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*A review of the best according to the editors of expertology.ru. About selection criteria. This material is subjective, is not an advertisement and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

Coffee machines are a must-have kitchen gadget for all coffee lovers and those who are not indifferent to a tart drink. They allow you to quickly and easily brew great coffee, with a rich aroma and refined taste.

This time, the Expertology magazine team, out of a great love for lattes, cappuccinos and americanos, decided to conduct a study of a “special” segment of the kitchen appliances market. Based on its results, a rating of the 12 best grain coffee machines was compiled. The criteria for selecting goods for the final list were:

  1. price level;
  2. taste qualities of the finished drink;
  3. the quality of the device;
  4. user reviews and expert opinions;
  5. coffee grinder functions (capacity, number of grinding modes);
  6. Additional features.

Rating of the best grain coffee machines

Krups EA810770 Essential

Rating: 4.9

Krups EA810770 Essential

From the point of view of the optimal ratio of price and quality, the first place in the ranking was taken by … however, you already know. This machine has 3 grind settings for four different types of coffee: cappuccino, espresso, lungo and ristretto. It has a timer and an auto-shutoff relay without water, so you won’t be able to burn the coffee machine even if you really want to.

Naturally, there are also several filters for water purification from impurities, and decalcification, and energy saving, and adjusting the height of the coffee dispenser. But the most important difference from all competitors in the ranking is the metal case. The incomparable «cone» of burgundy color blends perfectly with the black top and adds its own charm to the interior of the kitchen. Rest assured — Krups EA810770 Essential will last a very long time and faithfully. And for a relatively low price.


  • metal case;
  • Gorgeous, sophisticated design in burgundy and black;
  • rich aroma and always delicious coffee;
  • ease of maintenance;
  • easy control.


  • quite noisy.

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Melitta Caffeo Varianza CSP

Rating: 4.8


An even more expensive device with a small grinder load (only 125 grams), which includes 10 recipes for making your favorite drink. Latte, cappuccio, ristretto, americano, lungo — cook whatever your soul desires! Due to the small capacity of the water tank (1.2 liters), you will often have to top up the liquid. For some, this will be a problem, but a little manual labor still does not hurt.

Melitta Caffeo Varianza CSP is based on the use of My Bean Select, Varianza, Caffeo, Aromasafe technologies. Some affect the working capabilities of the coffee grinder (they allow you to grind grains much more efficiently in all 5 modes), others ensure the preservation of the original taste and aroma of real coffee. This model has earned the highest ratings from users, and experts also express their full approval.


  • attractive design;
  • 10 preset coffee recipes;
  • excellent taste and aroma of drinks;
  • automatic cleaning function.

De’Longhi Dinamica ECAM 350.55

Rating: 4.7

De'Longhi Dinamica ECAM 350.55

Coffee machine with 13 degrees of coffee grinding and the highest quality of the prepared drink. De’Longhi knows a lot about creating cool devices, squeezing the maximum benefit out of the components. The power of Dinamica ECAM 350.55 is 1450 W, which are used to power the electronics and the touch control panel, as well as to maintain the pressure in the system at a level of up to 15 bar. The model is capable of preparing latte (regular and macchiato), cappuccino and espresso.

The container for loading whole grains has a capacity of 300 grams. The milk tank fits perfectly into the design — there is even a specially designated place for it at one end. Therefore, you do not have to put it side by side and thereby spoil the appearance of the car. It is distinguished by reliability and ease of operation, and these, according to experts, are the most important indicators. But users are simply crazy about the aroma and taste of coffee.


  • 13 degrees of grinding;
  • perfect quality of drinks;
  • ease of care and maintenance;
  • nice design with dedicated space for the milk tank.

Philips HD8829 3000 Series

Rating: 4.7


Another representative of Philips with electronic control and design in the style of the previously reviewed HD8827. There are really few changes between them, since these are models of the same line. But they still exist and relate mainly to improvements in reliability and ease of operation. As for the technical characteristics, it is worth noting 1850 W of power and 1.8 liters of the internal volume of the boiler.

The grinder capacity of the HD8829 3000 Series is 250 grams. It provides 5 degrees of grinding grains. It prepares only cappuccino and espresso, but does it «with soul» and all the requirements for the quality of the drink. The dispenser is adjustable so you can fit both small and large mugs. The Brita filter is responsible for preliminary water purification. In general, judge for yourself: there is a junior model of the series, which costs much less and does everything the same, but with a smaller margin of safety. And there is this one that will last a long time, but will require you a few extra thousand rubles.


  • Ease of controls;
  • nice design;
  • easy to maintain;
  • has a built-in Brita water filter;
  • 5 coffee grind settings.


  • high noise level during operation;
  • high price.

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Krups EA8298 Latt’ Express

Rating: 4.7

Krups EA8298 Latt' Express

A stylish gadget for your kitchen that has earned good ratings from users and experts. Its power is 1450 W, the capacity of the water tank is 1.8 liters, and the coffee grinder is up to 275 grams of coffee beans. The thermoblock is responsible for heating the water, and it also ensures that the cups are heated before being removed from the coffee machine.

Almost all parameters of Krups EA8298 Latt’ Express correspond to high quality standards. Except for the noise when crushing grains and, perhaps, not very convenient control. However, all products from Krups have such a “weakness”. Some users attribute the model to inefficient energy consumption. We will not agree with them only because we have seen everything in this rating. Believe me, EA8298 is not the most wasteful device. In addition, it prepares an almost academic cappuccino, good lattes and espressos, and is also equipped with a 600 milliliter milk container.


  • the cappuccinatore works great;
  • has an automatic flushing system and informs the user about it;
  • pleasant appearance;
  • the presence of a container for milk.


  • very noisy;
  • uncomfortable management.

Melitta Caffeo Solo & Perfect Milk

Rating: 4.6


Designer piece from Melitta with a tremoblock heater and a total power of 1400 watts. It has an official rating of Roskachestvo of 3.668 points. The weakest links, according to the portal, are the cooking time, the difference in the simultaneous filling of two cups, as well as energy consumption. There are no complaints about the taste, except that the foam is whipped not strong enough.

Melitta Caffeo Solo & Perfect Milk has a small grinder with a 125 gram capacity. It provides 3 degrees of grinding. The variety in coffee types is small: either cappuccino or espresso. The third and subsequent options are not given. You can’t fault the build quality and design: everything is done superbly and reliably. Here, indeed, this coffee machine can be bought for a long service and as a kitchen decoration. It is expensive, but causes very little trouble.


  • low noise level;
  • great design;
  • good taste of espresso and cappuccino;
  • simple control;
  • easily serviced.


  • unevenly fills two mugs at once;
  • small container for coffee beans.

Saeco Lirika One Touch Cappuccino

Rating: 4.5

Saeco Lirika One Touch Cappuccino

This model is based on the use of the same control parts (in particular, the pump) as in the previous representative of the rating. Its power is 1850 W, but at the same time, the capacity of the double water tank is 2.5 liters. coffee grinder holds under 500 grams of grains and provides 5-stage grinding.

A notable feature of Saeco Lirika One Touch Cappuccino is a “menu” of 5 types of drinks: the more familiar cappuccino, espresso, americano, latte macchiato, and the less popular ristretto. Taste qualities in all cases are excellent, including due to the presence of a mountain of filters in the system. Because of this, it is quite difficult to maintain. By the way, keep in mind that there is no official guarantee for goods in Russia. If something breaks down, then you will have to fix it for your hard-earned money. And, to be honest, the cappuccino machine is the weakest point here. So after a while you may lose the cappuccino function. If this is critical for you, then we advise you to look at other models.


  • excellent quality of drinks;
  • 5 coffee grind levels;
  • the presence of fine filters and a decalcifier;
  • quality assembly;
  • brews latte macchiato, americano, espresso, cappuccino and ristretto.


  • problems with the cappuccinatore (fails very quickly).

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Philips HD8827 3000 Series

Rating: 4.5


The beautiful and functional coffee machine from Philips is equipped with control electronics and has a power of 1850 watts. It contains one large boiler with a volume of 1.8 liters and a coffee grinder for 250 grams with 5 grinding modes. Among the prepared drinks, there was a place for such a rare and not very popular lungo coffee, as well as the more familiar cappuccino and espresso.

In general, the originality of the Philips HD8827 3000 Series does not hold. It is in great demand among users, largely due to ease of management and appearance options. It makes noise, however, a lot and strongly, but these are the costs of compactness. But the lack of filters and decalcification is a little sad, because the taste of coffee directly depends on this. Do not think: the drinks here are really tasty, but they could be even better if a well-known manufacturer added a couple of important little things to the system.


  • reliable and simple control algorithm;
  • nice design;
  • ease of maintenance;
  • 5 grain grinding modes;
  • brews cappuccino, espresso and lungo.


  • no decalcifier and softening filter;
  • high noise level.

Saeco Lirika Plus

Rating: 4.4

Saeco Lirika Plus

Automatic coffee machine with electronic control and a power of 1850 watts. It has separate boilers and can prepare 2 servings of coffee at the same time. The total volume of the liquid tanks is 2.5 liters. The maximum pressure in the system is limited to a relatively safe 15 bar and is controlled by automation. The coffee grinder in Saeco Lirika Plus holds up to 500 grams of beans and supports up to 5 degrees of grinding. Thanks to the magic «Grain» button, you can adjust the intensity of the flow of water through the grind, which improves the palatability. The number of drinks offered for preparation is limited to cappuccino, latte and espresso, and the first can be made both automatically and manually. Who likes what.

The coffee dispensing unit in Lirika Plus is height-adjustable and allows you to place mugs of different sizes. It is worth noting the presence of an energy-saving mode, the function of pre-filtration of water to soften and decalcify the system to eliminate scale. All this allows you to make fantastic coffee.


  • 5 degrees of grinding;
  • capacious bifurcated water tanks;
  • high power;
  • an abundance of water quality control functions;
  • prepares cappuccino (auto/manual), latte and espresso.


  • works louder than all previous models;
  • defective valve responsible for supplying steam.

Bosch TIS 30129 RW VeroCup 100

Rating: 4.3


Bosch will be represented, perhaps, in all segments of the household appliances market. And here, coffee machines are no exception. Unlike previous models, the TIS 30129 RW VeroCup 100 is electronically controlled with automatic shutdown and several other critical functions. The power of this device is 1300 W, at which it allows you to maintain 15 bar pressure in the system.

Built-in coffee grinder has 5 modes and has a 250-gram bean container. Needless to say, this is an excellent result for a home coffee machine? It is capable of brewing espresso, cappuccino and latte macchiato by adjusting the water hardness and automatically decalcifying through fine filters. The cappuccinatore and nozzles of the machine are adjustable over a wide range and can move up to 15 centimeters. We also note the presence of protection against children, which avoids troubles in the form of burns and a complete knock-down of working settings. In terms of price and quality, the Bosch TIS 30129 RW VeroCup 100 is definitely one of the best products in its segment.


  • electronic control;
  • 5 degrees of grain grinding;
  • very capacious coffee grinder;
  • protection from children;
  • adjustment of the cappuccinatore up and down by 15 cm;
  • prepares cappuccino, espresso and latte macchiato.


  • strange operation of the cappuccinatore;
  • picky about the complete cleaning of the beverage dispensing system.

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Melitta Caffeo Solo

Rating: 4.2

Melitta Caffeo Solo

Melitta Caffeo Solo is available on the market in two color variations: with a black or white body. The first looks ordinary, and the second is not without sophistication, but is very fastidious in service. With a power of 1400 W, it pumps a pressure of 15 bar. Again, it is not equipped with a pressure gauge, because automation is responsible for everything. The volume of the water tank is 1.2 liters — that is, less than that of the previous competitor. So what is its advantage, you ask?

First, it’s about the price. Between the two models, the difference is more than 3 thousand rubles. Secondly, there is a backlit display, and not just an on indicator, as well as a water hardness regulator and automatic decalcification. All this affects the taste of coffee and allows you to get a fantastic americano or espresso. Yes, no cappuccino and latte — there are only «harsh» types of coffee! In conclusion, we note the 3-stage adjustment of the degree of grinding of grains and the container for 125 grams.


  • compactness and attractive design;
  • power saving mode;
  • water hardness regulator and a whole menu of cooking settings;
  • liquid auto-decalcification;
  • prepares americano and espresso.


  • a variation of the machine in a white case requires special care for surfaces;
  • high noise level for such a compact model.

Krups Essential EA8108

Rating: 4.1


Automatic coffee machine with mechanical control. Its power is 1450 W, while the maximum pressure when pressing ground coffee is 15 bar. There is no pressure gauge, since the system independently determines the degree of grinding pressing. The liquid reservoir is quite capacious — 1.8 liters — so you do not have to add water over and over again. The built-in grinder is designed for 275 grams of beans and supports three degrees of grinding — from coarse to fine.

Krups Essential EA8108 you can make cappuccino, latte and espresso. For many coffee drinkers, this is more than enough. Among the settings, we note the control of the strength of drinks, adjusting their temperature, as well as adjusting the portion of hot water. The body of the coffee maker is made of plastic using Compact Thermoblock technology. This is a cool solution for your home and for a small cafe, which can open up new facets of the taste of your favorite drinks.


  • Ease of use;
  • compactness;
  • drinks of high taste quality;
  • the presence of functions for controlling the cooking process;
  • prepares latte, espresso and cappuccino.


  • high noise level;
  • insufficiently powerful cappuccinatore included.

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