To make breakfast 100% successful, you don’t need much — a cup of fragrant coffee and something edible. A well-prepared energy drink is the key to a good mood and a productive day. DeLonghi coffee makers will help speed up and significantly simplify the process of its preparation.

DeLonghi coffee makers

Since its creation in the 19th century, coffee makers from primitive equipment have turned into real home «baristas» who prepare a drink for every taste. We offer connoisseurs to familiarize themselves with the TOP-10 best DeLonghi coffee makers. In fact, all models of this proven Italian manufacturer are unique and have many useful functions. Which of them got into the TOP?

A similar unit is equipment of the «Lux» class. The device occupied this niche thanks to a special filter holder, as well as the ability to prepare 2 servings of an invigorating drink at 1 time.

Coffee maker DeLonghi ECP 33.21

The «pluses» of the unit include:

  • possibility to brew cappuccino, espresso;
  • there is a supply of high-temperature water, which can be used for tea;
  • simplicity in service;
  • equipment as a place for heating cups.

There are few «minuses» in the device, but there is still a «tar spoon» — you have to create a coffee «pill» and manipulate the cone yourself, and you will also need to clean it manually. There is a downside to this — you can personally control these processes and not depend on the unit’s settings.

With such a device, you can experiment with espresso-based drinks every day. So that the delicious cocktail does not cool down for a long time and has a presentable appearance when served to guests, use special cappuccino glasses.

An addition to the aromatic drink brewed in the coffee maker of this model is ice cream that you can actually make yourself.

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By setting up the unit in the right way, you can brew your favorite potion for any taste «passions» (bitter, sweet). In the rating of DeLonghi coffee machines, the ECI 341 BZ model is the leader in terms of simplicity of setting and adjusting parameters.

DeLonghi ECI 341 BZ coffee maker with accessories

5 advantages of the device:

  1. allows you to brew a drink with lush, snow-white foam;
  2. automatic deactivation at the end of the cycle;
  3. equipment with two Crem filters;
  4. quite powerful device (1050 W).

Minor, but still shortcomings include:

  • The water container does not have a viewing window in the center. To see the remaining liquid, you need to look from the side or remove the tank from the device.
  • Not very convenient drip tray. Due to the small number of holes on it, drops from the cups often remain on the tray, which do not drain and form separations.

One of the main parameters that buyers look for when choosing a coffee maker from the well-known DeLonghi brand is the design of the unit. In this model, the decor is impressive: the body is in «bronze» color, smooth lines and compact dimensions. The device is ideal for the kitchen, especially if it is supplemented with a waffle maker, a toaster, a coffee grinder in the same style.

The unit will definitely appeal to all lovers of non-trivially decorated equipment. The external part of the unit is decorated in black/white shades and supplemented with shiny components.

DeLonghi ECZ 351 W coffee maker with Economy function

Features of the device:

  • elementary control and «lighting» buttons;
  • convenient heating of beverage containers;
  • energy saving (turns off by itself after 20 minutes of rest).

Coffee beans (after grinding) or special «tablets» are used without problems in the device. Users note simple control of the device and quick start. The main plus — as a result, you get delicious coffee with an indescribable aroma.

«Cons» of the unit:

  • rather loud model;
  • there is no setting of the portion volume;
  • not designed for tall cups;
  • over time, the markings on the buttons are erased.

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This unit is preferred by lovers of drinks with huge milk foam. The device will brew an exquisite coffee cocktail in a matter of seconds.

DeLonghi EC 9.1 coffee maker with safety valve

In addition, the device is equipped with a number of useful options:

  • Shutdown in automatic mode. If the unit is not used for 9 minutes, it will go into «sleep» mode, allowing owners not to spend extra money on paying for electricity.
  • Adjustment of steam and strength of the drink. the device has a built-in Vario system, thanks to which you can prepare espresso or standard coffee. The capacity of the liquid tank is enough for 4 cups of coffee.
  • The protective mechanism is a valve. Protects against unplanned opening of the unit. Thanks to such equipment and first-class parts, the device will last for many years without breakdowns and deformations.

Special glasses keep the heat of a freshly prepared drink well.

Among the defects of the device, only one was found — a non-removable boiler, that is, if there is water left in the device, it must be completely turned over to remove the remains.

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The device is designed with true Italian «chic»: sky-colored body, smooth lines, metal elements. The device has a reliable boiler made of anti-corrosion steel. The water container is transparent, equipped with a sensor for monitoring the liquid level.

DeLonghi ECOV 311 AZ coffee maker in retro style

Advantages of the unit:

  • quick preparation of milk and coffee cocktails;
  • equipping a platform for heating cups;
  • automatic shutdown option;
  • regulation of water and steam temperature indicators.

The device uses a choice of: coffee beans, after grinding, or chalda. In 1 cycle, you can prepare 2 cups of hot drink.

The weak point of the model is the pump. According to user reviews, there is a possibility of its failure after 6-12 months.

The «cons» also include:

  • rather high cost;
  • rather loud work.

ECOV 311 AZ is one of the best DeLonghi coffee makers for those who like to adjust the fortress of drinks to their taste.

The feature of the device is the minimum width, which is only 150 mm — the best option for a kitchen with a limited area or amount of equipment. Management is carried out using additionally illuminated buttons.

Narrow coffee maker DeLonghi EC 680 R

«Pros» of the device:

  • arrangement of a platform for heating cups;
  • a set of 3 filters (1-2 portions, chaldi);
  • reliable fixation of filters thanks to latches.

In the device, you can adjust the temperature indicators of the drink, water hardness, max volume of 1 cup, interval of economical shutdown. On a special panel, you can heat the dishes before making espresso.

Disadvantages of the device:

  • water flows quickly, constant monitoring of its level is required;
  • the case gets dirty quickly.

With the DeLonghi EC 680 R, you can quickly and easily brew fresh coffee for breakfast, and if you add it with crispy bread from a sandwich shop, a hearty snack is ready in a few seconds.

The unit is equipped with 2 cream filters with a double bottom. In such a device, you can prepare a coffee drink in pods or grains (ground). With the help of the device, a fragrant, rich cappuccino with whipped, dense foam is brewed.

Coffee maker DeLonghi ECI 341 W

«Pros» of the equipment:

  • there are unit activation sensors;
  • adjustable steam power;
  • in the upper part of the unit there is heating for cups;
  • water tank capacity – 1 liter (enough for 3-4 cups);
  • equipped with a removable tray for drops.

The device does not require frequent maintenance and will prepare 1-2 cups of aromatic drink in one cycle.

The machine is a «record holder» for the number of merits and has practically no defects. The only nuance is that in some cases, users note the preparation of a warm drink rather than a hot one.

Those who are used to making coffee only in a Turkish coffee maker should try the model from the ECI 341 W series, the taste and aroma are no worse, and the cooking process itself is many times faster and more accurate.

The unit harmoniously combines elegant decor, durability in operation and simple control. The device perfectly fits cups up to 85 mm in height.

Stylish coffee maker DeLonghi EC 221 B

Advantages of DeLonghi EC 221 B:

  • light notification of on/off;
  • quiet mode of operation;
  • steam supply power regulator;
  • automatic deactivation after 9 min. just me

Some defects in the operation of the device:

  • the temperature of the drink is not hot enough;
  • the handle with the coffee turns tightly.

Any disadvantages will be brightened by a drink with a dizzying aroma, prepared with the help of this device and poured into a beautiful cup.

The unit allows you to make a delicious drink with one click. The external design of the device is made in an elegant «silver» shade.

Automatic coffee maker DeLonghi ESAM 3200 S

Advantages of the unit:

  • an indicator that warns that the water is running out;
  • equipped with a coffee grinder with 13 grinding levels;
  • automatic descaling.

Thanks to removable elements, the equipment is easily cleaned of possible contamination. The device provides a notification about the filling of the container for the accumulation of slurry.

This automatic unit is one of the best in its price segment.

There are only 2 nuances that can be “stretched” to the minuses:

  • noise during operation is more noticeable than in analogues;
  • fairly large dimensions.

To extend the service life of the unit, you can use a universal descaling agent.

The unit differs from its counterparts by a convenient holder for «Crema» filters. In it, you can brew a drink in grains after preliminary grinding or «pills». Fragrant espresso in such a device always comes out with a luxurious foam.

DeLonghi ECZ 351 GY coffee maker with 3 filters

Features of the device:

  • built-in system for preparing cappuccino;
  • simple control using buttons;
  • automatic shutdown after 20 min. just me;
  • increased capacity of the water container — 1.4 l.

A minor drawback is the lack of an option to maintain heat and a container for milk.

The device is an excellent choice for home use. The cost is in the pocket of most buyers, and the functionality is enough for quick preparation of exquisite drinks. Bowls up to 7.7 cm in height can be used in the device. The device comes with 2 filters, a spoon for pouring coffee and a tray for collecting drops.

In order for the coffee to have an indescribable taste, it is necessary not only to use first-class beans, but also to use a filter jug

Comparative characteristics of top models

In order to visually compare all the parameters of the «hit» variants of the Italian manufacturer’s coffee machines, you should familiarize yourself with the data in the table:

Among the line of coffee makers of the Italian brand DeLonghi are both simpler models and expensive ones. If the goal is to purchase the «Economy» class, a good option is the EC 9.1 budget unit. ESAM 3200 S is suitable for those who want a more «advanced» device. Even the most demanding coffee connoisseurs will definitely choose a unit from the well-known Italian manufacturer DeLonghi.


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