Blender — SMALL in size, but multifunctional equipment that quickly performs most kitchen work. It qualitatively chops, cuts, whips, kneads the dough for a pie or turns egg whites into a persistent lush foam. A grinder may be present among the nozzles in the blender. What it is and how this accessory will help, the article will tell on the example of 10 popular models.

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Blenders with grinder


The small GORENJE HBX884QX blender has a whisk for whipping and a 0.8 l chopper bowl in its arsenal. A cutting attachment with four blades is attached to the center of the bowl. Sharp knives qualitatively shred hard products, and also grind minced meat, berries and other components.

Blender with grinder GORENJE HBX884QX

The power of the blender is 800 W, which is quite enough to grind nuts or puree apples in a few clicks.

The collection of advantages of this model of household appliances is as follows:

  • Non-slip handle. The rubber-covered handle of the immersion blender greatly simplifies work, allowing you to operate the equipment with minimal vibration.
  • A measuring cup with a lid. The bowl has a measuring scale on the wall for accurate dosing of ingredients and is tightly closed with a plastic lid. It is suitable for storing loose products or freshly prepared cream.
  • Pulse mode. The technology is designed for grinding very hard components. The knives, rotating at maximum speed, periodically stop, which allows you to evenly mix the contents of the bowl.
  • Protection from children. A special lock on the handle prevents it from being accidentally turned on.

The grinder and glass are made of high-quality plastic, and the blender leg is made of stainless steel. The set includes a stylish black stand for nozzles.


The next model is the BRAUN MQ 785 PATISSERIE PLUS extended configuration. The set with a blender includes attachments for chopping (large, small), cutting products into circles, kneading dough and a whisk. They are complemented by two bowls: a compact grinder and a mini-combine.

Immersion blender with grinder BRAUN MQ 785 PATISSERIE PLUS

The slightly smaller grinder with a volume of 350 ml is equipped with sharp knives and is suitable for quickly grinding coffee, dry herbs, etc. The base of the container has a rubberized rim for better adhesion to the surface. In addition, this non-slip foot pad dampens vibration during operation.

Advantages of this equipment:

  • A capacious mini-harvester. The bowl is larger (with a capacity of 1.5 l), closed with a lid with a wide immersion hole to add components during operation. On the side — a comfortable handle with a rubberized layer. A bowl of ready pate or yogurt can be stored in the refrigerator.
  • Smart Speed ​​system. A special button on the handle allows you to control the operation of the equipment if necessary. To increase the speed of kneading or grinding, it is enough to hold this key for several seconds.
  • Bell leg. The metal base of the blender is made with a «bell». When whipping a small amount of ingredients in a glass OR a cup, splashes and small particles do not fly in all directions, being kept under the «bell dome». In addition, the design guarantees uniform mixing of products.

All attachments of the blender (except the handle) can be washed in the dishwasher. This moment significantly facilitates the care of the equipment.

A small «minus» of the model is the lack of a lid on the measuring cup.


REDMOND RHB-CB2930 model is original. The combination of deep black anthracite with bronze inserts adds «pluses» to the blender, visually bringing it closer to premium-class equipment.

Powerful equipment (850 W) operates at 8 speeds (turbo mode). The intensity of shredding or whipping can be adjusted with a special button. Whether the equipment is turned on is signaled by a blue rim around the button.

Blender with grinder REDMOND RHB-CB2930

The set includes a whisk, a glass for 0.6 l and a grinder with a capacity of 800 ml. The bowl has a nozzle with an S-shaped blade. The base of the blender is «crowned» by a small dome with 5 sharp knives. Its design allows you to grind products of a small volume; at the same time, the holes on the sides of the «dome» prevent the ingredients from clogging the knives.

With the help of such a set, you can prepare all kinds of sauces, fresh pastes, purees and creams. Ready food is conveniently stored in a large glass.

The «pluses» of the equipment include:

  • Ease of maintenance. All parts of the equipment are easily removed and just as easily installed back. The blender is washed with running water.
  • Soft-touch coating. This is a non-slip plastic, from which the lid and the base of the grinder, as well as the handle of the blender, are made.
  • Compactness and lightness. The weight of the equipment with all components is only 1.1 kg. Even when disassembled, the blender does not take up much space, being an ideal solution for a small kitchen.

The disadvantage is a glass without a measuring scale and lid. In the latter case, if you store the finished cream in the refrigerator, it may permeate the smells of other food or spoil completely.

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In the GORENJE B800E model, it is installed on a cart, a stand. The capacity of the bowl is 1.5 l, there is a measuring scale on the wall. A small sharp knife is «responsible» for grinding products.

Stationary blender with grinder GORENJE B800E

The blender works at 3 speeds with a power of up to 800 W. The intensity of crushing ingredients is regulated by a mechanical switch. It is conveniently located on the front of the stand. A little higher is the «Pause» button, which allows you to stop the blender to add new ingredients without changing the speed. Rubber legs contribute to better fixation on the table, which is why vibration during the operation of the equipment is practically imperceptible.

In the list of advantages of this copy:

  • Grinder cover with a rubberized seal. This avoids sudden opening during operation and guarantees protection against splashing of the mixture.
  • Mini coffee grinder. A small chopper is installed on a stand instead of a bowl. It is suitable not only for grinding coffee, but also for dry herbs and spices.
  • Impact resistant body. The stand and bowl are made of high-quality plastic that will not split when the blender is hit or dropped on the floor.
  • Blender design. Fashionable black and mother-of-pearl paint of the appliances will fit perfectly into the kitchen decoration, harmonizing with the oven hood.

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To speed up work, pulse and turbo modes are provided. They allow you to turn on the maximum speed for a short time, thereby controlling the density and homogeneity of the batter.

The «minus» of the equipment is the lack of additional nozzles. Shredding cabbage or cutting carrots for a salad will not work on this model.


Powerful (1000 W) GORENJE BN1000W stationary blender with ergonomic design and great functionality. The set includes two small grinding bowls that can be used as glasses and even taken with you on the road. Especially for this, the blender is equipped with lids: two solid lids allow you to tightly close the container by putting fresh yogurt or barbecue sauce in the bag. A separate lid for storing the finished mixture has a drinking hole that is closed with a cap.

Stationary blender with grinder GORENJE BN1000W

For the accuracy of the dosage of the ingredients, a measuring scale is marked on the walls of the bowls. Both grinders are suitable for storing products in the refrigerator.

The maximum speed of the blender is 20,000 revolutions per minute. With such intensity, the technique easily crushes ice, hard and dry components, skin, grinding them to a homogeneous mass. The stability of the equipment during operation is ensured by reliable rubber feet.

«Pros» of the model:

  • A wide range of possibilities (from crushing ice to whipping a delicate smoothie). For food preparation, the blender has 2 speeds + pulse mode.
  • Ease of management. There are only three buttons on the panel: on/off, a high and low speed regulator, as well as a pulse mode activation key.
  • All parts of the blender (except the stand) are suitable for washing in a dishwasher.
  • This model does not include a nozzle for chopping vegetables or kneading dough. Perhaps this is the only «minus» of the equipment.


BRAUN MQ 545 blender model in light gray tones. Such a laconic design will be combined with any kitchen interior. For a complete idyll of style, you can also buy a built-in microwave oven Whirlpool AMW 498/WH steamer Gorenje FS 900 Simplicity W, in the same colors.

The equipment is equipped with a whisk for whipping, two grinders of different sizes and a glass with a capacity of 0.6 l. The equipment works at two speeds, consuming 600 watts of power. To increase the intensity of grinding, the blender is equipped with the «Turbo mode» system.

Immersion blender with grinder BRAUN MQ 545

Sharp S-shaped blades are installed in both choppers, which quickly mix the necessary products into a homogeneous mass, without «layering» of the consistency or lumps. Fake nuts, greens, cheese — this action is performed in a matter of seconds. To make airy cream or dough on a pancake, use a whisk attachment.

Advantages of this German manufacturer’s equipment:

  • the leg of the blender in the form of a «bell», which evenly covers the components, preventing splashing of particles;
  • a measuring scale on a glass and a large bowl, which helps to control the volumes of ingredients and the finished mixture;
  • a large grinder with a handle and a capacity of 1.25 liters, in which it is convenient to crush ice or prepare components for fruit dessert, yogurt, «silky» pate;
  • a small grinder (with a capacity of 350 ml), which is ideal for preparing small portions.

The lack of an immersion hole on the lid of a large bowl can be attributed to the shortcomings of the equipment. To add additional products to the mixture, you will have to stop the blender and remove the lid.


The PHILIPS HR 2103 model is a large 1.5 liter grinder that is securely attached to a stable platform. This grinder is closed with a lid with a seal. For ease of use, the bowl has a handle and a spout, which makes it much easier to pour liquid mixtures. The measuring scale on its wall helps to control the volume of ingredients thrown into the bowl.

Blender with grinder PHILIPS HR 2103

A small chopper is included in the set with stationary equipment. In this 120 ml container, you can prepare small portions of products: cut greens, onions, grate cheese or grind aromatic coffee beans.

The model from PHILIPS has 3 main features:

  • Filter nozzle. It is intended for the preparation of soy milk, as well as fresh juices from soft berries and fruits.
  • ProBlend4 star blades. Sharp stainless knives with special sharpening can quickly and efficiently grind products of any hardness, including ice.
  • Convenient cord storage. A special compartment in the case allows you to completely hide the electrical cord, thereby freeing up space near the equipment.

The pause function can also be attributed to the advantages. She stops the blender to add ingredients to the work bowl.
there is no separate glass, and the function of the meter is performed by a grinder. The list of disadvantages and the lack of additional nozzles (for example, for shredding) continues. True, the last problem is solved quickly: it is enough to buy a separate grater-shredder with a Fissman DV-8650.MS container for 4 blades.


Small PANASONIC MX-GX1011WTQ blender with a capacity of grinders on a compact stand. The bowl with a volume of 1 l is equipped with a convenient handle for carrying and closes tightly with a lid.

Stationary blender with grinder PANASONIC MX-GX1011WTQ

The chopper and stand are made of strong but light plastic. The weight of the blender when assembled is only 1.8 kg. The equipment is controlled by two buttons on the case. With their help, the power of the equipment and the speed of operation are turned on. By the way, the model whips products at the same speed, and the power is 400 W.

The list of advantages includes:

  • Additional mini grinder. The small bowl included in the package is intended for grinding coffee, dry herbs, etc. In addition, it crushes ice, nuts, ginger and other hard products.
  • Steady legs. The non-slip rubber base with 4 legs firmly holds the equipment on the table during operation, preventing vibration.
  • Compact dimensions. The model is convenient to store in the kitchen bedside table, for example, next to pots and serving dishes. At the same time, you can not remove the cup from the stand.

The drawback of the technique is that the large grinder does not have a spout for pouring out liquids. Another «minus» is the absence of a measuring cup in the set.


Blender called GORENJE B600BG in strict black color. On the anthracite case there is a mechanical speed switch (blender 3 has them) and a power button. Stable vacuum legs securely fasten the stand with the bowl to the table, preventing vibration during operation.

Stationary blender with grinder GORENJE B600BG

The volumetric grinder (1.5 l) is tightly fixed on the stand, closing with a rubberized lid with a dipping hole. A large handle is provided on the side for easy movement of the bowl.

Since the chopper simultaneously performs the function of a measuring cup, a scale is marked on its side wall. Such a nuance makes it easier to prepare new dishes. You can decorate the resulting yogurt or smoothie beautifully by placing them in elegant glasses.

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The «pros» of this blender include:

  • 4 sharp stainless steel blades with special sharpening;
  • pulse mode, which accelerates the whipping of products to the ideal thickness;
  • easy care of the blender parts, suitable for cleaning in the dishwasher;
  • a compartment in the case for convenient cable storage;
  • automatic shutdown of equipment in case of overheating;
  • a mini coffee grinder in the set, which is suitable for grinding spices and loose products.

Reliability of work is provided by a motor with a power of 600 W.

This model does not have the «Ice colic» function. In addition, the package does not include additional dishes for measuring the volume of products before they are lowered into the bowl.


REDMOND RFP-3950 model against the background of previous options with extended equipment. The blender set includes: two large grinders, a whisk for whipping, a volumetric measuring cup with a spout and a large grater for shredding.

Immersion blender with grinder REDMOND RFP-3950

The equipment works at the same speed. You can increase the intensity of whipping by using the turbo mode. In the latter case, the nozzles rotate at a speed of up to 14,000 revolutions per minute. This means that a fruit dessert for the whole family will be ready in a matter of seconds. All that remains is to put it in stylish salad bowls and decorate to taste.

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Among the «pluses» of the equipment:

  • A 1.4-liter capacity of a grinder (aka a food processor). The bowl closes with a lid with a wide dip hole, allowing you to add ingredients while you’re working. The pusher is included in the set.
  • The second shredder is 1.2 liters. The hub with four knives, located at different heights, evenly mixes the ingredients during whipping, which is why the mixture turns out without lumps.
  • Grater attachment. The round disc is designed for chopping vegetables or fruits. The nozzle cuts not only straws, but also neat slices.
  • Convenient blender handle. Special indentations are made on the sides of the handle for reliable fixation of it in the palm during the operation of the equipment.

Among all 10 presented models, this is the most expensive option. The cost of the equipment is its main drawback.

Choosing a blender with a grinder according to 4 criteria

Having considered the 10 presented blenders with a grinder, you can combine their characteristics in one table for comparison. This will help to quickly decide on the best model that performs all the necessary functions.

The presence of additional features in such equipment gives the blender undeniable advantages:

After reading the article about 10 blenders and understanding what a grinder is, it will be easy to buy the best piece of equipment. Of the presented models, REDMOND RFP-3950 is undoubtedly the most functional. If you need a blender only for whipping sauces and creams, you can give preference to simpler models, for example, GORENJE BN1000W or BRAUN VQ 545. The final point in the choice will be the cost of the equipment.


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