It is difficult for a busy person to imagine a morning without a cup of aromatic coffee. The soluble product, which is sold in joints, is not good for health, and does not have the proper effect. Freshly brewed coffee, for the preparation of which a coffee maker is used, tastes much better. It is an indispensable item in the kitchen at home or in the office. Let’s consider which manufacturers of coffee machines were recognized as the best in the current year in our TOP.


This Italian brand has been producing goods for more than 100 years, and has long been considered a leader among manufacturers of household appliances. The company’s priority directions are the use of new technologies with continuous product improvement.

The main feature of the DELONGHI coffee maker is a large selection of devices. The product line includes budget and elite units. The company produces classic coffee machines, grain and capsule coffee machines.

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Advantages of products of this brand:

  • ergonomics, reliability;
  • stylish design, the ability to purchase devices in different colors;
  • simple management;
  • the presence of an anti-drip system and a cappuccino maker that creates aromatic foam;
  • cup heating option, which allows you to keep the desired coffee temperature for a long time.

The manufacturer is proud of the patented «auto-cappuccino» system, which pleases the consumer with Italian foam.
There are few negative reviews about DELONGHI products. Consumers relate to the cost and incorrect operation of the cappuccino machine — it does not make such thick foam. In budget models, it is often short-lived or absent at all.

DELONGHI is the leader in the ranking of the best


Coffee machines of this brand appeared on the market in the early 80s of the last century. This company was founded by Italians. Its credo is to analyze the customer’s needs and constantly improve products in accordance with them. The company constantly adds new functionality, paying maximum attention to equipment modernization. It produces coffee machines with reliable, durable components.

Distinctive features of SAECO coffee makers:

  1. easy-to-use brewing mechanism — it is removable and easy to wash, without requiring the use of specialized detergents;
  2. intuitive control panel — every person will understand the process of choosing a drink, operating mode, volume, strength and other parameters;
  3. design, thanks to which the coffee maker will become a harmonious part of every interior style.

The manufacturer produces models in the low and medium price segment. Budget options are designed for brewing whole espresso. The roads are multifunctional, with a large number of modes.

Disadvantages leakage of water from the steam outlet, weak illumination of indicators, unclear instructions, uneven flow of coffee.

SAECO - a wide range of devices


This company needs no introduction, because the household appliances produced by it are known to the world consumer. Coffee makers produced by this manufacturer differ in price, design and principle of operation.

Features of PHILIPS coffee machines:

  • intuitive, clear interface with large buttons — amazing ease of control;
  • removable cooking group – an element that requires regular cleaning, is quickly and easily removed from the device, washed with tap water and returned to its place;
  • memory option with the ability to pre-program and save the required volume to prepare the required amount of drink at the required time;
  • automatic descaling — ensuring aromatic and fresh coffee;
  • compact, convenient front panel.

There are few negative reviews about coffee makers of this brand. Users note some inconveniences associated with a large volume of water — this is the main reason for the rapid cooling of coffee. They mention the insufficient efficiency of the «drop-stop» option. Some did not like the lack of a filter in some models.

PHILIPS - versatility and stylish design

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This British company dates back to the 50s of the last century. The concept of the company consists in the production of modernized household appliances with an original design. Non-standard design is the main feature of the brand’s products, which attracts customers.

RUSSELL HOBBS coffee machines have the following distinctive features:

  1. high-quality assembly — only reliable materials designed for long-term use are used;
  2. ease of use and maintenance;
  3. a wide range of colors and design solutions — such a coffee machine can become a bright element of the kitchen.

The manufacturer’s models include: an anti-drip system, automatic shut-off, the ability to heat the coffee pot, a glass carafe with a hinged lid, a removable, washable handle.

These are budget models that will appeal to the frugal buyer. Among the best manufacturers of coffee machines, this brand turned out to be no accident, because there are few negative reviews about its products.

A large amount of water is detected during operation of the device. Abundant condensate accumulates in some models.

RUSSELL HOBBS - excellent build quality

5. Miele

This German company specializes in the production of «premium» and VIP products. It has been on the market for over 100 years and owns several factories in Europe, importing its products to 40 countries around the world.

Under this brand, built-in automatic coffee makers are produced, which include a filter for additional water purification. The grains in the devices are processed using a special technology, thanks to which the taste and aroma are preserved. As a result, the drink is not inferior in taste to the restaurant drink.

Miele coffee machines have a number of key features:

  • availability of additional programs for simultaneous preparation of various drinks (espresso and Americano);
  • electronic control;
  • auto shutdown option;
  • heating cups.

Coffee machines of this brand have few disadvantages. Basically, users are dissatisfied with the high cost of devices. But the quality corresponds to the price.

Miele - premium quality

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This Japanese company can rightly be considered one of the best coffee maker companies and manufacturers of household appliances in general. It was founded in times of economic growth in the country and was the result of the introduction of innovative technologies. About 20 YEARS ago, this brand became European and significantly expanded the volume of products produced.

The manufacturer SENCOR does not like boring shades, preferring to design its devices in a modern way, in fashionable, colorful colors. It produces inexpensive coffee makers that will be a decoration of any kitchen.

Excellent characteristics of SENCOR coffee machines:

  1. capacious teapots made of strong, durable glass;
  2. some models have the option of making tea;
  3. non-slip base, heat-insulated handle;
  4. the option to control the intensity of the drink’s aroma;
  5. removable, washable filter.

If desired, you can use disposable paper filters.

Due to the fact that most coffee machines are manufactured in China, the main disadvantage of devices of this brand can be called poor-quality assembly and short-lived components. Often the water cools down too quickly, so the coffee does not stay hot for long.

SENCOR - an example of a unique design

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Most of the models produced under this brand are extremely simple devices with a minimal set of functions. They will appeal to budget buyers who need a device that is quite convenient to use, designed for direct and high-quality performance of its functions.

Characteristics of REDMOND coffee machines:

  • compact dimensions — small models will fit perfectly in a small kitchen, and will not take up much space among other appliances;
  • the set includes a reusable filter, it is possible to use a disposable one;
  • the presence of a long cord is a quality that makes coffee makers extremely convenient, you will not have to look for an additional place in the kitchen for them;
  • more expensive models have shutdown timers, built-in timer, LCD display, 4 buttons;
  • the ability to set the time for automatic activation.

BECAUSE of the low cost of the devices, according to user reviews, the quality of their details is not at a high level. The smell of plastic can be heard during the cooking process. The glossy case looks nice, but any marks and smudges are easily visible on it.

REDMOND - inexpensive, compact models


The products of this Slovenian company are well known to the domestic consumer. It produces easy-to-use and familiar to many coffee makers in the form of electric pushers with button or mechanical control. Yes, the process of making coffee will be as simple and understandable as possible for a person of any age. Drip coffee makers are also produced under this brand.

Features of GORENJE coffee machines:

  1. availability of the most necessary functions;
  2. built-in technology for controlling the beverage preparation process and automatic shutdown when boiling;
  3. work indicator;
  4. the output of the drink is several cups at once;
  5. presence of a STRIX thermostat.

The devices are made in classic gray and black colors. This makes it easy to use and attractive. They come complete with a cable — in some models it is quite long.

Despite the extreme simplicity of coffee makers of this brand, there are few negative reviews about them. Users note that coffee may run out of the steamer when boiling. At the same time, there is no heating power regulator. There are several references to the low quality of plastic components.

GORENJE - multifunctional electric Turks


It was not by chance that this company was in the TOP of coffee maker manufacturers. It produces built-in coffee makers — truly modern devices, with the help of which you can economically and efficiently organize space even in a small-sized kitchen.

SIEMENS coffee machines have many useful functions. All coffee machines work in several beverage preparation modes. The user can adjust the saturation, choose the portion size or the grinding level.

Advantages of models of this brand:

  • technologies that turn grains into a very fine powder;
  • constant contact of coffee with hot water and steam — due to this, it acquires a special aroma, becomes saturated;
  • availability of power saving modes;
  • self-cleaning from scale, automatic rinsing when switching on and off;
  • determining the optimal ratio of coffee and milk.

The disadvantages of the devices are minor. Users mention the dimensions — in some cases, it was not possible to install the coffee maker immediately due to the large length. Not everyone appreciated the quality of the prepared drink — apparently, the coffee turns out to be specific.

SIEMENS - a large set of useful functions

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The famous Swedish brand produces models of coffee machines that are sold at affordable prices. These products take into account modern requirements for ergonomics, reliability and efficiency. All devices are stylish design solutions.

ELECTROLUX coffee machines at high speed — preparing a drink with their help will take a minimum of time. They are easy to maintain and use, so they will not cause problems for users.

Other undeniable advantages:

  1. in drip coffee makers it is possible to choose the appropriate size of the container;
  2. preparation of the drink in the optimal temperature mode — you do not have to wait for it to cool down or reheat it additionally;
  3. availability of a timer and many programmable options;
  4. stylish design, compact design;
  5. reliable, durable parts.

Speaking of disadvantages, it is worth mentioning the tight and uncomfortable covers of some models. When opened all the way, the back of the device is often flooded with condensate. Some models delay the brewing process, resulting in a drink that not everyone will appreciate.

ELECTROLUX - high cooking speed

All manufacturers of coffee machines from our rating pay enough attention to the quality, functionality and design of their products. The leader of the rating was the DELONGHI company, which has proven its ability and reliability over many decades of presence on the market. There are practically no negative reviews about the devices of this brand. Many users were satisfied.


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