Rating of the best robot floor polishers of 2022

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The ranking shows the 6 best floor cleaning robots for 2022. These robots can clean floors while you’re doing something more important, and in some cases they also act as a stand-alone vacuum cleaner. The presented models differ from each other in design, principle of operation, navigation and cost — from 15 to 70 thousand rubles. Next, I will briefly describe each floor polisher robot, compare it with its competitors, and tell you what tasks it can handle.

Table of participants in the rating of washing robot vacuum cleaners in 2022

Everybot Edge


  • cleaning type: dry and wet
  • container type: for water
  • battery life: up to 100 min
  • add. functions: signal when the battery is low, cleaning time limit
  • working modes: spiral movement, zigzag movement, local cleaning, movement along walls
  • type of sensors: optical

Opens rating of the best robotic vacuum cleaners Everybot Edge. It is very similar to window cleaning robots: the same elongated body, similar to a large shoe brush, and two round rags under the bottom. The difference is that Everybot Edge doesn’t stick to glass.. If there is a desire to wash the window, you will have to hold it in your hand — a bracket-shaped handle is provided for this. Washing of the surface occurs due to the rotation of the mop. They are also responsible for the movement of the robota. Napkins protrude beyond the edges of the case and do not leave gaps near obstacles.

He does not have a gyroscope, but there is a wide choice of modes: along the walls, in a spiral, Y-shaped algorithm, cleaning with a double pass and a combination of different modes. It is impossible to limit the cleaning area, you can only choose the working time — 50 or 100 minutes. So that at the end of the cleaning the washer does not remain under the furniture, it was equipped with a light sensor. There is also an option to disable surface sensors — it will come in handy if the house has black coatings that IR sensors perceive as height differences. You will have to pay up to 22 thousand rubles for floor polishers.

  • climbs into narrow places;
  • convenient transport handle;
  • can be used as a manual glass or mirror cleaner;
  • washes areas near baseboards;
  • long pile on rags;
  • variability of operating modes.
  • body height 136 mm;
  • no virtual wall included;
  • straight-through water supply;
  • weak battery (2150 mAh);
  • does not connect to the application;
  • primitive navigation.

Everybot Edge cleans small open areas well. Water is supplied to the napkin abundantly, which means that the robot soaks and wipes off even stubborn dirt. But due to the chaotic movement, he spends too much time cleaning and leaves gaps, especially if he encounters obstacles along the way. Also, before buying, you need to figure out in advance whether Everybot Edge will drive under the sofa.

Xiaomi SWDK Smart Cleaning Machine (ZDG300)

Xiaomi SWDK Smart Cleaning Machine (ZDG300)


  • cleaning type: dry and wet
  • container type: for water
  • battery life: up to 100 min
  • add. functions: signal when the battery is low, cleaning time limit
  • working modes: spiral movement, zigzag movement, local cleaning, movement along walls
  • type of sensors: optical

In fifth place is Xiaomi SWDK Smart Cleaning Machine (ZDG300). Smart cleaning machine from Xiaomi lives up to its name — it thinks through the route and wipes off stains. For navigation, an overview camera and a gyroscope are used.. While cleaning, the robot draws a map in the application. Target zones of any size and configuration can be marked on it. You can also choose the trajectory of movement: zigzag or fast cleaning without contact with obstacles. It will not go into narrow places due to the square shape of the body, but Will get under furniture with legs not less than 80 mm.

For wet cleaning, it was equipped with two vibromops, which make up to 800 movements per minute. Water from the 240 ml tank wets each wipe in four places, ensuring even distribution of liquid. So that the floor polisher does not leave a puddle when it gets stuck, a magnetic valve is built into the tank that shuts off the water when it stops. And so that the robot does not slip on a wet floor, instead of the usual wheels, it was equipped with two-roller tracks. At the start of sales, this model cost 24 thousand rubles, but now it is offered for 15 thousand rubles, which is much more interesting.

  • low profile case;
  • visual navigation;
  • interactive map;
  • vibration mop;
  • leakage protection;
  • driving on black surfaces.
  • the application is not Russified;
  • frequent software crashes;
  • very noisy (up to 73 dB).

It’s smarter and more user-friendly than the Everybot Edge. The Xiaomi robot controls its position in space, leaves no gaps and cleans much faster. With 1-2 passes, it cleans coffee stains and removes dirt stains, and so that the floor polisher does not interfere with its noise, you can set a delayed start when no one is at home. Smart Cleaning Machine is also cheaper than its counterpart with round rags.

iLIFE W450



  • cleaning type: wet
  • water container volume: 0.85 l
  • battery life: up to 80 min
  • smartphone control: yes
  • add. functions: building a map of the room, programming by day of the week
  • operating modes: spiral movement, zigzag movement

Fourth place goes to iLIFE W450. The floor polisher from Chuwi stands out from the competition with its dimensions. With a base width of 30 cm, the cabinet height is almost 12 cm, which leaves much to be desired under the furniture. But such dimensions are due to an unusual design. iLIFE W450 consists of two modules: a base with a vacuum motor and a soft roller that wipes the floor, and a module with reservoirs — 850 ml tank for clean and 900 ml for dirty water. And this is his trick: he abundantly wets the floor, rubs it with a roller, and then draws dirty water back. The volume of the tank and the battery charge is enough to process 100 sq. m from one launch. The docking station is as large as the robot itself.

And you need to park it for charging manually. On the ground, iLIFE W450 is guided by the overview camera. The robot builds a map in real time, but does not save it, which causes difficulties with zoning the apartment. In particular, the target zones have to be marked blindly, based on the current position of the polisher. At the same time, in the application, you can fine-tune the cleaning parameters: the speed of movement, the speed of rotation of the roller and the abundance of wetting. The price is affordable — 16 thousand rubles.

  • large volume of tanks;
  • the noise level is not higher than 68 dB — much less than in the Smart Cleaning Machine;
  • does not wipe, but washes the floor;
  • fine-tuning cleaning;
  • high performance.
  • does not call at the docking station;
  • English application;
  • leaves an untreated area against the wall;
  • does not save the map;
  • no scheduled cleaning
  • Wi-Fi connection problems.

iLIFE W450 is not just a floor polisher like Smart Cleaning Machine, but complete washing vacuum cleaner. At the maximum level of wetting, it literally fills the floor with water, which helps it to cope with severe pollution. At the same time, iLIFE W450 can also be used on wooden surfaces: firstly, the water supply slider can be screwed on, and secondly, the liquid is still drawn back. If the manufacturer had finalized the application, then he could rise in the ranking higher, but so far only 4th place.

iRobot Braava Jet m6


  • cleaning type: dry and wet
  • water container volume
  • operating modes: quick cleaning
  • smartphone control: yes
  • add. functions: building a map of the premises
  • design features: soft bumper

Top three opens iRobot Braava Jet m6. For their flagship floor polisher, iRobot chose a rectangular case with a branded round lid, under which there is a tank. The height of the case is only 90 mm, so the robot easily drives under furniture. On the front panel there is a camera, it serves to build a map. After he remembers it, and this will happen after the third cleaning cycle, division into rooms, target and restricted areas will become available. The polisher moves in zigzags back and forth along the same sections. Compared to the previous robots in the rating, its principle of operation is extremely simple: the floor polisher sprays the floor through a nozzle in the bumper, and then runs into the wetted place with a napkin.

The intensity of the supply can be changed, selecting the optimal level of moisture for a particular type of coating. The mop is static, but thick and wide — it goes beyond the boundaries of the body, due to which Braava washes wall areas. There is also a separate cloth for dry cleaning, but this function is of little use. But Braava Jet m6 can work in tandem with Roomba i7 and s9. For owners of these robotic vacuum cleaners, a floor polisher for 45 thousand rubles. doesn’t seem so expensive anymore.

  • he drives to the station himself;
  • does the cleaning according to the schedule;
  • remembers the map;
  • washes areas near skirting boards;
  • easy to maintain;
  • compact body;
  • suitable for complex cleaning in tandem with branded iRobot vacuum cleaners.
  • gets stuck even on low sills;
  • when rearranging obstacles, the robot can draw a non-existent room on the map;
  • in one cycle processes no more than 30 sq. m.

Braava Jet m6 is a classic floor polisher without any «bells and whistles», but what he has works flawlessly. The American robot does not wipe the floors with a roller, like its Chinese counterpart from Chuwi, but the thick Braava Jet m6 napkin adheres securely to the floor and removes any dirt in two passes. There is no need to follow the robot: it will turn on at the right time, wash the floors and return to the base. This is the best solution for everyday wet cleaning in small apartments.

HOBOT Legee-7

HOBOT Legee-7


  • cleaning type: dry and wet
  • water container volume: 0.34 l
  • dust container volume: 0.5 l
  • smartphone control: yes
  • add. functions: building a map of the premises
  • battery life: up to 140 min

Second place goes to HOBOT Legee-7. By design, the Legee-7 resembles Xiaomi’s Smart Cleaning Machine: it also has two vibrating swabs and caterpillars installed under the bottom. But there are several fundamental differences. Firstly, HOBOT Legee-7 is a floor polisher. Along the edge of the bumper, it has a suction chute that collects debris before wet cleaning. Suction force of 2700 Pa is enough to collect sand and crumbs, and the end brush sweeps dirt from the corners of the room. Secondly, while wiping the floor, water is supplied to the treated coating, soaking dried stains.

In general, the cleaning process takes place in 4 stages: drawing debris into the dust bin, wiping dry dirt with the front squeegee, soaking and removing streaks with the rear squeegee. He builds a map using lidar. You can choose rooms for cleaning, zone the room, set up virtual walls. There are seven modes for different tasks: «pet», «stain removal», «dry cleaning», etc.. But you can also set your own work parameters: suction and wetting force, movement speed and vibration frequency of wipes. There is a unique vacuum cleaner-polisher 45 thousand rubles.

  • complete set with spare consumables;
  • D-shaped housing adapted for cleaning in corners;
  • vacuums and washes at the same time;
  • precise navigation;
  • convenient management and maintenance.
  • gets stuck on carpets and under furniture;
  • frequent navigation failures for no apparent reason;
  • skips garbage during complex cleaning;
  • does not move thresholds above 5 mm.

HOBOT Legee-7 is a modern and high-tech assistant in the home. It is much faster than the Braava Jet m6 and can cover large areas in one go. Already from the first pass, Hobot wipes off traces of shoes and drops of tomato juice, and in 2-3 passes it removes old stains and does not leave streaks even on dark tiles. An important advantage is that he himself prepares the surface for wet cleaning. But he still won’t replace a robot vacuum cleaner, not to mention the fact that he won’t be able to clean carpets. Is this a valid complaint against a floor polisher? As the following example shows, yes.




  • cleaning type: dry and wet
  • water container volume: 0.2 l
  • suction power: 2200Pa
  • smartphone control: yes
  • add. functions: building a map of the premises
  • battery life: up to 150 min

First place goes to Deebot N9 from Chinese giant ECOVACS. This is the first turbo-brushed floor polisher, and if you do not install mops, it will work like a regular robot vacuum cleaner. The end brush sweeps dirt out of the corners, the turbo brush cleans the hair from the carpet and throws the crumbs into the air duct, and a motor with a suction force of 2200 Pa accumulates dust in the built-in dust collector with a HEPA filter. Wet cleaning at Deebot N9 is carried out due to two rotating mops. They make up to 180 rpm, wiping even the most persistent dirt. Due to the additional motor unit, the height of the case has increased to 120 mm, and this is provided that the built-in camera is used for navigation.

Mapping functionality is the same as that of robots with lidar: zones of different types and division into rooms, and for each of them you can adjust the power and intensity of the water supply. The feature of this model is tissue self-cleaning station. When setting the robot to charge, the wipes are inside a special tray. The station fills clean water there, then the mops rotate for 2 minutes, being cleaned of the collected dirt, and the dirty liquid is pumped into a separate tank. A kit with a self-cleaning base will cost 69 thousand rubles.

  • vacuums the floor and combs the carpets;
  • napkin pressure control;
  • individual parameters of work in different zones;
  • automatic rinsing of mop;
  • high build quality.
  • does not pour water into the built-in tank;
  • sometimes you need to wash rags, otherwise they start to stink;
  • high body;
  • application in English.

Deebot N9 combines the advantages of previous models: it has spinning mops like the Everybot Edge, advanced mapping like the HOBOT Legee-7, expensive and precise fittings like the Braava Jet m6. The Deebot N9 tidies up its own wipes and can mop floors multiple times without human intervention. This feature will be especially relevant for large houses with high levels of pollution. The price tag seems too high, but keep in mind that the Deebot N9 also replaces the robot vacuum cleaner, so for a 2 in 1 robot, and even with a self-cleaning function, the price is quite adequate.

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