The manufacturer offers budget multicookers that are practically in no way inferior to expensive counterparts.

The appliances include unique and standard features in the form of keep warm, delayed start, 3D heating.

This article provides an overview of the best Moulinex multicookers, discussing their advantages and disadvantages in detail.

How to choose and what to look for when buying?

  1. Pay attention to the capacity of the bowl. The larger it is, the more food is cooked. You can also use this advice: for a family of 2-3 people, 3-4 liters is enough, for a large number of household members – from 4 to 6 liters.
  2. On body material. It is made of plastic, metal, or a combination of both. Plastic leaves an unpleasant smell inside the device, it can spoil the taste of cooked food. The best option is a metal case.
  3. On power. The parameter affects the speed of heating the bowl, cooking time. It is better to buy a multicooker with a power of 0.7 to 1.5 kW.
  4. Decide on the type of control. There are devices with electronic, touch and remote control systems. The latter type involves changing parameters from a tablet or smartphone. Models with a touch and electronic panel are popular.
  5. With the number of programs. There are useful and useless programs. Some modes are repeated, have the same operating parameters. Therefore, before buying, it is important to pay attention to this parameter.


Rating TOP-7 best models

The best Moulinex multicookers

Moulinex MK 706A32

Compact and stylish multicooker with smart cooking. Refers to one

line of rice cookers.

Made in a pleasant beige color, it easily adapts to any kitchen interior.

Equipped with an intelligent control system “Fuzzy logic” for high-quality cooking of rice and other cereals.

The technology allows you to save the grain-to-grain texture, as many useful substances as possible.

So that the user can experience the perfect result at every stage of cooking, the system collects and analyzes the indicators, then selects the optimal program.

The model includes 10 useful programs, a removable five-layer bowl with a ceramic coating.

Products do not burn, are amenable to uniform heat treatment.


  • power – 0.75 kW;
  • volume – 5 l;
  • body material – plastic;
  • control type – electronic;
  • Max. timer operation – 24 hours;
  • Includes steam basket, spoon, measuring cup, recipe book.


  • delayed start and heat support function;
  • removable, easy-to-use and clean cover;
  • bottom with rhombic corrugation;
  • menu in Russian;
  • clear display with simple adjustment of parameters;
  • excellent result of ready-made cereals.


  • no compartment for draining condensate.

Moulinex MK 708832

Compact and stylish rice cooker with intelligent cooking system 2Fuzzy logic.

The unique automatic technology collects and analyzes data, selects the optimal program for processing specific products.

The model includes 25 programs, a three-stage Multicook mode with storing the last entered information.

The owner can create a personal recipe by setting an individual temperature and cooking time.

There is a multilayer bowl with a non-stick coating, a relief bottom for increased heat transfer.

So the products are better filled with heat, retain useful properties.


  • power – 0.75 kW;
  • volume – 5 l;
  • body material – plastic;
  • control type – electronic;
  • functions – automatic heat support up to 24 hours;
  • Steam basket included
  • dimensions – 32x31x42 cm;
  • weight – 6.4 kg.


  • program “My recipe”, three-stage Multicook;
  • removable, easy-to-clean lid;
  • off button;
  • book with 40 original recipes;
  • artificial intelligence;
  • fast cooking.


  • there are no handles on the bowl;
  • confusing menu.

Moulinex MK 707832

Compact and beautiful multicooker is made in black and white case. Endowed 3

intellectual control system “Fuzzy logic”.

She is able to independently choose the optimal program for cooking the desired products.

The model includes 15 programs with different operating parameters. The user is required to load the ingredients, select the mode, press the start button.

Thanks to the multi-layer ceramic bowl with a relief bottom, the cooking process is simplified and shortened.

At the end of the work, the removable internal parts and even the lid can be washed under running water in the dishwasher.


  • power – 0.75 kW;
  • volume – 5 l;
  • body material – plastic;
  • control type – electronic;
  • Max. timer operation – 24 hours;
  • Includes steam basket, rice spoon, measuring cup, recipe book
  • dimensions – 30.6x26x39.8 cm;
  • weight – 3.72 kg.


  • convenient buttons;
  • easy-to-manage menu;
  • durable ceramic bowl;
  • removable inner cover;
  • alarm notification at the end of work;
  • good equipment.

The best pressure cookers Moulinex

Moulinex CE 500E32

Powerful and stylish multicooker with built-in pressure cooker function. Has a thick wall four

four-layer removable bowl with ceramic coating, 2 sensors for precise temperature and time adjustment.

It is endowed with 21 programs, thanks to which you can cook food with and without pressure.

Especially when processing meat products, the multicooker shows impeccable results..

The meat is juicy, tender, tasty, healthy. The manufacturer also took care of the comfortable switching of the pressure cooker mode back to the multicooker.

It is enough to turn the safety valve to release steam.


  • power – 1 kW;
  • volume – 5 l;
  • body material – metal;
  • control type – electronic;
  • Max. heat support and delayed start – 24 hours;
  • Includes book with 60 recipes, stand and steam basket, measuring cup, spatula.


  • led indicator;
  • simple and safe switching of operating modes;
  • function “Own recipe”;
  • overpressure protection system;
  • removable parts are dishwasher safe;
  • fast and high-quality cooking;
  • temperature adjustment.


  • long preparation for work;
  • no off button
  • The seal absorbs odors strongly.

Moulinex CE 501132

Stylish and smart multicooker with built-in pressure cooker function. Differs from 7

previous model with an improved design.

The body is made in beige and light brown, so the design will perfectly adapt to any kitchen interior.

Now you do not need to turn the valve to release steam after cooking under pressure.

It is enough to press a special button on the side of the case. The steam will come down and the pressure cooker will switch to multicooker mode.

Additionally, the manufacturer has endowed the model with a non-heating lid for safe opening during cooking..

There are 21 programs plus the unique My Recipe mode.


  • power – 1 kW;
  • volume – 5 l;
  • body material – plastic;
  • control type – electronic;
  • stand and steam basket, clamp, measuring cup, spatula, recipe book included;
  • dimensions – 30.8×33.6×31.7 cm;
  • weight – 5.07 kg.


  • the ability to adjust the temperature;
  • LED indicator on the panel;
  • cooking under pressure and without;
  • four-layer ceramic bowl;
  • removable lego parts are dishwasher safe;
  • safe use system;
  • steam button.


  • instruction;
  • modest set.

Moulinex CE620D32

Attractive multicooker with built-in pressure cooker function. The user can 3

shorten your stay in the kitchen, get soft and juicy dishes even from the toughest ingredients.

The manufacturer endowed the device with a high-quality security system: a fully sealed lid has a nine-stage protection, which eliminates the risk of injury to the owner.

There are 22 programs with manual adjustment of operating parameters, a thick-walled multi-layer bowl with a ceramic coating.


  • power – 1 kW;
  • volume – 5 l;
  • body material – metal and plastic;
  • control type – electronic;
  • Recipe book, stand and steam basket, measuring cup, spatula included.


  • unique security system;
  • bright and clear LCD display;
  • many useful programs with manual adjustment;
  • delayed start function, timer, heat support;
  • easy-to-clean removable parts;
  • manual pressure relief valve.


  • long preparation for work in pressure cooker mode;
  • inconvenient cleaning of the space between the wall and the bowl.

Moulinex CE 503132

High performance multicooker with pressure cooker function. You can cook food under 5

pressure and without, get healthy and tasty products.

The manufacturer endowed the design with two sensors to control the temperature while cooking in pressure cooker mode.

To return to the multicooker system, just press the steam release button. Removable inner cover eliminates the accumulation of odors inside the system, easy to clean.

The model has 33 programs with adjustment of operating parameters.

Manual mode helps to create a unique recipe with individual temperature and time.


  • power – 1 kW;
  • volume – 5 l;
  • body material – plastic;
  • control type – electronic;
  • stand and steam basket, clamp, measuring cup, spatula, recipe book included;
  • dimensions – 32.9x32x41.8 cm;
  • weight – 5.7 kg.


  • durable four-layer bowl with ceramic coating;
  • LED indicator on the panel;
  • effective security system;
  • overpressure protection;
  • temperature control;
  • function My recipe;
  • simple operation.


  • uncomfortable stand for steaming;
  • there is no pre-deactivation of the heating function.