connected to the cigarette lighter socket). This type of mug is able to quickly heat water. The disadvantages of mugs-boilers include a small capacity and the need to support the device by hand during heating.

There is a more convenient device – a mug-boiler with side fixation. This device is mounted between the glass and the door seal or mounted on a special stand.


Mugs with the possibility of heating water can have an increased volume, reaching 0.5 liters or more. The advantages of this device include the presence of a cord for connecting to the cigarette lighter, which does not cause inconvenience when driving.

There are mugs-boilers that perform the function of a thermos due to good heat saving, which is achieved using the double walls of the mug. Such a device allows you to maintain a high temperature of water for a long time.

The disadvantages of this type of heaters include a long time to bring water to a boiling point, a quick discharge of the battery. In addition, in the process of heating water, overheating of the vehicle wiring and interior elements is possible.

Flow type water heater

It is a large volume industrial water heater with good capacity. The main advantage of this type is the uninterrupted heating of a large amount of water. For full operation, the heater must be connected to the central water supply. After switching on, the device will boil significant amounts of water.

A flow-type boiler is indispensable in crowded places of a large number of people (we are talking mainly about catering establishments). The device is quite energy-intensive due to regular operation.

water heater

The electric heater is installed mainly in places where there is direct access to the water supply. First, the liquid fills the volume of the tank, then it is heated to a predetermined temperature. When this happens, the device will automatically turn off. The built-in mixer available in the design of the device allows, if necessary, to drain excess boiling water or dilute it with cold water.

Bulk boiler

This type of boiler is also called a thermopot. When choosing a thermo pot, it is worth considering that it is a device for both domestic and industrial purposes. These heaters are mainly used by catering establishments.

Why a thermo pot is preferable to an electric kettle – you will learn from this article.

For the device to function, a constant power supply from the mains is not required: it is enough to fill the device with water and heat it up to the desired temperature. Further, the device performs the function of a thermos, maintaining the desired temperature of the liquid for a long time. As the container empties, water is added to the desired volume.

Bulk boiler

A similar water heater is used on distribution lines, in bars or restaurants. The volume of the tank can vary from 5 to 30 liters, depending on the model of the device. The mixer built into the device allows pouring water.

Recommendations for choosing a boiler

When buying a device, be sure to pay attention to the raw materials from which the boiler is made. It is recommended to give preference to appliances made of stainless steel. It is resistant to corrosion, which ensures the durability of the water heater.

Boiler selection

If you need to choose a small boiler in the form of a mug, you should prefer devices with at least three turns of the spiral. This will heat the water very quickly.

When choosing an immersion boiler, it is important to pay attention to the features printed on the working surface, which are a guideline for the level that cannot be exceeded when immersed.

When choosing a boiler for industrial use, preference should be given to models with a large capacity and higher power. It is recommended to opt for models whose characteristics slightly exceed the needs of production. This will not only help to meet the needs of customers, but to avoid the device from operating at its limit.

There are many options for boilers on the modern household appliances market – from small-sized household appliances to industrial ones, which allow you to boil a large amount of water in a short time. When choosing a specific type of device, you should focus on the material from which it is made, the level of electricity consumption, and your own needs.