In this ranking, I have collected the 5 best Daikin air conditioners of 2022. Daikin manufactures quality modern air conditioning equipment. This Japanese corporation has become famous all over the world, has offices on all continents. For half a century of its existence, the manufacturer has patented more than 1.5 thousand innovative developments that have allowed it to become a world leader in its segment. Daikin air conditioners are reliable, efficient and safe. We offer you to get acquainted with the rating of the best devices of this brand according to buyers.

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Daikin FTXB20C / RXB20C

Daikin FTXB20C RXB20C

A modern inverter split system is used to cool or heat a room with a maximum area of ​​20 sq.m. In the «Cold» modes, the power of the device is 2000W, and in the «Heat» mode — 2500W. The air conditioner is equipped with additional functions — ventilation, automatic temperature control, night mode, self-diagnosis and troubleshooting.


  • The outer panel is made of high quality matte plastic.
  • The device works relatively quietly, does not interfere during rest, especially at night.
  • If you need to quickly cool or heat the room, you can use the «Power» mode.
  • Affordable cost.
  • Compact indoor unit.
  • Ease of use, advanced functionality.
  • Economical energy consumption.
  • Smooth change of air temperature in the room.


  • In dehumidifying mode, the temperature cannot be adjusted.
  • There is no backlight on the remote control, so it is inconvenient to use it at night.
  • It is inconvenient to use the timer due to the lack of a clock.
  • There is no cyclic mode.
  • You cannot direct the air flow upwards.

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Daikin FTXK25A / RXK25A

Daikin FTXK25A RXK25A

The inverter split system of this model is mounted on the wall, heats/cools the room efficiently at a power of 2840/2560 W. The device is equipped with additional modes, the ability to adjust the directional airflow, automatic temperature maintenance, etc. The compact case in white or steel color harmoniously fits into any interior.


  • Extended functionality of the split system.
  • Simplicity and ease of use.
  • Excellent technical specifications.
  • Rapid cooling/heating of indoor air.
  • Manufacturer’s warranty — 5 years.
  • Original design.
  • Removing dust from the air with a special filter.
  • Virtually silent operation, can be installed in the bedroom.
  • The air conditioner is able to operate in a wide temperature range — from -15 to +46 degrees Celsius.
  • Maximum energy efficiency thanks to built-in inverter compressor.
  • The presence of the «Automatic restart» function.


  • There is no built-in motion sensor and advanced features.
  • There is no forced ventilation mode.
  • The remote control is beeping too loud during mode switching.

As you can see, this air conditioner has practically no shortcomings. This is an excellent device with wide functionality at the most affordable price.

Daikin ATXN25MB / ARXN25MB


Models have a built-in inverter compressor and power consumption of 693/700 W. High class A energy efficiency, low noise level (21-41 dB), compactness and functionality have made this split system very popular.


  • Quiet work.
  • Easy to set up and manage.
  • Fast cooling/heating of the room.
  • Existence of function of dehumidification of air at the increased humidity.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Stylish appearance. The product will easily fit into any interior.
  • The body is made of high quality plastic.
  • Excellent functionality and high build quality.


  • At first glance, it is quite difficult to understand the purpose of all the buttons on the remote control.
  • No online remote control.
  • There is no built-in motion sensor.
  • Not the cheapest air conditioner.
  • Equipped with only two simple coarse air filters.

Daikin ATX25K / ARX25K

Daikin ATX25K ARX25K

The Daikin ATX25K / ARX25K air conditioner is a high-quality inverter split system with high cooling / heating power (2500/3000 W). The device is equipped with a built-in mode of ventilation, maintenance of the air temperature in the room, dehumidification. Noise level — 20 dB. There is an on/off timer.


  • Economical energy consumption.
  • Ability to manage online via Wi-Fi.
  • Convenience and ease of use.
  • Stylish and concise design. The device fits perfectly into the modern interior of the room.
  • Virtually silent operation.
  • Deodorizing filter.
  • The system is protected from ice formation.
  • The device automatically remembers the previously entered settings.
  • You can adjust the direction of the airflow.
  • Easy access to the filter, you can clean yourself.


  • Large non-illuminated remote control
  • No motion sensor
  • High price.

The Daikin ATX25K / ARX25K. air conditioner is the perfect combination of efficient operation and cost savings. According to customer reviews, the device received a rating of 5.0. Estimated cost — from 60 900 rubles.

Daikin ATX20K / ARX20K

Daikin ATX20K ARX20K

Inverter wall split system operates in cooling/heating modes at high power (2000/2500W). The device is equipped with several additional functions — ventilation, automatic temperature maintenance, night mode and self-diagnosis. There is additional advanced functionality. The stylish and laconic design of the air conditioner will allow it to easily fit into the interior of a residential or office space.


  • Affordable cost.
  • Quiet work.
  • Rapid cooling and heating of the room.
  • Advanced control system via Wi-fi. You can turn on / off the air conditioner while away from home.
  • Small energy consumption.
  • Deodorizing filter and airflow direction adjustment.
  • Functions of remembering the entered settings and protection against frost.
  • There is a mode of ventilation and dehumidification of humid air.


  • There is no backlight on the remote control.
  • There is no motion sensor.
  • Chinese assembly.

Users note that this split system with advanced functionality and excellent technical characteristics is an excellent choice for both home and office, shop. The device received a maximum rating of 5.0 from buyers. The estimated cost of the Daikin ATX20K / ARX20K air conditioner is 57,000 rubles.

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