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Getting pleasure from the drink directly depends on the choice of glass. If you approach this issue illiterately, then even the most expensive elite wine, champagne or whiskey can lose its taste. Having tried a drink from glasses that differ in characteristics, you can immediately feel the difference. But if you choose the right volume, shape, material, color, then the result will be stunning.

How to choose glasses

If you do not yet have a set of glasses for different types of alcoholic beverages at home, then before you go to the store, check out a few tips from experts that will help you make the right purchase to better reveal their aromatic and taste properties.

  1. Champagne poured into glasses with a long stem and a narrow bowl. This shape guarantees a slow rise of bubbles, which allows you to feel the full aroma of a noble drink.
  2. For banquet serving of sparkling wine and building a pyramid, squat glasses with an extended bowl and a wide neck are used.
  3. For white wine special glasses are provided. They have a long stem to prevent hands from touching the bowl and thereby avoid heating the contents.
  4. Red wine it will open better in a glass with a bowl extended at the bottom and a narrower neck.
  5. For strong drinks like vodka or tequila, choose elongated narrow-shaped glasses with a capacity of 50 ml.
  6. Whiskey served in glasses with a thick and wide bottom or tulip-shaped glasses with curved edges. It is they who make it possible to fully enjoy this drink.
  7. Refined taste of cognac can be felt by pouring it into glasses with a short stem, an extended bowl and a narrower neck.
  8. The number of glasses depends on how many guests come to you at the same time. You can buy sets of 6 or 12 pieces, or you can purchase the exact number from the piece copies on sale.
  9. The price depends on the type of material and brand name. Sometimes even a budget option of glasses can create all the necessary conditions for tasting your favorite drinks.

Many have noticed that in restaurants, even for different types of wine, they use certain dishes. At home, it is very difficult to figure out which drinks and which containers to pour. In our ranking, we present the 12 best manufacturers of wine, champagne and whiskey glasses, which were unconditionally voted by both experts and buyers.

The best wine glass manufacturers




The best wine glass manufacturers one Chef & Sommelier 4.9
2 Stolzle 4.8
3 libbey 4.8
four Tognana 4.7
The best champagne glass manufacturers one bohemia 4.9
2 Villeroy & Boch 4.8
3 Pasabahce 4.7
four RONA 4.6
The best whiskey glass manufacturers one Spiegelau 4.9
2 Riedel 4.8
3 ProHotel 4.7
four Union Victors 4.7

Chef & Sommelier

Rating: 4.9


The first place in the ranking is deservedly occupied by a French manufacturer whose history began in 1825. It produces elegant tableware for home and professional use. All of it strictly meets quality standards and safety and hygiene requirements, is developed taking into account fashion trends and never ceases to amaze sophisticated customers around the world.

A variety of shapes and sizes allows you to choose glasses for any type of wine. The collections include volumes of 250, 280, 320, 350, 430, 450, 470, 550, 730 ml with a standard or corner bowl. Transparent Kwarx glass makes it possible to enjoy not only the taste and aroma, but also the play of colors of an aristocratic drink. The patented material is characterized by increased purity and brilliance.

The glasses withstand impacts when dropped from a height of 20 cm, do not break or crack, which is confirmed by numerous tests. They retain their qualities even with regular cleaning in the dishwasher. The large area of ​​the bowls contributes to the saturation with oxygen and the full disclosure of the wine bouquet.


  • elite designs;
  • innovative material;
  • high strength;
  • variety of models;
  • improve the quality of the wine.


  • not detected.

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Rating: 4.8


The German company is in second place in the ranking among the best manufacturers of wine glasses. She began her production with manual production, gradually automating the process, but without compromising the unique look and quality of dishes. Glasses are made of glass without the addition of lead, they have perfect transparency, purity, and increased strength. They can be washed in dishwashers.

Wine glasses have a special shape that emphasizes the taste and enhances the aroma of the drink. This is a long leg and a bowl extended at the base. The thickened bottom allows the drink to stay cool for a long time. The manufacturer combines classics and new fashion trends in its products, so its dishes are in demand among ordinary customers and owners of restaurants and cafes.

The volumes of containers are different. There are also small (192 ml) for white wine and capacious 735 ml for red. Stolzle products are not overpriced. The cost of one glass starts from 200 rubles, a set of six items — from 1000 rubles.


  • brand with history and experience;
  • modern classic;
  • crystal transparency;
  • special shape to improve taste;
  • affordable prices.


  • not detected.


Rating: 4.8


200 years have passed since the founding of the company, which took third place in the ranking. Currently, Libbey is one of the top five glassware manufacturers in the world. Its popularity is explained by the use of high technology and creative design solutions, thanks to which each new collection becomes a hit among all users: both professional restaurateurs and ordinary buyers.

The main difference between wine glasses of this brand is a unique method of processing the edge of the bowl. The technology based on thermal action forms a strong ring that seals their edges, creating resistance to all temperatures and mechanical stress. Even with a long period of use and constant cleaning in the dishwasher, edge scree — the main drawback of similar glass products — is excluded.

Well-designed forms allow you to enjoy a variety of white and red wines. Experts confirm all of the above properties and advise you to pay attention to the brand’s products.


  • ancient traditions + innovative technologies;
  • a wide range of products;
  • «safety ring» on the edges of the bowls;
  • maximum impact resistance;
  • for domestic and professional use.


  • not detected.


Rating: 4.7


The fourth place in the ranking belongs to the oldest Italian company, which was founded in 1775. The Tognana family business started out as a brickmaker and has refocused over time to become one of the world’s leading porcelain and crystal tableware brands. The brand constantly introduces innovative technologies, uses non-trivial design solutions, conducts strict control of raw materials and finished products.

The main difference of the brand is its exclusive series of glasses. For wine, various options for forms, and most importantly — shades are offered. Dishes are suitable for special occasions: banquets, holidays. It is made of thick-walled glass that imitates crystal. The best masters of Italy are working on the development of design.

The choice includes not only transparent glasses, but also purple-red, olive, purple, green with a smooth or embossed surface. Thanks to the factories located in China, serving items are distinguished by quite affordable prices.


  • «holiday» design;
  • a large selection of colors;
  • convenient forms;
  • thick durable glass;
  • acceptable cost.


  • not detected.

The best champagne glass manufacturers


Rating: 4.9


The undoubted leader in the ranking of champagne glasses is Bohemia. The Czech company is known to all connoisseurs of exclusive goods. They are made from crystal and glass. The first material, although heavy, looks elegant and sophisticated. The main difference between such glasses is a characteristic melodic sound that immediately distinguishes the products of this brand from others. Blown glass has been produced for over 9 centuries. Ancient methods are successfully combined with new advanced technologies.

Original design solutions allow you to choose glasses for champagne, as well as for other drinks in a single concept. Many of them are decorated with gold or platinum patterns. The colors are varied: from crystal clear to rich blue, red, green shades.

All products of the company are labeled with a company logo, which is a protection against counterfeiting. Despite prices that are not affordable for all customers, the products are recognized as the standard of grace and do not lose their popularity, being not only a pleasant purchase for their own use, but also an expensive gift that will delight loved ones.


  • unique materials;
  • original designs;
  • enhancement of taste and aromatic properties;
  • a wide range of;
  • single collections of glasses and dishes.

Villeroy & Boch

Rating: 4.8


Another oldest company from Europe is included in our rating. This is a large German manufacturer, whose factories are located in 14 countries, and products are presented in more than 120 countries around the world. Preserving traditions and using the accumulated experience, the family business has developed to a gigantic scale. Today, the brand’s dishes can be found in premium restaurants, at presentations, fashion shows. Many buyers do not forget to please themselves by purchasing original products from Villeroy & Boch.

The brand uses both crystal and high-strength glass. Through the transparent walls it is interesting to observe the movements of the bubbles rising to the neck. Multi-colored glasses made of faceted crystal will add zest to the design of the table, illuminating the room with an indescribable play of light and creating an even more festive atmosphere at a wedding, anniversary and any other solemn event.

Thanks to a special technology, glass products retain their brilliance, purity and transparency for many years of use, while crystal products retain their rich color and magnificent appearance.


  • first class materials;
  • for everyday and holiday use;
  • a wide palette of colors;
  • perfect shapes for champagne.


  • Prices are not available for everyone.

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Rating: 4.7


Pasabahce is a well-known manufacturer of tableware from Turkey, which is distinguished by high quality and low cost (due to the location of production facilities in Russia), due to which it is widely used not only in everyday life, but also in the restaurant business. The glasses are made of strong soda-lime-silicate glass, which is resistant to mechanical shocks and is not afraid of daily cleaning in dishwashers, does not lose its luster and cleanliness. The thickened bottom and edges give additional durability.

The model range is quite wide. It contains both classic transparent glasses with a smooth surface, and original ones with a corrugated bowl and a carved stem. Champagne molds are ideal for the right culture of sparkling wine consumption. Bubbles gradually rise to the neck, giving the aroma and taste to the drink.

Many users noted that, despite the low prices, the products look elegant. If, nevertheless, the glass is broken, then it can always be replaced with similar ones, which are sold individually.


  • durable, high-quality glass;
  • a large selection of models;
  • cleaning in the dishwasher;
  • for daily use;
  • budget prices.


  • not detected.


Rating: 4.6


Another brand from our rating specializes in the production of dishes not only for domestic use, but also for restaurants and hotels. For almost a hundred years, he has accumulated experience, creating original products that have been appreciated by buyers in many countries of Europe and America. RONA has a wide range of decorative techniques, so glasses appear on sale that meet the aesthetic taste of the consumer and restaurant quality requirements.

Well-known experts and sommeliers participate in the development of designs. Each line is suitable for a specific drink and is created according to the rules of consumption. Champagne glasses have a great shine that does not fade even after a long time of use.

Wine glasses can be purchased in a classic elongated shape, with a wide semicircular bowl or in the form of a saucer to create pyramids on the wedding table or during other festive events. Reviews confirm that brand products from Slovenia are worthy of the attention of buyers.


  • for daily use in restaurants;
  • do not lose luster and transparency;
  • special strength of glass;
  • there are crystal rulers;
  • cleaning in dishwashers.


  • not detected.

The best whiskey glass manufacturers

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Rating: 4.9


The German brand is proud of its history, which goes back almost five centuries. You can read about his glassblowers and their unique products in the surviving records of that time. Today, Spiegelau deserves to be called one of the best manufacturers of premium restaurant tableware and gift sets. The popularity is due to a special blowing method and the use of a material that does not contain lead, so it does not affect the taste properties of drinks at all.

Crystal glass has the strength of crystal, it can be washed by hand and in the dishwasher, but its weight is much less, so the glasses are more comfortable to use. The manufacturer guarantees that the products will retain their shine, will not turn yellow or fade. According to studies, they can withstand up to 1500 washing cycles.

Whiskey glasses are presented in several modifications, but all of them are created taking into account the rules for drinking a strong drink and ideally combine shape, volume, height and diameter. The manufacturer is popular among ordinary buyers, and is also a supplier of luxury glass items to restaurants, bars and hotels.


  • crystal glass without lead impurity;
  • guaranteed strength and durability;
  • various designs;
  • enhancing the taste and aroma of whiskey;
  • for home and public institutions.


Rating: 4.8


Experts did not bypass the attention of the Austrian manufacturer, so Riedel takes pride of place in our ranking. The family business has been famous for its magnificent glass products for three centuries. Experience and craftsmanship, passed down from generation to generation, combined with innovative developments, and as a result, we got glasses in which world-famous sommeliers recommend serving wine and other alcoholic beverages.

The collections feature several designs, different in shape, to reveal the taste of complex and single malt whiskeys: tulip-shaped 100 ml, with straight walls and a thickened bottom 200 ml, small shots accommodating one sip of the drink 40 ml, tall ones with a narrowed neck 150 ml . All glasses contribute to the disclosure of bouquets, emphasize the softness and silkiness of an elite drink.

Crystal glass, which is most often used by the company, is highly durable, crystal clear, does not contain impurities that can affect the taste of whiskey. For connoisseurs of quality goods, the high cost of the brand’s products did not become an obstacle.


  • premium products;
  • unique brand developments;
  • molds for different types of whiskey;
  • high strength material;
  • long period of use.


  • prices for high-income buyers.


Rating: 4.7


The brand from China, included in the rating, supplies cafes, bars, hotels with high-quality inexpensive tableware for serving and accessories for drinks, which ordinary users could also appreciate. The production is equipped with modern equipment, quality is controlled at all stages, ensuring that buyers get exactly what they expected at the end.

These are strength, impact resistance, transparency, purity, long service life, preservation of properties even with intensive use and daily washing in a typewriter. Whiskey glasses are made of thick heat-resistant glass, which is not afraid of temperature changes, as well as the influence of high or low. It does not fade, does not turn yellow. There is both a transparent surface and a colored one.

According to the reviews, the dishes are really high quality. The reinforced rim on the throat makes it durable and prevents chips and scree. Glasses emphasize the taste of whiskey without affecting it or interrupting the aroma. They are handy and comfortable to hold.


  • professional barware;
  • durable heat-resistant material;
  • thickened edges;
  • enhance taste properties;
  • affordable prices.


  • small range.

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Union Victors

Rating: 4.7


The manufacturer completes the rating, which surprises even the most demanding users with original designs of its dishes and model names. These are «Veil», «Signs», «Sunset», «Tornado», «Palm Tree», «Sea», «Spiral». A wide palette of colors allows you to choose the right option for any serving and interior: transparent, green-blue, amber, gray, blue, turquoise, purple, white-orange.

With Union Victors glasses, you can not only fully enjoy the taste of single malt or polysyllabic whiskeys, but also get aesthetic pleasure from the complex pattern and the play of light on a multifaceted surface. Crystal glass does not contain lead, but has the strength of crystal. Despite the apparent massiveness, the glasses are light and comfortable.

Buyers appreciated the goods of this brand. They were especially liked by people who like to experiment, for their non-classical and unusual appearance. The cost of glasses, which can be safely attributed to works of modern art, although high, is fully justified by the quality of workmanship and reliability.


  • interesting variety of designs;
  • material — crystal glass;
  • lead free;
  • brighter reveal the bouquet of whiskey;
  • preservation of the original appearance for the entire service life.


  • not detected.

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