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Today, to help housewives in the kitchen, you can find a huge number of appliances that will take on the most laborious work and save their precious time. A vegetable cutter not only cuts quickly, but also makes any dish aesthetically appealing. It is able to grind solid products, the processing of which in manual mode is difficult and time-consuming.

Models are presented for both home and industrial use. In catering establishments, powerful units with high performance are installed. For domestic use, small appliances are chosen, because in addition to the operating parameters, many take into account compactness, speed of assembly, ease of cleaning, so that use does not turn into an even longer routine.

And although some still prefer to cut food by hand, still many have long been «friends» with vegetable cutters. We offer you to get acquainted with the 7 best models that will make even skeptics change their minds and agree that with them the recycling process is much faster and more efficient than manual labor. Our experts analyzed their characteristics and found out what is the reason for the high consumer demand.

Rating of the best vegetable cutters

The best mechanical vegetable cutters

Vegetable cutter Tescoma Handy 643559

Rating: 4.9

Vegetable cutter Handy 643559 Tescoma

The leader in the ranking is a high-quality vegetable cutter that easily replaces electrical appliances and is always at hand when you need to cook meals for a large family or company. In its manufacture, impact-resistant food-grade plastic is used, which does not enter into oxidative reactions with products, does not accumulate odors, does not scratch, does not fade, and is easy to clean in the dishwasher. The bright white color remains unchanged. The surface has an anti-slip coating for comfortable work.

The model is suitable for chopping carrots, potatoes, beets, onions, herbs, apples, peaches and any other vegetables and fruits. Knives cut in even parts without deformation, so the aesthetic appearance of cooked dishes is guaranteed. The Czech brand strictly monitors the quality of its products. Each product is tested for strength, durability, functionality and hygiene.

Products after processing fall into a transparent container in which you can store unused ingredients in the refrigerator. Washing metal parts is not difficult. A special pusher is provided to remove stuck food residues.


  • international quality certificate;
  • first-class stainless blades;
  • professional cutting level;
  • non-slip durable body.

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Vegetable cutter STATUS 115610

Rating: 4.8

Vegetable cutter 115610 STATUS

On the second line is a practical model with a good set of functions. It helps to perfectly cut vegetables, fruits, cheese, sausage, bread and other products. Preparation, the process itself and cleaning the device takes a few minutes. The laser-cut V-blade is made of durable steel that does not corrode. Its resource involves many years of work without compromising the quality of the ingredients obtained. The set includes a vegetable peeler with the same sharp knife.

You can shred products in any dish or in the container included in the kit. It is equipped with a lid, so it is used as a storage container. Convenient fruit holder holds large vegetables. Thanks to him, the risk of injury is minimal.

All components are easily washed from food residues manually or in a dishwasher. Assembly / disassembly of the structure is quick and easy. The plastic case withstands shock loads. The material is heat-resistant, does not absorb odors. Bright orange design will add positivity to the routine process and make cooking more enjoyable. Buyers rate «excellent» for the combination of all the qualities of the STATUS product.


  • universal use;
  • thickness adjustment from 1 to 6 mm;
  • volume sealed container;
  • effortless glide.

Vegetable cutter Borner Classic

Rating: 4.7

Vegetable cutter Classic Borner

Bronze goes to a device that has served many housewives in our country for many years. It does not take up much space during transportation and storage, while its functionality allows you to prepare ingredients for almost all types of dishes. 12 different forms of cutting vegetables and fruits are suitable for salads, soups, side dishes, desserts, snacks. The product is made of certified materials approved for contact with food. The plastic is durable, the surface is not scratched. It does not absorb odors.

The design is easily assembled for current needs. Vegetables and fruits can be chopped, cut into rings, cubes of different sizes, layers, slices, bars, straws. Inserts are easy to replace. The fruit holder included in the kit ensures safety during use. Bright color schemes allow you to choose the most suitable model that will go well with other tools in the kitchen.

German quality was appreciated by many consumers. Sharp blades will not dull over years of heavy use. Factory manufacturer’s warranty: 3 tons of chopped vegetables. A simple processing method does not take much time. The resulting product forms look perfect.


  • classic proven model;
  • first-class stainless steel;
  • various forms of ingredients;
  • several color options.

Vegetable cutter Fissman 8706

Rating: 4.7

Vegetable cutter 8706 Fissman

The fourth was a device designed to facilitate cooking, as well as to give dishes an attractive look. The Fissman brand produces thoughtful designs that have increased efficiency. All materials used comply with safety requirements. Damage-resistant plastic retains its original appearance throughout the entire service life, so the vegetable cutter does not create disharmony in space and does not have to be hidden from prying eyes. The material does not deform, does not absorb odors.

The device from Denmark has an elongated shape. Its height is 20 cm, diameter is 11 cm. Stainless knives easily process hard vegetables and fruits, while soft ones do not turn into a puree mass when cut. The steady design does not vibrate in an operating time. To prevent movement on the table, a rubberized coating of the base is provided.

Processed foods are collected in a transparent container, from which they can be easily transferred to plates, salad bowls or pans. The hosts liked the cutting quality, compactness and light weight, which is only 400 g. The design with a pleasant color scheme was also highly appreciated.


  • environmentally friendly raw materials;
  • high-quality stainless blades;
  • convenient form for storage;
  • washing in a dishwasher.

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Vegetable cutter MAYER & BOCH 22745

Rating: 4.6

Vegetable cutter 22745 MAYER & BOCH

In the fifth position is a universal device that can be used at home, taken with you to the country or trips to nature. With it, you can quickly and easily chop not only vegetables, but also cheese, chocolate and other products. The well-known German manufacturer uses exclusively safe raw materials for the manufacture of its products. Food-grade plastic is durable, well laundered from contaminants. All cutting parts are made of stainless steel.

The package includes 12 items. These are three inserts for slicing, a lid for chopping and a container, a grater attachment, blades, a container, a fruit holder, a vegetable peeler, a pusher, a protective cover for graters. The principle of operation is clear even to a beginner. Structures are easy to assemble and disassemble. Cleansing is not difficult. Food residues are easily removed from the holes under running water.

All items fold compactly for storage. According to reviews, the device provides for all the main types of grinding that are used in the preparation of cold and hot dishes. This is cutting into quarters, wedges, slices, large, medium and small cubes, a grater. A MAYER & BOCH product is a great option for an inexpensive gift that any hostess will love.


  • extended equipment;
  • high-quality durable materials;
  • volumetric capacity for acceptance and storage;
  • sharp anti-corrosion cutting parts.

The best electric vegetable cutters

Chopper Moulinex DJ755G Fresh Express

Rating: 4.9

Chopper Moulinex DJ755G Fresh Express

In the first place is a multifunctional chopper, which, thanks to a large number of attachments, will help in the preparation of various dishes. It is made of impact-resistant plastic, knives are made of stainless steel. A definite plus: large vegetables do not need to be pre-cut. The diameter of the receiving hole is adapted to them. Power of 200 W is enough for a large number of workpieces, while energy consumption is gentle.

Grating capacity: 250 g/min. Processed foods can be loaded into any container and immediately start preparing salads and other dishes. The unit helps to coarsely and finely grate vegetables and fruits, cut them into circles and slices, grind to a puree state. The nozzles are made in different colors in order to immediately select the right one at the beginning of work. They fold compactly and store in the case, just like the power cord.

The design is bright and memorable. The front panel is ruby. According to reviews with such an assistant, any difficult work in the kitchen will be quite a pleasant experience. Assembly and disassembly for washing does not take much time. Cleansing is easy and effortless. The weight is small, the dimensions too.


  • uniform grinding;
  • easy nozzle replacement system;
  • loading opening Ø 57 mm;
  • modern decor.

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Chopper Kitfort KT-1351

Rating: 4.8

Chopper Kitfort KT-1351

In second place is a stylish appliance in a silvery shade that will harmoniously fit into any kitchen interior. Its power is 200 watts. A vegetable cutter simplifies the process of creating festive dishes, and also reduces the time for daily cooking. The total number of nozzles: 4. The body is made of plastic and metal, graters and knives are made of high quality stainless steel. It is food grade, does not oxidize, does not react with products. The blades are sharp, due to which the cutting is professional without defects.

The design is safe, the risk of injury is reduced to a minimum. Chopped vegetables are taken straight to the plate. The device is easy to assemble for work. It serves for a long time, subject to the rules of operation. An uninterrupted process should not exceed 10 minutes. But this time is enough to chop vegetables for cooking for a large family.

The reviews say that the device works properly, does not vibrate, does not make much noise. Cleansing is fast. The case is durable and resistant to dents and scratches. The cord is long enough. The weight and dimensions of the vegetable cutter make it easy to carry it from place to place and store it in small cabinets.


  • ease of installation and extraction of nozzles;
  • damage-resistant plastic;
  • sharp knives for perfect cutting;
  • elegant stylish design.

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