The Beko RCNK 321E20 BW refrigerator has an electronically controlled compressor, which makes it easy to adjust the temperature and set the optimal value on the display.

Functionality Beko RCNK 321E20 BW

The No Frost system provides fast cooling of products. In addition, thanks to the «Vacation» function, you can reduce energy consumption by up to 25%. The refrigerator compartment is divided into three compartments, in which you can place all the necessary products.9632


  1. Multi-flow cooling system Multi Air Flow.
  2. Automatic defrosting.
  3. Reversible doors.
  4. Soft open system.

Distinctive features

  1. Automatic Super Close mode.
  2. VarioSpace system.
  3. Safety glass shelves.

Pros and cons of the model


  1. Reliable compressor.
  2. Automatic defrosting.
  3. Spacious refrigerator.


  1. Sometimes there are malfunctions.


  1. Energy consumption: 326 kWh/year.
  2. Freezing capacity: 5 kg/day.
  3. Freezer Defrost / HTO: No Frost.
  4. Fridge Defrosting: No Frost.
  5. Min. freezer/HTO temperature: -24°C.
  6. Freshness zone (zero chamber): no.
  7. Noise level: 40 dB.
  8. Autonomous cold storage: 17 hours
  9. Refrigerant: R600a (isobutane).
  10. Egg stand: yes.
  11. Form for ice: is.
  12. Bottle holder : no.
  13. Total usable volume: 301 l.
  14. Useful volume of the refrigerating chamber: 207 l.
  15. Useful volume of the freezing chamber / NTO: 94 l.


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