One of the advantages of dishwashers is that they completely take over the process of washing dishes. In addition to the usual washing, the unit can also carry out drying. Below we will talk about what types of drying are in dishwashers, talk about their pros and cons.

The main types of drying

To date, there are several main types of dryers installed in dishwashers:

  • intensive heat exchange with the cooled liquid;
  • condensation drying;
  • zeolite drying;
  • turbo drying;
  • intelligent drying program;
  • static drying.

Each type differs from each other in its technical characteristics and features that must be considered when choosing a dishwasher. However, for this you need to familiarize yourself with all drying methods.

Types of drying in dishwashers

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Drying methods

  1. Drying by heat exchange This system is quite complex in terms of operation. This method is based on a pressure difference — around the cavity where the dishes are washed, there is an empty cavity that contains cold water, while the dishwasher itself generates heat. Since hot air is lighter than cold air, this creates a pressure difference. All evaporation rises, where air is taken from the cavity of the machine by an air intake. It is worth noting that this device produces enhanced air flows.
  2. Condensation drying — this type of drying is one of the simplest and easiest to use, it is often installed in units, but it has one significant disadvantage, which is the length of the process. The whole system is based on the principle of condensation — all the water from the dishes evaporates and settles on the walls of the machine, after which it flows down into a special compartment. This type of drying is suitable for those who are not in a hurry.
  3. Zeolite drying method – this type of drying in the dishwasher is the most innovative. It uses a special heat exchange material called «zeolite». The drying process is quite interesting, at the base of the dishwashing chamber there is a reservoir with a substance, which is connected to the main compartment with a small hole for the passage of water. During the runoff and ingress of water on the material, a chemical reaction occurs, from which the zeolite begins to release a huge amount of heat, thereby evaporating the water. The resulting heat rises up, gradually draining the dishes. One of the features is that after the end of the dishwasher, when the main chamber is opened, there will be no steam present. You should not be afraid that the zeolite will quickly exhaust its resource, the special structure will not allow it to collapse. The only drawback is that this system is used only in expensive models of dishwashers.
  4. Turbo dryer — the name of this method speaks for itself. The principle of operation is quite simple, the system heats the air to a certain temperature, and then, using a powerful built-in ventilation system, inflates it around the chamber, blowing all the dishes. However, despite the advantages of fast drying, there are also considerable disadvantages — machines with this drying system are quite expensive and they have increased power consumption, which is associated with air heating.
  5. Intelligent program — appeared quite recently, and it has not yet been widely used in dishwashers. Its essence lies in the fact that an external sensor is mounted in the system, which reacts to the state of the external environment, and depending on it, various drying methods will be applied.
  6. Static Method — the easiest of all the above methods. There are no complex devices in the system, the washed dishes are simply treated with warm air, hence the name. However, the minus is immediately evident — it lies in the time of the operation.


We told you about all the main types of drying in dishwashers, as you can see, they all have their pros and cons. But when choosing a unit, you need to focus on your preferences and financial capabilities. It will be important to read people’s reviews about what types of drying in dishwashers do the job most efficiently, as people often write truthful reviews.

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