It would seem that a compact washing machine with many functions that can be placed in any corner — what could be even better than this version of washing equipment. Imagine there are no limits to perfection. Now it is possible to place the same washing machine in a small corner on the wall. This is a very good solution in terms of space saving. In addition, sometimes there is simply no place to place a washing machine on the floor. Therefore, this is a real find and another progress in the niche of washing equipment.

Given that this is a fairly new option, it is still interesting to get to know the main characteristics in more detail and understand the specifics of this technique. Therefore, we will consider in detail what a wall-mounted washing machine is.

Features of the wall-mounted washing machine

Looking ahead, it can be noted that it is somewhat different from the operation of a standard automatic machine. That is, we are talking about the ability to perform basic functions.

Let’s single out those main features inherent in a hanging washing machine.

  1. In terms of washing volume, it is designed for a modest load of up to 3 kg. That is, for the big seven, this is not the best option, however, sufficient for a bachelor’s house or, for example, for a guest apartment.
  2. Its advantage is surprisingly light weight, which allows you to actually mount the unit on the wall. It weighs seventeen kilograms, which allows it to be fixed without fear. Although usually the type of wall is also worth paying attention to. It is better when it is not a plasterboard partition. The parameters are also quite modest — 55x29x60, and this allows you to place it on the wall without creating discomfort.
  3. Average, however, acceptable spin. Of course, this is not a super dryer, but still, what can you want from a wall-mounted device. The speed of the machine is 700 per minute. At the same time, things come out of it with moderate humidity, but definitely do not need manual squeezing.
  4. No drain pump. Another feature of this technique. The water exits the machine through a valve that opens at the right time and releases the water directly into the sewer according to the principle of unauthorized release.
  5. It has six programs designed for washing different types of fabrics. However, they are all rather short in time. If we talk about the average operating time, then this is half an hour per cycle.
  6. Quiet operation of the device, for this it is equipped with a special multilayer gasket and therefore does not cause vibration. Thus, its work is almost imperceptible, except during the spin and stack.
  7. It is characterized by a washing level of class B, which does not guarantee a brilliant result for washing white things. However, it is sufficient for daily/periodic washing of moderately soiled items.
  8. High price. The general parameters of the washing machine do not see any extraordinary functionality for such money. However, it is clear that in this case the cost is justified by something else, namely its exclusivity.
  9. The unique version of the washing machine is also characterized by an energy-saving mode of operation. During operation, it can be attributed to class A.

Overview of the machine on the wall

This type of washing machine is still a novelty on the market. A successful experiment and a representative of a mounted washing machine is the Daewoo DWD-CV701PC.

  • The first thing that catches your eye when looking at this model this is a modern design. The wall mounted washing machine has a very attractive look and will fit perfectly into the interior of a high-tech bathroom.
  • It can serve as the main washing device for non-families, and can be an additional washing device.
  • Its small dimensions make it easy to place on the wall in a small bathroom. Installed at a convenient height for you.
  • Includes small trays for detergents that can be easily removed.
  • The program provides for blocking from the interference of children. And also at the end there is a bright pronounced scoreboard.
  • Its front loading attracts, which is even more convenient in the wall version. In addition, it is possible to load laundry during a running cycle. Well, of course, within the established volume.
  • It is very convenient for mini-loading, when you just need to wash or refresh a couple of things soon. With such a task, she will cope best of all, because she is able to do it efficiently and very quickly.

Installation and connection

Despite the specifics of the technique, its installation requires all the same connections as the standard:

In principle, the machine is equipped with everything you need, but this is exactly what you should check when buying. For proper installation, the kit must include:

  • Plug and power cord.
  • Two hoses: one for intake, the other for draining water.
  • Hose fitting.
  • Water filter.
  • Special fasteners, anchor bolts.

Installation Recommendations

  • Choose a wall that is capital. The main thing is not drywall, it will not overpower the load.
  • To connect the water supply, use the hoses and fitting that come with the kit. The location of the machine should be close to the sewer, since the hoses are quite short.
  • To avoid stagnant water and the appearance of odors, the knee should be made in the form — U.

In general, we can say a mounted washing machine is something new, but very thoughtful. In special cases, it is simply an indispensable option, and it is very advisable as an additional washing unit in the house. The main advantages are wall mount, modern design, quick wash and quiet operation. Therefore, at present, we can consider the inflated price absolutely justified.

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