In this ranking, I have collected the 9 best Electrolux air conditioners of 2022. Electrolux is originally from Sweden, but the main production facilities are currently located in China. The brand leads in Europe in terms of sales of household appliances, and in the US it even enters the top three. The company is no less popular in our country. The range of equipment from the brand includes air conditioners for domestic use — split systems and monoblocks. This article discusses the models with the highest customer rating, their pros and cons according to customer reviews.

TOP 9 best portable air conditioners with Aliexpress

The best split systems Electrolux

Electrolux EACS-07HG2N3

Electrolux EACS-07HG2/N3

Opens the TOP model with an average cost of 24,000 rubles. Available in white, gray and black. The permissible maximum length of communications is 15 m. The device can cool the air or warm it up. The flow rate is 7.83 m3/min. Power when cooling 2200 W, when heated 2400 W.

The unit has the function of ventilating the room without lowering or raising its temperature, maintains the set temperature in automatic mode, the program detects breakdowns, performs diagnostics, performs night work and reduces air humidity.

The unit is equipped with a remote control and a function for delayed start or shutdown after a set time. Turbine speed and direction are adjustable. It is completed with a large number of filters — fine, flavored and plasma. There is a system that prevents the formation of frost. All settings are remembered. The design has a motion sensor. When heated, it can safely work up to -7 degrees.


  • Rich set of filter elements.
  • High power.
  • Functional.
  • Delayed start or shutdown at a specified time.
  • Economical work.
  • Good value for money.


  • There is no warm start.
  • No air ionization.
  • Not inverter.

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Electrolux EACS-07HFN3

Electrolux EACS-07HF/N3

Suitable for rooms with a square up to 20 m. The air conditioner cools and heats with a flow rate of up to 7.67 m3/min. Power during cooling 2200W, 2300W during warm-up. Can provide normal ventilation without affecting the room temperature. The set temperature indicator is maintained automatically, independently diagnoses and detects malfunctions, functions in night mode, dries the air.

Remote control via remote control, timer to turn the machine on or off. The intensity and direction of the air flow are adjusted. It is completed with a fine filter, aromatic and plasma, ionization. The functionality includes a warm start system and obstacles to the formation of ice. The settings are remembered. Can work with temperatures up to -7 degrees.


  • Economical.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Quiet indoor unit.
  • Intelligent control.
  • Multistage filtration system.
  • Ionization.
  • Automatic cleaning.


  • Not inverter.

The best Electrolux monoblocks

Electrolux EACM-08CLN3

Electrolux EACM-08CL/N3

Inexpensive device from the manufacturer for 19500 rubles. Suitable for rooms with a square up to 20 meters. The functionality includes only a decrease in the temperature in the room. Cooled air is supplied up to 5.5 m3/min. Cooling capacity 8200 BTU. Power 2400 W.

Can ventilate without using a compressor, maintain temperature, quiet night use, able to reduce air humidity. It is controlled via the remote control, there is a delayed start and shutdown at a specified time. The intensity and direction of the air flow are adjusted, only 3 speeds. Retains settings after shutdown.


  • budget cost.
  • Automatic evaporation of condensate.
  • Convenient rollers and a loop for movement.
  • Economical.
  • Quiet operation relative to competitors.


  • After the air temperature drops to the set point, it switches to the ventilation mode, and does not turn off.
  • There is no heating mode.

Electrolux EACM-12CGN3

Electrolux EACM-12CG/N3

Suitable for rooms up to 30 sq.m, it can only reduce the temperature. Airflow up to 5.83 m3/min. Cooling capabilities up to 12000 BTU. 3520 W of power. Able to ventilate without the use of a compressor. Automatically maintains the temperature level set in the program, detects errors in the system, night use with low noise. Dries out the air.

The device is controlled by a remote control, start and shutdown timer. The intensity and direction of the air flow are adjusted. Retains all preset settings after power off.


  • Remote control.
  • Evaporates condensate.
  • Convenient rollers for moving.
  • Information display on the case.
  • Relatively low noise level.
  • Can serve a large area.


  • Does not supply warm air.

Electrolux EACM-13HRN3

Electrolux EACM-13HR/N3

Suitable for rooms up to 33 sq.m. Refers to devices with class A energy consumption. Works for heating and cooling, supplies air flows at a speed of 6.83 m3 / min. Cooling capacity 13000 BTU. Power when supplying cold flow 3810 W, when supplying warm 3660 W.

The functions include ventilation, automatic maintenance of the set temperature, self-diagnosis, night operation and room dehumidification. It is controlled remotely from the remote control, there is a timer. The speed and direction of the air flow are adjustable, only 3 speeds of operation. Settings are saved after shutdown.


  • Large service area.
  • Powerful cooling.
  • It is simply transported due to the installed rollers.
  • Quiet work.
  • Timer.
  • Economical energy consumption.
  • Self-evaporation of condensate.
  • heating mode.


TOP 9 best portable air conditioners with Aliexpress

Electrolux EACM-16HPN3

Electrolux EACM-16HP/N3

The review is closed by a monoblock from Electrolux with an average cost of 38,000 rubles. Suitable for servicing large premises — 44 sq.m. Class A energy consumption. Can supply cold or hot air at a rate of 9.33 m3/min. Power when cooling is 4690 W, when heated 3900 W. Cooling capacity 16000 BTU.

The functionality includes ventilation, automatic temperature control, self-detection of faults, night operation, dehumidification. Controlled remotely from a remote control. There is a timer to turn on and off. The speed and direction of the air flow are adjustable. There is a warm start. Settings are saved after shutdown.


  • High performance.
  • The condensate evaporates on its own.
  • Economical work.
  • Self troubleshooting.
  • Relatively quiet operation.
  • Warm start.
  • Warm air supply.


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