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Such a device as an electric frying pan appeared relatively long ago. This cooking tool gained popularity in the last century, since some houses did not have gas or electric stoves. At the moment, summer residents, as well as lovers of quick cooking, have begun to actively use the devices. Some models have a built-in battery and do not require a mains connection, which allows you to cook meals anywhere. Our experts have selected 7 of the best models of electric frying pans, suitable for completely different tasks.

How to choose the right electric frying pan

Electric frying pans are presented in stores in a large assortment. In the selection process, according to our experts, it is important to pay attention to the following number of criteria:

  1. Dimensions. Before making a purchase, it is important to check the size of the electric frying pan. Large appliances are suitable for large companies or families, they will allow you to cook a large amount of food in a minimum amount of time. For a small family or personal use, it is better to choose a device with a diameter of no more than 25 cm.
  2. The form. Electric frying pans can be square, rectangular, oval or round. In products with corners, it is easier to cook, and ellipsoidal ones are somewhat easier to store.
  3. Convenience. An important component of any device for cooking is the presence of a non-stick coating. Without it, you will have to monitor the products much more closely during the heating process.
  4. Material. Available in Teflon coated aluminum and stainless steel. The latter are slightly more reliable and durable.
  5. Ergonomics. Handles and the place for installation must be made of a material resistant to high temperatures. Otherwise, you will always have to carry potholders with you. This is not very convenient when using the pan on a trip.
  6. Temperature control. In the process of cooking, it is important to choose the right temperature. During frying, it is necessary to heat the surface to 230 degrees. The best are those electric frying pans that allow you to control the level of heating and those that provide temperature data.
  7. Lid. The upper part can be made of glass or metal. The first option is somewhat better, since it provides an opportunity to evaluate readiness during stewing or frying. If the lid is not transparent, the cooking speed may be reduced due to occasional opening.
  8. Presence of holes. If structural gaps are present, then cooking is simplified due to the ability to get rid of excess liquid.
  9. Functionality. Users like high walls, they allow you to cook food of any size. If there is a slight slope at the junction of the vertical and horizontal parts, mixing of food is simplified.
  10. cleaning. The optimal electric frying pan is one that has the ability to dismantle the thermometer during the washing process. Most modern models have the ability to disconnect the PSU.

Our experts have selected 7 of the best electric frying pans with many benefits. We encourage you to explore all options.

Rating of the best electric frying pans

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Rating: 4.9


In the first place in the ranking is an electric frying pan or wok from BORK. It supports 15 heat treatment modes in the range of 40-218 degrees, so it is suitable for cooking any dishes, including pilaf or risotto. The device is made of aluminum, which is coated with a non-stick coating in several layers, which allows you to avoid problems during cleaning. The capacity of the bowl is 6 liters. Therefore, this pan is suitable even for cooking soups.

BORK G600 is a multifunctional cooking appliance. It will allow you to create full-fledged culinary masterpieces: soups, fondue, deep-fry and stew meat. In addition, the pan is perfect for making sauces and pasta. The design has a power regulator that allows you to get the required temperature. Many features have made the model the most popular among consumers.


  • large capacity;
  • heating variability;
  • non-stick coating;
  • many cooking options;
  • light weight.

Gastrorag CPP-55A

Rating: 4.8

Gastrorag CPP-55A

Quite a bit, the Gastrorag CPP-55A electric frying pan fell short of the lead. It is suitable for preparing meals on the go. The device is a complete system equipped with multiple heaters. The lid fits snugly, resulting in a completely sealed construction. The large diameter of 55 cm provides good capacity.

The electric frying pan is suitable for cooking sea and river fish, meat, vegetables and mushrooms. The presence of a non-stick coating will allow you to easily wash the surface after cooking. Plus, you can cook meals without a drop of oil on it. The Gastrorag CPP-55A provides the wearer with the ability to pleat, fry and stew food. Customers love this pan for its ease of use on camping and travel, as well as its reliability and durability.


  • acceptable weight 7.5 kg;
  • high heating rate;
  • good non-stick coating;
  • large diameter;
  • made of aluminium.

Kitfort CT-2019

Rating: 4.7


The honorable third place is occupied by an electric frying pan, which is perfect for all processes in the kitchen or on a hike. The presence of many intelligent systems allow you to control the cooking. The device is equipped with a thermostat, thanks to which you can change the heating temperature. Additionally, it has a non-stick coating, which prevents food residues from sticking to the surface.

The handles are made of heat-resistant material that will not burn you. The power of the device is 1350 W, which ensures excellent cooking speed. The compact size makes the pan perfect for traveling to the country house or any other place where there is electricity. Customers like the low price and attractive design.


  • high power;
  • attractive design;
  • many options for work;
  • the presence of a thermostat;
  • non-stick coating.

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Gemlux GL-ER02

Rating: 4.6

Gemlux GL-ER02

We give the next place in the rating to an electric frying pan, which is a multifunctional device used both as an oven and a stove. The device is designed for cooking, steaming, stewing and baking various dishes, and also has many other functions, including food heating. The functionality here is simply amazing.

The design is equipped with a dismantled thermostat. The case is made of stainless steel AISI304 with a high content of chromium and nickel, which provides an excellent level of strength and durability. The volume of the roaster is 4 liters, and the dimensions are 370x246x60 mm. Paired handles are made of material resistant to temperatures. This device is highly appreciated by customers for its functionality, high quality workmanship and ease of use.


  • multifunctionality;
  • durable case;
  • removable thermostat;
  • glass cover;
  • small dimensions.

ENDEVER Wokmaster 360

Rating: 4.5


The fifth line is occupied by a powerful electric frying pan, which is suitable for cooking or heating food, even for a large company. Power reaches 1700 W at a nominal voltage of 220 V. It is equipped with a long meter cord, which allows installation not close to the outlet. High walls are great for stewing or cooking meat. The gray color of the case looks attractive, and the dimensions of 36.5×36.5×12.5 cm make the product very convenient for transportation.

The depth is 7 cm. The working surface is covered with a non-stick coating, and a glass lid made of heat-resistant material and a removable thermostat are provided to control the cooking progress. ENDEVER Wokmaster 360 is distinguished by a pleasant price, which has earned it popularity among buyers. At the same time, it is valued for its compact size and fast heating.


  • high power;
  • low price;
  • transportability;
  • pleasant appearance;
  • removable thermostat.

Jardeko Chef Duo JD511

Rating: 4.4

Jardeko Chef Duo JD511

On the 6th place is an unusual design, consisting of two compartments. This frying pan is suitable for cooking any dishes, regardless of complexity. The model has an attractive design, as well as an increased depth of 12 cm, so it is convenient to cook even soup or meat dishes in it. The main advantage of the design is the possibility of simultaneous cooking of several dishes without increasing the amount of fat.

The non-stick coating makes the Jardeko Chef Duo JD511 very easy to use. It will be easy to clean and wash the leftover food after cooking. The diameter of 33 cm makes the design convenient for transportation, and the glass lid allows you to monitor the cooking process. The internal partition does not allow mixing of different dishes among themselves. The price is also pleasantly surprising.


  • the ability to cook 2 dishes at the same time;
  • quality material;
  • glass cover;
  • compact size;
  • transportability.

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Sinbo SP 5204

Rating: 4.3


A powerful kitchen appliance for cooking will allow you to realize all your desires even outside the home. The diameter of the frying pan is 40 cm, and the heater power reaches 1500 watts. This design allows you to cook anything, including pizza. The frying pan is designed to use the AC cable as a power source. Customers love the sleek design and comfortable handles.

In this electric frying pan you can stew, heat up and fry any dishes. The device has dimensions of 40x28x13 cm. The device is equipped with a long cord (120 cm). The design includes a glass lid, thanks to which it is convenient to monitor the cooking process. The weight of the model is almost 4 kg. Customers like the combination of low price and good quality.


  • attractive design;
  • high power;
  • low price;
  • large diameter, you can even cook pizza;
  • convenience of transportation.

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