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The quality of water in most residential areas leaves much to be desired. Special filters come to the rescue.

The Geyser trademark occupies a leading position in the market and is famous for its long history. In 2014, the company was recognized as the most recommended company based on ComCon research. For apartments and residential buildings, it produces water purifiers for washing and filter jugs. Our rating includes the best devices from the Russian brand.

Rating of the best Geyser brand water filters

The best filters-jugs Geyser

The pitcher filter is a simple and low cost solution. The main selection parameters are the volume of the container and the resource of the cartridge.

Geyser Matisse Chrome 4 l

Rating: 4.9

Geyser Matisse Chrome 4 l

The modern Matisse Chrome filter with a volume of 4 liters is equipped with a ring-shaped element made of strong steel. The model has good stability due to reliable rubber feet. You don’t have to worry about the water purifier falling. It stays strong even on wet surfaces.

Matisse Chrome is equipped with an ergonomic swivel lid. All parts are changed and washed with water. The design is thought out by experts and guarantees high-quality cleaning of the liquid.

The main functions of the filter from the Geyser brand are the elimination of chlorine and iron particles, softening. In total, the product has 3 stages of charcoal purification. The maximum output is 0.4 liters per minute. The resource of the filter module is designed for 300 l. The model will last for many years. Made using safe food grade plastic. Price — 910 rubles.


  • pleasant appearance;
  • safe and reliable materials;
  • Ease of use;
  • unique filtration system.

Geyser Vega 3 l

Rating: 4.8


The Vega filter from the Geyser brand is used for complex water purification and softening. It is made of safe plastic. The kit comes with a 502 cartridge made of Catalon material. The working effect is achieved thanks to ion-exchange resin, coconut charcoal. They dissolve iron and heavy metals. The reproduction of bacteria blocks the active silver. The cartridge is securely screwed into the funnel and provides a tight connection. Water leakage is excluded.

Vega is ideal for a family of 2-3 people. The useful volume of the model is 1.6 liters. The resource of a cartridge is calculated on 350 l. Cleaning speed — 0.4-0.2 liters per minute. The price starts from 300 rubles. You can buy a cartridge for 200-300 rubles. On sale there are green, blue, lilac colors.


  • effective purification of water from rust, harmful impurities;
  • ease of operation;
  • affordable price of the filter and cartridges;
  • several color options.


  • there are no major downsides.

The best filters under the sink Geyser

Sink filters are built into the plumbing system. They are comfortable for a large family and are characterized by high performance. Consider the best models of the Russian brand.

Geyser Allegro PM with reverse osmosis

Rating: 4.9

Geyser Allegro PM with reverse osmosis

The model has reverse osmosis technology, which consists in purifying water through a special membrane that allows only liquid molecules to pass through. Bacteria and viruses will never pass through it. In the kit you can find a Vita mineralizer for filling water with calcium and magnesium. These substances provide an optimal level of rigidity.

The filter has been tested at the Research Institute of Fine Mechanics. Productivity is up to 200 liters in 24 hours. Working pressure reaches 2 atm. The size of the storage tank is 12 liters. The service life of the device is 10 years. Allegro PM with reverse osmosis boasts six stages of purification. Pleased with the low price of replacement elements. The cost of a domestic brand model is 14,500-17,000 rubles.


  • convenient clamps;
  • high-quality water purification;
  • tasty water without scale;
  • multi-stage cleaning system.

Geyser Prestige PM with reverse osmosis

Rating: 4.8


The Prestige PM filter from the Geyser brand cleans with a threshold of 0.0001 microns. This makes it possible to obtain a liquid comparable in quality to the water of an ancient mountain glacier. The device softens and disinfects without the use of chemicals. The reverse osmosis system is equipped with a pump that increases the pressure and a mineralization unit.

The Prestige PM system includes a pre-treatment element with mechanical cartridges that retain chlorine, remove silt, rust and sand. The package includes a storage tank with a volume of 12 liters. A special block developed by a domestic brand allows you to saturate the water with calcium and magnesium. It is made of environmentally friendly material. Filtration rate — 200 liters per day. Price — 13800 rubles.


  • 100% pure water;
  • easy maintenance;
  • optimal storage capacity;
  • simple installation.

Geyser Nanotek

Rating: 4.7

Geyser Nanotek

The Nanotek filter from the Geyser brand is a 5-cartridge design. Each of them perform a specific function. The system rids the water of harmful microorganisms, bacteria, chlorine and heavy metals. After cleaning, the liquid becomes soft, tasty and safe.

The design is made of modern white plastic. The kit contains everything you need to connect, you do not need to buy anything extra. The kit includes a storage tank with a size of 12 liters, tap No. 6.

In their reviews, buyers note a simple and quick installation. You can change consumables yourself without calling a specialist. If you water houseplants with purified water, they will grow better. We recommend that you carefully check the package before buying. There is information about missing elements. The cost is 11,000 rubles.


  • simple installation;
  • good water softening;
  • the price corresponds to the quality;
  • fast and high-quality filtration.


  • there is an incomplete set.

Geyser Prestige M (12 l) with reverse osmosis

Rating: 4.6


In terms of functionality, the Geyser Prestige M is not much different from the Nanotek model. The device is equipped with six stages of cleaning. Water is filtered through a membrane with micropores. The system operates under a pressure of at least 3 atm. The mineralizer allows you to saturate the water with magnesium and calcium salts.

The system includes a sediment cartridge and a high quality activated carbon carbon block. The kit includes a storage tank of 12 liters and a tap for water purification No. 7. You will have to change the filter elements once every 6 months. A new membrane will be required 3 years after installation.

Purified water is suitable for consumption by children and infants. The taste of the calcium-enriched liquid was not to the liking of all buyers, so some owners do not use the mineralizer. The main disadvantage is the overpriced replacement kits. Some stores offer to purchase a water purifier for 8-9 thousand rubles.


  • high-quality cleaning through 6 steps;
  • 2 types of water to choose from;
  • reliable elements of the system;
  • The optimum ratio of price and quality.


  • high cost of replacement kits.

Geyser Bio 312

Rating: 4.5

Geyser Bio 312

The Geyser Bio 312 filter has a three-stage purification system and thoroughly purifies water at a rate of 3 liters per minute. The liquid gets rid of chlorine, bacteria, rust, scale. The kit is equipped with tap No. 6. Everything you need for installation is available. The device will last more than 10 years.

The main difference of the purifier is in the unique transparent design. However, the flasks themselves are painted over and it is rather difficult to say when it is time to change the consumable. They praise the high faucet, compact size, excellent water quality.

Cartridges are easy and convenient to install. It is necessary to turn the top nut, not the entire flask. If necessary, the filter will be installed by an employee representing the Geyser brand, absolutely free of charge.

Judging by the reviews, the water becomes softer and tastier. It does not form scale in the kettle. Replaceable cartridges are designed for 3000 liters of water. The quality of cleaning deteriorates after 3 months and you have to buy new filter elements, and this is quite expensive. The cost is 7200 rubles.


  • easy to find on sale;
  • Beautiful design;
  • well cleans water from scale;
  • free installation from Geyser brand.


  • quality deteriorates rapidly.

Geyser Prestige 2 (8 l) with reverse osmosis

Rating: 4.4


The filter completes the rating, the principle of which is to use reverse osmosis technology. A two-stage purification system eliminates organic impurities, as well as dissolved iron, bacteria, and hardness salts. The main feature of the model is its compact size. This device is almost 5 times smaller than other domestic brand filters.

Pleases buyers with a system controlled leakage. The model operates under pressure from 2.5 atm, which allows you to achieve high-quality filtration and softening. The body is made of white plastic. The storage tank is designed for 8 liters. The product is equipped with a small crane. Membrane resource is 3500 l. If the water in the tap is of an unpleasant color and a strange smell, it is better to take a closer look at the more powerful models of the Geyser brand. The price varies between 5-8 thousand rubles.


  • low cost for reverse osmosis system;
  • compact;
  • ease of assembly.


  • only 2 cleaning steps.

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