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*A review of the best according to the editors of expertology.ru. About selection criteria. This material is subjective, is not an advertisement and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

Coffee is the best drink for when you need to stay alert. But it doesn’t always taste good. If you want to get perfect coffee, you will have to get a coffee maker. Unfortunately, now stores are literally littered with disgusting devices that are unable to prepare any tasty drink. That is why we recommend that you read our review, which tells only about those coffee makers, the purchase of which does not disappoint at all.

Rating of the best coffee makers

The best geyser coffee makers

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Rommelsbacher EKO 364/E

Rating: 4.9

Rommelsbacher EKO 364/E

If you want the coffee maker not to stand out in the kitchen among other appliances, then we recommend that you consider buying a Rommelsbacher EKO 364/E. Outwardly, this model is similar to many electric kettles. Only by the bevel in the upper part you can understand that this is something else.

The body of the coffee maker is made of metal, which creates pleasant light reflections. Also, such a case is unlikely to change its color during the entire period of operation. There are no extra buttons and controls here. This is not surprising, because this model is a geyser coffee maker that uses the simplest principle of preparation. You only need to add ground coffee, then turn on the device. Rest assured, 365 watts of power will definitely be enough to carry out the process. And it certainly won’t take long. When the drink is ready, it will automatically turn off.

This coffee maker weighs only 800 g. This alone hints that you should not expect advanced features from it. This is evidenced by the affordable price — Rommelsbacher EKO 364/E is much cheaper than any coffee machine that can prepare several different types of drink. Perhaps the main drawback of the geyser model is the small volume of coffee being prepared — it’s definitely not enough for two. Julia told about the same thing, leaving a review on Yandex.Market with the following content: “You can only brew coffee again when the coffee maker has cooled down. Otherwise, this is another quest «.


  • Excellent design;
  • Quick drink preparation
  • It turns itself off when the coffee is ready;
  • Any ground coffee is used;
  • The drink is very hot;
  • There is a compartment for a power cord.


  • Will not make coffee for two.

De’Longhi Alicia EMKM 6

Rating: 4.8


And this is a much more elegant device. However, it is sold for about the same money. However, it is quite difficult to find it now in stores, since the production of this model has been discontinued. If you manage to do this, make a purchase without hesitation! This device creates a great drink from ground coffee, which you quickly get used to.

The coffee poured here is enough to prepare nine cups. The device does not prohibit being distracted from kitchen chores. This is evidenced by the ability to maintain a high temperature of the drink for half an hour. This appliance requires ground coffee. Is it necessary to say that it is significantly cheaper than its capsule counterpart? Like many other coffee makers, De’Longhi EMK 9 Alicia has an auto-off function, in this regard, this model is similar to some kind of electric kettle. But there is no water level indicator here. However, he is not needed.

If you think about it, this is the most simplified coffee maker. It will appeal to those who cannot master the wisdom of managing modern technology. On the body of the device, is there an on indicator and a button that starts the process. After pressing the latter, it remains only to wait for the preparation of the drink in order to pour it into a cup. But do not forget that simplification has led to the fact that this device can only brew one type of coffee. If you expect to get your hands on a coffee maker capable of making cappuccino and other types of drink, then you need by no means a geyser model, and much more expensive.

Unfortunately, De’Longhi EMK 9 has one serious drawback that no consultant will tell you about. The jug of this device is made of plastic, and not the most heat-resistant. For many buyers, it quickly became covered with cracks. Also, the device is deprived of protective equipment. This means that it can turn on even if you forgot to fill it with water. Do I need to say that this will definitely lead to a breakdown?


  • Extremely easy to use;
  • Low cost;
  • Low power consumption;
  • Implemented auto-shutdown;
  • Inexpensive ground coffee is used;
  • It is rare to fall asleep coffee;
  • The drink stays hot for half an hour.


  • The lower part gets very hot;
  • Short service life;
  • There is no security system of any kind.

Ariete 1358

Rating: 4.7

ARIETE 1358.webp

One of the most inexpensive geyser coffee makers. For this model in Russian stores they ask for about 3 thousand rubles. It is clear that for such money you can not get a device with an exquisite design. It uses a simple plastic case, which can be painted black or white. Only the handle at the lid attracts attention — it is made in the form of running steam. Otherwise, this is a typical ultra-budget coffee maker that does not have any additional controls. It is for the best, because even an elderly person can deal with such a device.

Like other geyser-type models, Ariete 1358 prepares a drink from ground coffee. This makes the cost of using the device very low. Also, the coffee maker is quite energy efficient, because its power does not exceed 400 watts.

As mentioned above, there is no pressure gauge, display or anything like that. There is not even a water level indicator, as it is enough to prepare exactly one cup of coffee. On the case you can find only the indication of inclusion. Alas, the insides of the device are also noticeably simplified. There is no protection system here, so the device is not worth buying for a person who suffers from forgetfulness. There is not even an automatic shutdown! Get ready to remember that the drink is prepared for about 5 minutes — it is after such a period of time that you need to turn off the device. The instructions say that the coffee maker will turn itself off after about half an hour, but none of the buyers dared to check this.


  • Two body colors to choose from;
  • The coffee maker is silent;
  • Very long power cord;
  • Inexpensive ground coffee is used;
  • The most simple control;
  • Very low cost;
  • Low power consumption.


  • There is no protection system;
  • No auto-off;
  • Difficult to wash;
  • Not everyone will like the design.

The best carob coffee makers

Smeg ECF01

Rating: 4.9

SMEG ECF01.webp

Smeg products very often fall into all sorts of Expertology ratings. The fact is that the products of this company are very different from the devices of competitors. Most often they are made in an exquisite retro style! This also applies to the Smeg ECF01 coffee maker. Most of all, this device resembles a device for dispensing beer somewhere in an expensive bar. It uses a rounded body shape, a lot of old-fashioned handles, and the drink is poured into a pre-placed mug. Despite the extremely high cost of the coffee maker, it is in demand, in connection with which the manufacturer sent as many as eight color options to stores!

Of course, this device will not please with any wide functionality. It is felt that 39 thousand rubles are asked mainly for design. This coffee maker seems to have arrived to us from the middle of the last century. At the same time, the insides of the device are more than modern. It should also be noted that the body of the device is made of the latest and durable materials. This allows you to hope that the coffee maker will look perfect for many years. At least until the middle of the now 21st century.

Initially, it seems that this device can do almost nothing. Where are the numerous buttons needed for this? But in fact, there are different regulators and knobs here, with the help of which the process is controlled. In particular, the device offers a choice of two types of coffee, and not one: cappuccino and espresso. The user is also given the opportunity to adjust the temperature of the coffee. Otherwise, for the most part, the cooking process takes place automatically. There is not even a pressure gauge here, since the pressure will in any case be pumped strictly up to 15 bar.

The composition of the carob coffee maker includes a liter water tank. This is enough to prepare two cups of coffee (they can be prepared at the same time). The power of the device is 1350 watts. However, the device will not affect the electricity bills much, because the cooking process does not take much time. A thermoblock is used here as a heater, and not only ground coffee, but also pods can be poured inside.

You can find fault with this device only about the length of the cord, not exceeding 1 m. Otherwise, this is an excellent coffee maker that has a water level indicator, a good protection system, a removable drip tray, and even water hardness adjustment.


  • Elegant metal case;
  • A large number of colors to choose from;
  • The pressure reaches 15 bar;
  • It is possible to prepare cappuccino (in manual mode);
  • Two cups of coffee can be prepared at the same time;
  • There is a cup warmer and a removable drip tray;
  • There is a water level indicator;
  • Low noise level.


  • Not very long power cord;
  • Extremely high cost;
  • The water tank could be bigger.

De’Longhi Dedica EC 685

Rating: 4.8


This coffee maker has a more familiar modern design. It is also made from quality materials. It seems that the metal case will retain its perfect appearance for a year, and two, and for a whole decade, unless you deliberately scratch it. Usually De’Longhi products cost a lot of money, but the Dedica EC 685 can be bought for 14 thousand rubles — far from the largest amount. At the same time, the device is able to boast some additional functionality — for example, the simultaneous distribution of a drink in two cups.

On sale you can find four color options for the device, which allows you to choose a coffee maker for any kitchen interior. The device turned out to be large, but not too big — inside it is a reservoir for 1.1 liters of water. With this model, you can prepare four types of coffee: latte, espresso, latte macchiato and cappuccino. The latter, however, is said in manual mode. As for pressure, 15 bar is pumped by the device. The power of the device is 1300 W, which is typical for a carob model. It is also impossible not to note the auto-shutdown and the presence of some other protection systems.

Cups are installed on a special stand. It is, importantly, equipped with a heating function. There is also a tray for collecting drops. And finally, one cannot fail to note the descaling indicator, which not every coffee maker has.

Please note that De’Longhi Dedica EC 685 is by no means the best choice for those who like to sip coffee from huge mugs. The fact is that the height of the cup that can be placed under the tap is limited to 12 cm.


  • Sleek modern look;
  • Four body colors to choose from;
  • Inexpensive ground coffee is used;
  • Decent volume of the water tank;
  • You can make different types of coffee;
  • There is an auto-off;
  • Housing made of metal;
  • Includes removable drip tray and cup warmer
  • Simultaneous distribution of drink in two cups is possible;
  • There is a descaling indicator.


  • After each cup, you need to wash the horn and the steam tube;
  • However, the price will not suit everyone;
  • There are no compartments for storing a measuring spoon and replaceable filters.

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Krups Calvi Meca XP 3440

Rating: 4.7


Another device with which you can prepare a drink from ground coffee. As is the case with some other devices of this type, the case here is made of metal. However, the design cannot be called refined and ideal — the coffee maker looks simple. Only the main handle, with which coffee is dispensed, attracts attention — usually it is not found in such inexpensive devices. However, not everyone will consider the coffee maker cheap, because they ask for it, tangible for many Russians, 11 thousand rubles.

This model received a simple control panel. It is a power button and a selector for selecting an operating mode. With this device you can prepare espresso and cappuccino. But the second type of drink is not prepared automatically, because this is not a full-fledged coffee machine for you, sold for 40-50 thousand rubles. Also, the manufacturer’s savings are noticeable in the cup holder — it does not have a heating element.

This coffee maker uses a thermoblock. Basically, 1460 watts are consumed by him. As for the water tank, its volume is 1.1 liters. When coffee is brewed, the pressure starts to rise. This happens exactly until the moment it reaches 15 bar. Is this really so — it will not work to be sure, because there is no pressure gauge here. The device does not have automatic decalcification. But the simultaneous distribution of two cups is not forgotten, as is the tray for collecting drops.

Krups made a good carob coffee maker. But someone definitely will not be satisfied with its plastic case. There is also a traditional problem with the cappuccinatore — the milk in it freezes almost instantly, and therefore cleaning it causes certain problems. Finally, our advice to you: after buying a coffee maker, be sure to read the instruction manual. The fact is that without this, using the device can lead to its breakdown, since it implies some non-obvious details.


  • Inexpensive ground coffee is used;
  • Decent volume of the water tank;
  • Two types of coffee can be prepared;
  • Simultaneous preparation of two cups is possible;
  • There is a removable tray for collecting drops;
  • Fast heating;
  • There is an auto shut off.


  • Usage is not easy to learn;
  • The cappuccinatore is very difficult to clean;
  • No cup warmer
  • Poor mounting of filters in the horn.


Rating: 4.7

REDMOND RCM-1511.webp

A good carob coffee maker is also available in the REDMOND assortment. This model differs from the competitors discussed above by the possibility of fully automatic preparation of cappuccino. Also, with this device, delicious espresso, americano and latte macchiato are obtained.

As you know, under the REDMOND brand, a large number of devices are produced that can be included in the «smart home». However, the RCM-1511 does not include wireless modules, so you should not expect extended functionality from it. This is a very simple carob-type coffee maker, which is controlled by pressing the buttons located on the front panel. There is also a massive handle responsible for the start of the distribution of the drink. Well, the cappuccinatore has its own controls, which are also easy to learn.

The case of this model is made of metal. Inside is a 1000W electric motor. This allows you to install a coffee maker even in an old wooden house with aluminum wiring. As for the water tank, it holds 1.4 liters. The ideal volume at which you can not think about filling the tank for several days.

Like other carob coffee makers, this model builds up pressure up to 15 bar during its operation. There are no other options, so this device does not have a pressure gauge. There is no automatic decalcification here either — a feature inherent only in very expensive models. But on the other hand, the owner of this device can regulate the portion of hot water. However, in any case, the drink is more warm than hot. The problem is solved only if you place the mug on the top platform for a while, which gets very hot during coffee preparation.

It’s nice that the manufacturer has introduced the possibility of simultaneous preparation of two cups of drink. Also, someone will like the presence of a cord storage compartment. It seems to us that the coffee maker is obliged to take place in the kitchen on an ongoing basis, so the compartment will be unnecessary. What can not be said about the removable drip tray, which slightly simplifies the process of cleaning the device. By the way, a special indicator will signal the filling of this tray.


  • Automatic preparation of cappuccino is possible;
  • Large water tank;
  • Low power consumption;
  • You can make different types of coffee;
  • Low cost of use;
  • There is an auto-off;
  • There are warming cups and a removable tray for collecting drops;
  • It is possible to prepare two cups of coffee at the same time.


  • The coffee comes out warm;
  • The length of the power cord is only 1 m;
  • Electronic control is not for everyone.

Kitfort KT-702

Rating: 4.6

KITFORT KT-702.webp

The creators of this coffee maker tried to design a device that would look like a professional one. It uses the rounded shapes of the metal case, the distribution of the drink is carried out by turning the massive lever, and the process of its preparation is accompanied by the movement of the arrow on the manometer.

This coffee maker belongs to the carob type. As in the case of the models discussed above, it requires ground coffee, which is sold in stores for relatively little money. The power consumed during cooking does not exceed 1100 watts. Only the pressure, which reaches only 10 bar, confuses. However, it cannot be said that this has any serious effect on the taste of the drink.

This is one of the cheapest carob coffee makers. In this regard, we recommend not to be surprised by the minimum variety of types of drinks that can be prepared using this device. In fact, this is only espresso and cappuccino. The second type of coffee is prepared in manual mode, and the subsequent cleaning of the cappuccinatore will quickly get boring.

I am glad that the manufacturer did not eliminate the possibility of simultaneously preparing two cups of coffee. He also did not deprive the device of a removable drip tray. But he saved on the power cord — its length does not exceed 93 cm. Also, not everyone will be satisfied with the water tank, the volume of which is 1 liter. However, this is quite enough to prepare three or four far from the smallest cups of coffee, and many do not need more.


  • Low cost;
  • It is possible to prepare cappuccino (in manual mode);
  • There is a manometer;
  • Inexpensive ground coffee is used;
  • Durable metal body;
  • Low power consumption;
  • There is a removable drip tray.


  • Not the maximum pressure is injected;
  • Short power cord;
  • There are defective copies.

Best drip coffee makers

Philips HD7767 Grind & Brew

Rating: 4.9

Philips HD7767 Grind & Brew

The Philips brand still produces high-quality household appliances that can greatly simplify life. For example, the HD7767 Grind & Brew coffee maker will make the morning a little more pleasant. With this coffee maker you can prepare a fragrant drink, thanks to which you will completely wake up. In this case, it is sharpened under the Americano. In this case, the drink in dry form can be both ground and grain. It is not for nothing that there is a built-in coffee grinder that can hold 350 g of grains. The degree of grinding is adjustable — in total, the owner is offered 9 options.

Like many other drip coffee makers, this one has a filter. By default, the permanent option is set, which needs to be cleaned regularly. But you can put one-time filters instead.

The coffee maker turned out to be quite large, so its 1000-watt power should not be surprising. The device also included a coffee pot with a volume of 1.2 liters. So, the drink will be enough not even for two, but for three of its consumers. The modern control panel, complemented by a display, should also please. Information on it is visible even in the dark, as the screen has a bright backlight.

Philips HD7767 Grind & Brew has both a waste container, an anti-drip system, and an auto-off function. There is only a tray for collecting drops here, but with this design it is not required.

In reviews of the coffee maker, mention of shortcomings is extremely rare. In general, people are unhappy with the level of noise that occurs when the coffee grinder is activated. But this problem is inherent in many other models.


  • Wonderful design;
  • Capacious coffee pot;
  • There is a built-in coffee grinder;
  • You can adjust the degree of grinding;
  • The choice of level of a fortress of coffee is available;
  • Sufficiently high speed of preparation of the drink;
  • There is an auto-off.


  • The coffee grinder was noisy;
  • Ideally, reusable filters are needed.

Kitfort KT-720

Rating: 4.8

Kitfort KT-720

Would you like to drink coffee right after waking up? In this case, you need a coffee maker with a delay start function. For example, Kitfort KT-720 has one. This is a drip model that can work with both grain and ground coffee. In the first case, the built-in coffee grinder will be used. It cannot be called ordinary — it allows you to choose the degree of grinding. And among the available adjustments is the choice of the strength of the finished drink. To implement it, you need to use the control panel, consisting of seven buttons and a display, supplemented by backlight.

The appliance comes with a 1.5 liter coffee pot. Therefore, you can prepare a drink for several people at once. The process will not take much time, because the power of the device reaches 1050 watts. I am also glad that the coffee pot with the finished drink continues to warm up for some time. Vladimir writes about this, leaving a review in the Citylink online store with the following content: “I get up for work every day at 6 am and I know that my coffee is already ready. And since there is a heating mode, I drink two more cups while I’m getting ready for work..

It remains to be added that the weight of the device is 4.9 kg, and a measuring spoon is supplied with it. As a result, it turns out that this is almost an ideal drip coffee maker for its 9,000 rubles.


  • Convenient management;
  • There is a good coffee grinder;
  • Implemented anti-drip system;
  • Comes with a large coffee pot;
  • There is auto heating;
  • You can adjust the strength of the drink;
  • A delay start function is available.


  • It is inconvenient to pour water;
  • Loud coffee grinder.

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REDMOND SkyCoffee M1509S

Rating: 4.7

REDMOND SkyCoffee M1509S

A wonderful drip coffee maker that suits customers with both the quality of the drink and the time of its preparation. It belongs to the Sky series of devices, which indicates the presence of a wireless module. This means that the coffee maker can be controlled from a smartphone. Another feature of this model is the delay start function. In a word, after purchasing REDMOND SkyCoffee M1509S, you will receive coffee immediately after waking up.

The control panel here consists of a few buttons and a tiny display. The body is made of plastic. It is felt that the manufacturer saved most of all on it — the design of the device cannot be called exquisite. Also, the creators did not introduce a coffee grinder here. Therefore, you will have to buy exclusively ground coffee.

The power of this model is 1000 watts, which is quite enough. The device comes with a coffee pot, the volume of which is brought up to 1.5 liters. This means that the drink will be enough for several people. And do not be afraid that it will quickly cool down — the auto-heating function is implemented here. Supported by the device and anti-drip system.

Other than that, it’s just a normal coffee maker. Its distinguishing feature is precisely the presence of a Bluetooth module. But do not think that thanks to him, the device will be detected by the Yandex voice assistant — this will require the purchase of special equipment. The authors write about it review REDMOND SkyCoffee M1509Spublished on IXBT.


  • High power;
  • A large coffee pot is used;
  • There is an auto-heating function;
  • Implemented delayed start;
  • Wireless control available;
  • You can choose the degree of coffee strength;
  • Implemented anti-drip system.


  • No coffee grinder;
  • The body is made of plastic.

Philips HD7457 Daily Collection

Rating: 4.7


Under the Philips brand, a large number of high-quality household appliances are produced. For example, the HD7457 Daily Collection is extremely difficult to find fault with. Especially if you look at the price tag of this coffee maker, which does not exceed 3 thousand rubles. Well, do not expect a built-in coffee grinder from this device? It would be foolish to hope for several types of coffee being prepared, the user will be able to enjoy exclusively Americano.

As you already understood, this device is designed for ground coffee. It is sold in any supermarket, and its price is often quite low. The finished drink here enters the coffee pot, the volume of which is 1.2 liters. It seems that this will be enough even for a family of three. The Philips HD7457 Daily Collection uses 1000W of electricity to make coffee. There is no doubt that the device will perform without problems from the best side even in houses with old aluminum wiring.

Like many other coffee makers, this model uses a filter. It can be both one-time and permanent. Here it all depends on whether regular cleaning bothers you. Disposable filters, if anything, are purchased separately. And it is possible that you will not find them in the nearest store.

This device received an anti-drip system, the operation of which has no complaints. But there is no display here, the manufacturer tried to simplify the process control as much as possible. He also used plastic instead of metal to create the case. In part, this is what allowed him to greatly reduce the cost. However, it is easy to see that here the internal components are made of not the most reliable materials. This is evidenced by at least the weight of the coffee maker, not exceeding 1.42 kg.


  • Not particularly high power consumption;
  • The coffee pot is not small;
  • Various filters are supported;
  • There is an auto-heating plate;
  • Small size and weight;
  • Very low cost;
  • Inexpensive ground coffee is used.


  • It is unlikely that the service life will be long;
  • Only one type of drink;
  • It is difficult to clean the space under the cone;
  • The water level indicator floats almost immediately;
  • No auto-off.

Bosch TKA 3A031/3A034

Rating: 4.6

BOSCH TKA 3A031 3A034.webp

Many people know Bosch for construction power tools. Someone uses her vacuum cleaner or washing machine. But in the assortment of the German manufacturer there are other equipment! For example, in stores you can find a very inexpensive coffee maker TKA 3A031 / 3A034. For this model they ask about 2500 rubles. In this regard, you can not find fault with her appearance, which turned out to be quite simple. In any case, the product does not give the impression that this is the cheapest coffee maker ordered from the «Chinese». By the way, the manufacturer made two versions of his creation. One is painted white and the other red. The case is, as you might guess, plastic.

Ground coffee is poured into the top of the device here. As you know, this type of coffee is sold in every supermarket, and even at a low price. In this regard, you can count on inexpensive operation of the coffee maker. Will it be of any length? That’s a good question. Bosch is not seen in the production of very low-grade products. This allows us to hope that the Bosch TKA 3A031 / 3A034 will last at least several years. Even despite the simplest components, the presence of which is indicated by a weight not exceeding 1.5 kg.

Like any other drip coffee maker, this model dispenses a drink into a coffee pot made of transparent plastic. As soon as the process ends, the system automatically turns off the device. The volume of the coffee pot is 1.25 liters, which should be enough for three, and sometimes four people.

Despite the low cost, this device received an anti-drip system. There is also a heating plate. This is important, because without it, when dripping a drink, you would hardly be able to enjoy any hot coffee. It is curious that even with such a structural element, the device did not receive too high power consumption — the manufacturer declared 1100 watts.

A rare cheap coffee maker can boast of electronic control. Here, too, the user is required to press a traditional mechanical button. Another advantage of the device is the use of very inexpensive filters.

As for the shortcomings, they have already been mentioned above. Finally, we can recommend not to pull out the coffee pot immediately after the drink is ready. Wait for the last drop coming out with the appropriate sound. Otherwise, it may suddenly fall on the base of the heating plate, which will force you to spend time cleaning this structural element in the future.


  • Two colors to choose from;
  • Comes with a large enough coffee pot.
  • Easy to learn controls;
  • There is an auto-off;
  • Cheap ground coffee is used;
  • There is a compartment for storing the cord;
  • There is an auto-heating plate;
  • Implemented anti-drip system;
  • Extremely low cost.


  • Plastic case and simplified design;
  • Only one type of coffee can be prepared;
  • The power cord is not that long.

The best capsule coffee makers

De’Longhi Nespresso Lattissima One EN 500

Rating: 4.9

De'Longhi Nespresso Lattissima One EN 500

This device can already be considered a full-fledged coffee machine, albeit quite miniature. This is due to the fact that the device is able to prepare not only espresso, but also some other types of drink, including cappuccino, adored by many. It all depends solely on what capsules you will use. The case of the device is made of plastic. Very high quality, I must say. It can be painted in one of three available colors: white, brown or black.

This model prepares any type of coffee in automatic mode, even if it is the aforementioned cappuccino (the milk tank has a volume of 125 ml). If the device is not in use, it switches itself off. It uses touch control, which imposes some restrictions on the device. In particular, some older people will not like it. However, we would recommend not to pay special attention to this moment. It is much more important that the power of the coffee machine reaches 1700 watts. This means that the drink will be prepared quickly enough. The only pity is that the simultaneous supply of coffee in two cups is not implemented here. You have to cook first the first, and then the second portion. Therefore, a family of two or three is better off looking for some other model.

The weight of the device is 4.2 kg. Connection to the mains is carried out using a meter cable. Unlike simpler coffee makers, this model allows you to adjust the portion of hot water, as well as use pre-wetting. Another device is ready to boast a removable drip tray.

You can read more about the capabilities of the device in the De’Longhi Nespresso Lattissima One EN 500 review published on the 101kofemashina website. As for reviews from real buyers, they are written exclusively in a positive way. For example, in the Ozon online store, a certain Kornev wrote the following: “There are no shortcomings, it digests perfectly, good settings from the base. The main thing is not to buy analogue capsules. Indeed, it is recommended to buy Nespresso Original with such a coffee machine, otherwise the taste of the drink will not be the same at all.


  • Exquisite design;
  • Compact dimensions;
  • Easy to learn control;
  • Quick drink preparation
  • Can even prepare cappuccino;
  • There is a removable drip tray.


  • Expensive capsules are used;
  • The price tag will not suit everyone;
  • Cannot cook two servings at the same time;
  • Not very long cord.

Krups Dolce Gusto KP 1201/1205/1206/1208/123B Mini Me

Rating: 4.8

Krups Dolce Gusto KP 1201/1205/1206/1208/123B Mini Me

This capsule coffee maker boasts a very unusual design. It is also a rather rare case when such a device exists in several colors. The device is used to prepare latte, espresso and cappuccino. In this case, you will need Dolce Gusto capsules. Perhaps this is the most serious drawback of this model, because you can not find them in every supermarket, especially when it comes to the provinces.

The device uses an easy-to-learn electronic control. The power of the device reaches 1500 watts. Therefore, it will not take much time to prepare coffee. It’s a pity that you only have to count on one serving. However, this is easy to deal with.

This model supports the auto-off function. As for its design, the manufacturer has not forgotten either the waste container or the removable drip tray. The cup here is placed on a stand, the height of which is freely adjustable. The weight of the device is 2.55 kg.

Basically, the coffee maker collects reviews with high ratings. For example, Alexander wrote the following on Yandex.Market: “Compact. It turns out delicious coffee, you can’t compare it with instant coffee. But the coffee machine is noisy. You can’t cook quietly in the morning.”

Some time ago, the manufacturer included a leaflet with a code for a free package of capsules worth about 700 rubles. Now he has abandoned this practice. However, the sticker «700 rubles as a gift» on the coffee maker is still present. Now you are warned!


  • Interesting design;
  • Adequate cost;
  • High power;
  • Easy to learn control;
  • Prepares three types of coffee;
  • The removable tray for collecting drops is not forgotten;
  • The cup holder is adjustable in height.


  • Increased noise level;
  • Can’t make two cups at once
  • Finding suitable capsules is not so easy.

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Wacaco Minipresso

Rating: 4.6


One of the most compact capsule type coffee makers. In fact, it barely exceeds the size of an ordinary thermos. If you do not know this, then you may not even understand exactly how it works. There is no usual power cord here, the plug of which is inserted into the socket. This is because the Wacaco Minipresso works in manual mode. Now you understand the purpose of this model. It shouldn’t be in the kitchen somewhere. You need to take it with you, for example, to work. Or such a coffee maker will not interfere in the car in which you went to the gym. Physical exercises are tiring, and coffee after them is sure to cheer you up.

Of course, the body of this product is made of plastic. Metal is not needed here, it would make a portable coffee maker too heavy. Nespresso capsules are required to prepare the drink. More precisely, just one capsule. It is placed in a special compartment, after which you need to pour hot water. Further, it remains only with simple actions to build up pressure inside the device until it reaches 15 bar. That’s all, you can enjoy a small portion of the drink, which in terms of taste is not inferior to the product prepared using a traditional coffee maker. Perhaps that is why a lot of money is asked for this model.


  • Does not require electricity;
  • The most simplified management;
  • You can take with you;
  • There is a cup included.


  • High price;
  • Need hot water;
  • You need to work with your hands;
  • Small portion size.


Now you know how expensive good coffee makers are. For completely incomprehensible reasons, this is one of the most expensive types of household appliances. Of course, we tried to talk about budget models, but even buying them will seem too burdensome to someone.

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