Few devices can handle as many tasks as a regular blender can. the compact device is a real lifesaver for the cook. Grind, mix, beat — this is far from a complete list of its possibilities.

At first glance, similar units seem identical. But in practice they are distinguished by power, number of functions and other parameters.

In order to choose and buy the right model, first you should decide which company the device is best suited for the expected load. And the rating of the best manufacturers will help in this.


Bosch blenders

Robert Bosch, the company’s founder, considered the high quality of products to be the key to success. Also, one of his principles was a respectful and caring attitude towards the company’s employees and partners. Therefore, the brand has earned the trust of customers — the reliability of the products remains unbroken today.

The company began to produce household appliances that work from the power grid in 1933. The first of them was a refrigerating chamber in the shape of a drum. Refrigerators of the brand are the most popular among Ukrainian buyers in the 21st century. Among small home and kitchen appliances, BOSCH blenders should be mentioned.

Features of the manufacturer’s deep-seated models on the example of MSM67166:

  1. The main nozzle is made of stainless steel, so it will last a long time — professional equipment components are made of this material.
  2. The shredder works in three modes. So you can get a product of small, medium or large cuts. Buttons signed in the style of clothing sizes – S, M, L – are responsible for switching to the desired mode.
  3. The power of the model also corresponds to the parameters of appliances for professional chefs. 750 watts is enough to make ice and solid products.
  4. The ergonomic holder is covered with a special soft material, so it is comfortable to use. Operation is simplified by large round control buttons.


  • no overheating protection.

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Blenders Braun

The German company started developing small appliances for the kitchen in the 50s of the last century. At first, the brand specialized in radios, and since 1941, electric shavers have become a priority. Epilators and other electrical appliances for personal use are valued by buyers for the latest technologies and ergonomic design.

Functionality and a presentable appearance distinguish kitchen appliances — BRAUN. Among their advantages:

  1. The blades in the MQ9037X move not only horizontally, but also vertically. Therefore, to obtain a result, it is necessary to apply almost half less effort than when working with a nozzle that functions exclusively horizontally.
  2. Powerful and reliable devices are presented in various price segments. Yes, the MQ 535 Sauce comes complete with the necessary modes and nozzles, and its cost is affordable.
  3. Some models (for example, MQ9045X) are equipped with speed control technology. The point is that the intensity of the devices depends on the effort applied to press the button.
  4. The manufacturer also produces stationary units with turbo mode — JB 3060 Tribute, for example.


  • for grinding products with the help of models in which the speed depends on pressing, you will have to make a little more effort.


Blenders Electrolux

When creating a product, the company focuses on its ease of use. The vacuum cleaner should be lighter so that even a child can handle it. The refrigerator and stove are more compact to take up less space. Small appliances for the kitchen should combine compactness and light weight with functionality. Appliances like ELECTROLUX blenders are designed to be fun to use, not tiring.

Advantages of brand devices:

  1. A large part of the assortment is represented by stationary devices. But there are submersible models, for example ESTM3300, which are characterized by ease of use and completeness with the necessary set of nozzles.
  2. The pulse mode makes it easier to grind hard and viscous products — garlic, lard, nuts. ESB5700BK has this function.
  3. The program of the same name, which is available in the ESB5400BK, will help quickly and finely crush ice for a summer cocktail.
  4. Each device has a sophisticated style. Smooth lines and a harmonious combination of colors make the devices a decoration of the room and pleasant to use.

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Blenders Gorenje

The Slovenian brand is distinguished by a recognizable design of equipment. The design department of the company works tirelessly on the appearance of household appliances that frame the High-tech «Filling», offering new product lines every year. Starting with the MANUFACTURING of stoves — gas and electric, which are enjoying constant success even at the beginning of the 21st century, the company gradually expanded the list of manufactured products. Large and built-in, air-conditioned and small appliances for the home are available to Ukrainian buyers.

Advantages of GORENJE blenders:

  1. Modern design and attention to detail make even simple devices stylish and attractive (HBX601QB, for example).
  2. Concern for the comfortable operation of devices led to the creation of models on the ZRAZOKHBX884QE. It is more convenient to store nozzles on a special stand than in a locker or box. And it looks more aesthetic.
  3. The manufacturer designed smoothie machines especially for fans of ZSZ. The BSM600PR looks bright and cheerful, and the mixing container doubles as a bottle. You can take a fresh drink with you to the gym by closing it with a special lid with a hole.

The table will help to compare the models:


  Blenders KENWOOD

The company first became famous for the invention of the food processor. The device performed the task, there was already a mixer with the possibility of connecting other attachments — a meat grinder and a juicer for citrus fruits. The device was immediately appreciated by housewives, and the design became a classic of multifunctional equipment.

Engineering developments and design improvements made it possible to create quality KENWOOD, which can boast not only restraint and strict style.

  1. The advantages of the brand’s equipment using the example of the HDM708WH:
  2. The main nozzle has three blades, which makes it easier to cut and mix products.
  3. Aluminum, from which the «leg» is made, will last a long time and perform the task effectively.
  4. The one-liter bowl of the chopper will hold the necessary products for preparing the required amount of food.
  5. For whipping and slicing, the set includes a whisk and a grater.

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«Moulinex liberates a woman» — with this slogan, the company began to conquer the market of small kitchen appliances in the middle of the last century. In the 21st century, the «rules of the game» have changed somewhat, and more and more men are doing this at home. Therefore, modern devices of the French brand are aimed at users of both sexes — they are powerful, stylish and durable.

MOULINEX blenders have the following features:

  1. Those who are looking for a device in addition to a mixer and vegetable slicer should take a closer look at simple models without additional nozzles and functions at a reasonable price (for example, DD100141).
  2. Powerful devices with two dozen speeds and a metal leg, like the DD643132, will be useful to buyers who often cook.
  3. The company also produces stationary models with glass bowls with a convenient handle.
  4. Devices are produced in fashionable color combinations — gray-white, silver-black, white-red.


  Philips blenders

The main areas of production of the company are lighting, health care and consumer electronics. Creating products for «ordinary mortals», the brand focuses on the everyday needs and needs of customers. Therefore, the trademark technique leaves a feeling of a personal appeal of the developers to each specific user. It is the care for customers, which is manifested in the development of intuitive controls and well-thought-out functionality, that helped the company earn the trust of Ukrainian buyers.

PHILIPS blenders and their merits:

  1. The technology of the devices emphasizes the elegant design. Yes, there is nothing superfluous in HR1602 00: simple, clean lines, narrowed handle shape, classic white color.
  2. For those who prefer stationary models, the NACHEBTOHR3556/00 devices are designed. The stable, durable model is made of stainless steel, and the power of 700 Watts is the envy of a standard hand-held device.
  3. A large family will benefit from HR1679/90. The device was equipped with all kinds of attachments for whipping, mixing, grinding and even dicing. The two-liter bowl will fit the right amount of products, and the titanium-coated knives will last longer than their stainless steel «colleagues».
  4. It is easy to remove nozzles with the help of two special buttons on recessed models.

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Blenders REDMOND

The brand, known for Multivarka, also produces other types of small appliances for the home and kitchen. REDMOND blenders are among the most popular among consumers.

Features of brand devices using the RHB-M2900 as an example:

  1. High-tech design makes appliances desirable in the kitchen of the 21st century. Strict lines, metallic-black range of components, translucent plastic create a complete, stylish appearance.
  2. A stationary device, despite the fact that the body seems to be reaching up, stands firmly on the surface.
  3. Various nozzles allow you to grind all types of products.
  4. The containers have special lids, so you can take a fresh smoothie or other cocktail with you.
  5. The device is equipped with overheating protection technology, so you don’t have to worry about the safety and durability of the motor.


  Rotex blenders

Ukrainians had time to get closely acquainted with the company’s products over the thirteen years of its existence. Kettles, slow cookers, juicers, meat grinders are respected by buyers for their reliability and affordable price.

Features of ROTEX:

  1. The model range includes simple devices with one main nozzle and units with a complete set for chopping, rubbing, kneading, whipping, as well as performing other functions (for example,).
  2. The compact and inexpensive RTB3505-W will appeal to fans of stationary models who prefer not to overpay for a brand name.
  3. The design is dominated by soft, smooth lines and classic color combinations — a combination of white and gray, black and silver.
  4. Knives are made of stainless steel, so they will serve the owner for a long time.

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Russell Hobbs is not only durability and reliability. The form is no less important than the content. Performance, design, color create a mood during cooking and make life brighter.

In addition to an impeccable appearance, RUSSELL HOBBS also has other advantages:

  1. Containers of stationary models can be used as containers for storing ready-made food. It is enough to remove the non-slip base, as in 21510-56 Aura, and cover it with a bowl instead of a lid.
  2. Multifunctional devices (for example, 23180-56 NUTRI BOOST) are able to grind even coffee beans and nuts. And the set comes with five containers of different sizes, so that every member of the family — both an adult and a child — can take a healthy smoothie or vegetable soup with them to school and work.
  3. Powerful models on KSHTALT21501-56 Aura for those who buy the device only for its direct work — grinding. Blades and legs are made of durable stainless steel.


  Blenders SATURN

The company has been producing household appliances and electronics for more than 20 years. The assortment includes climate and refrigeration equipment, health and self-care products, large household appliances. Worthy of attention are small appliances for kitchen needs — air grills, electric ovens, waffle makers, coffee grinders.

SATURN is among the popular devices. Features:

  1. The availability of Ukrainian units is one of the most important advantages. Meeting international quality standards, they cost less than devices from England and France (for example, ST-FP0050).
  2. The company produces submersible and stationary devices, so everyone will choose the equipment to their taste.
  3. 1000W devices like the ST-FP 9090 are great for solid products. In addition, the set includes nozzles for whipping, crushing, as well as a grater.

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Blenders SENCOR

The brand exports goods to European countries, including Ukraine. The main direction of production is small household and kitchen appliances. The company’s vacuum cleaners, electric kettles, and mixers have a fashionable design and are presented in different price categories.

SENCOR blenders have the following features:

  1. Bright colors and rich shades of the models on SAMPLE SHB4368RS create a mood and turn the cooking process into a pleasure.
  2. Smoothie machines (for example, SNB6600BK) are suitable for creating purees, cream soups and even baby food. And the containers can easily be turned into bottles with the help of special lids that come in the set.
  3. Available models, such as SHB4352, have a minimum of necessary functions and will be an addition to the standard set of kitchen assistants.
  4. Submersible devices with additional nozzles will replace several devices at once. And the SHB4360, in addition, is equipped with a special motor with a reduced noise level.

Manufacturers constantly compete, modernizing the design and capabilities of devices. At the same time, cost and reliability remain one of the most important indicators for the buyer. Therefore, before buying, first of all, you need to decide what you need the unit for — will they only grind food or will it perform the functions of a food processor. Power also affects the cost, so the more often the device is planned to be used, the more powerful it should be.



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