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Many have encountered a problem when a persistent unpleasant odor appears in the refrigerator, and it is not possible to remove it even with repeated cleanings with detergents. It is formed for several reasons. The first of them is the expired shelf life of the products, the second is their leaky storage. Power outages for a long time and power surges in the network lead to defrosting of meat, fish, semi-finished products and, as a result, a strong amber appears, which, when the refrigerator is opened, spreads not only in the kitchen, but throughout the apartment.

Eliminating the smell and preventing its reappearance is possible with careful hygiene of the shelves and walls, control over the commodity neighborhood and the shelf life of food. Another effective method is the use of odor absorbers. These mini-devices are able to neutralize the smell of fish, smoked meats, vegetables, cheese, garlic and keep the interior clean and fresh without much effort on the part of the hostess.

Absorbers are classified according to the principle of action. The absorbent may be a gel or carbon filter. Some models have an additional antibacterial effect, fighting the growth of microorganisms. Some housewives trust only folk remedies. This method is effective, but still high-quality industrial absorbers will give a better result than lemon slices, pieces of black bread or coffee grains laid out on the shelves.

For those who doubt the purchase and do not yet know which device to purchase, our experts have compiled a list of 7 models that, according to consumer reviews, have high performance. It is they who manage to cope with persistent odors without a negative impact on products. These absorbers are made from safe raw materials, do not affect the environment.

Rating of the best odor absorbers for refrigerators

Odor absorber for Refrigerator Filtero, Art.504

Rating: 4.9


The first place was given to a professional absorber, which perfectly neutralizes persistent pungent odors. The set includes a dispenser made of hypoallergenic plastic and two replaceable cartridges. The filter contains activated carbon and starch impregnation. The combination of two absorbents helps to create an optimal microclimate in the refrigerator compartment, removing odors and absorbing excess moisture.

The manufacturer took care of all the nuances by equipping the dispenser with an end-of-use control indicator. The hostess does not have to remember or write down the date of installation of the cartridge. The display will show the month when it is due to be replaced.

The device does not form its own smell, looks harmoniously among the products, does not take up much space.

Product reviews are positive. Many pointed out that the model is light, small-sized, neutralizes stubborn odors without residue in 2-3 days, then helps to store various products in the neighborhood without mixing their aromas.


  • development of German scientists;
  • maintaining the freshness of fruits and vegetables;
  • dispenser with date indicator;
  • simple replacement of filters;
  • 4 months of cleanliness and grooming.

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Odor Absorber for General Compartment of Kokubo Charcoal Refrigerator

Rating: 4.8


On the second line is a Japanese-made absorber, which neutralizes the most intense and pungent odors in the refrigerator. Its use ensures long-term hygienic cleanliness of the unit and preservation of freshness, aromatic and taste qualities of products. The enhanced effect is due to the use of two types of coal: charcoal and activated. They not only filter the air, but also guarantee a long-lasting antibacterial effect.

This helps to prevent the spread of pathogenic microflora and preserve fruits and vegetables intact without rotting. The validity period depends on the volume of the refrigerator. For example, for a 450 l chamber, it is necessary to change the device every 2 months. With smaller dimensions, the time of use can be up to 4 months.

Customer reviews confirmed the effectiveness of the product. It absorbs the smells of raw chilled meat, fish, smoked meats. The natural deodorizing substance creates a special microclimate that is maintained for a long time.


  • country of brand and production — Japan;
  • bactericidal and antifungal effects;
  • natural, environmentally friendly absorbents;
  • the formation of a light refreshing aroma.

Fridge Odor Absorber Topperr Ice Blue 3109

Rating: 4.7


The third in our review is an effective neutralizer of unpleasant odors that fish, meat, cheeses form when stored improperly or products with a specific aroma, such as onions and garlic. It is made from high quality and safe raw materials. The absorbent is gel granules, which, unlike gel, are several times more efficient and absorb persistent odors faster. They are created from mineral and carbon substances of natural origin.

Due to the shape, the air circulates freely in the device, which provides stable and long-term protection against odors. The absorber can be installed anywhere you like. If it is necessary to fix it, then a double-sided Velcro located on the bottom of the device is used for this.

According to reviews, the Topperr brand absorber gives excellent results. Affordable price and ease of use become important arguments in favor of its choice. Customers noted that the device retains the freshness of the interior of the refrigerator even after defrosting food during a power outage.


  • effective form in the form of granules;
  • natural absorbents;
  • enhanced absorbing effect;
  • does not affect the quality of the products.

Breesal Refrigerator Bio Odor Absorber

Rating: 4.6


In fourth place is the absorber, which, thanks to an improved formula, replaces 8 conventional devices. It is made from non-toxic food-grade plastic that does not affect food. Two active substances serve as an absorbent. Activated carbon is an environmentally friendly raw material that not only absorbs odors, but also absorbs excess moisture. Soda neutralizes volatile acids, which create an unpleasant amber of rancidity and rottenness in the refrigerator space.

Bio-remedy is valid for 30 days after installation. During this period, complex measures can normalize the microclimate, and then, changing the absorbers every month and monitoring the expiration date of the products, maintain freshness and pleasant aromas inside the refrigerator and freezer.

Natural ingredients are absolutely safe for human health and the environment. The absorber is easy to use. It is enough to remove the packaging and place it in the center of the unit. If desired, the device can be fixed with a clip or double-sided tape.


  • environmentally friendly absorbent;
  • a combination of two components;
  • long period of validity;
  • absorption of moisture and ethylene.

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Odor absorber for refrigerator BARRIER

Rating: 4.5


The fifth in the ranking is a compact device of a well-known brand, which reduces the intensity of the smells of fish, smoked meats, cheese and allows different types of products to “get along” in the interior space. The case is made of food-grade plastic, which is absolutely safe for health, as it does not contain harmful additives, as a result of which it does not emit toxic substances. The device does not affect the taste of food. It has a long-term effect, which depends on the volume of the chamber and the intensity of odors. The minimum period is 3 months from the date of installation.

The absorbent is activated carbon. The natural polyester-based filter not only masks odors, but absorbs them at a high speed. Regular use and replacement at the end of the service life will lead to a well-groomed and clean interior space.

The model is made in a laconic design with a blue color. It is located in any part of the refrigerator. The absorber does not take up much space, it can be fixed vertically with double-sided adhesive tape.


  • effective safe absorbent;
  • prolonged action;
  • miniature dimensions;
  • affordable cost.

Odor absorber for refrigerator MultiDom, Freshness

Rating: 4.4

Odor absorber for refrigerator MultiDom, Freshness

Absorber, ranked sixth, was created by a Russian brand well known to customers for its quality and affordable household products. It prevents the flavors of the products from mixing, while maintaining their quality as much as possible. The device neutralizes the smells of spoilage and mustiness, providing a normal climate in the chamber. Its effectiveness is due to the absorption of ethylene released by fruits and vegetables.

Due to the multifunctional action, long-term protection of the refrigerator from unpleasant odors is provided. The device is made in the form of a ball with a flat base. It can be installed on shelves or in egg cells. A variety of color solutions will delight housewives, who even select small household items based on aesthetic appeal.

Plastic is environmentally friendly, non-toxic. Carbon absorbent is a natural substance that effectively neutralizes all odors. The manufacturer guarantees a service life of 3 months with a large volume of the refrigerator. Consumers note that the absorber works stably from 4 months. up to six months without losing their properties.


  • increase the shelf life of products;
  • hypoallergenic materials;
  • a wide range of bright colors;
  • compact size.

Odor absorber for refrigerator Glorus Deo

Rating: 4.4


The seventh was an inexpensive absorber, which more than once became the winner of international exhibitions. It removes intense persistent odors from refrigerators of all designs. At the same time, the impact of the device does not affect the taste and aromatic qualities of the products. The case is made of hypoallergenic plastic. Carbon sorbent acts as an odor neutralizer. It removes excess moisture in the chamber, which contributes to a longer preservation of the freshness of fruits, vegetables, cheese and other products.

The absorber has a compact size, so it does not take up much space in the refrigerator. Pleasant design in snow-white color will harmoniously fit into the interior of the unit. The device can be installed on shelves or fixed with adhesive tape.

Many buyers were initially attracted by the budget price of the model. But during use, they were able to evaluate its effectiveness. Neutralization of odors occurs quickly, creating optimal conditions for storing different categories of products.


  • Russian effective development;
  • activated carbon absorbent;
  • reliable and durable design;
  • high-quality non-allergenic materials.

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