Well-being depends very much on the quality of the products consumed. Juices are an excellent source not only of vitamins and useful elements, but also of fiber. True, this applies only to natural products — packaged store options are not included here due to the content of a large amount of sugar and all kinds of preservatives.

So supporters of a healthy diet quite logically turn their attention to juicers. Today we will talk about such devices of various manufacturers: Bosch, Gorenje, etc.


The products of this manufacturer appeared on the market back in 1969. The goods of this brand are associated with such concepts as:

  1. Reliability and durability;
  2. Low power consumption;
  3. Affordable price.

In addition, using SENCOR juicers, you can count not only on the fact that the product will be as fresh as possible, but also on the fact that unnecessary electricity will not be wasted.

SENCOR juicers

Below are the characteristics of several models of this brand.

You should choose a juicer with a reserve of power. So, for example, if it is assumed that it will work every day, then it is worth choosing a model from the rating of juicer manufacturers with a higher capacity (for example, Sencor SJE 1006RD).

Note: If there is a desire to store the juice for the winter, it should be borne in mind that it is better to carefully boil the juice before preserving it.


Stylish RUSSELL HOBBS equipment meets the requirements of even the most demanding consumers and occupies a solid place in the TOP-10 manufacturers of juicers.

This brand has excellent citrus juicers:

  • thanks to the special shape of the cone, when using this technique, the juice is squeezed out of the fruit as thoroughly as possible;
  • the consistency can be adjusted independently, choosing different options for the amount of pulp;
  • pleasant prices in comparison with models of other manufacturers.


Note: The juicer can be equipped with different types of separators — conical or cylindrical. The last option allows you to get a larger volume of juice, but the juicers will have to be cleaned much more often. If it is not performance that is important, but ease of maintenance, a technique with a conical separator is more suitable.

Despite the fact that most models of this manufacturer have only 1 speed, the products of this manufacturer can safely be counted among the best brands of juicers, because they show an excellent ratio of price-quality parameters.

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It would be very surprising to even find this brand in the TOP 10 juicers. PHILIPS products won the public with the high quality of manufactured components and their ergonomics.

Kitchen assistants of this brand:

  • made of strong materials;
  • perfectly cope with juices from such dense products as carrots, winter apples, beets;
  • allow you to make juices with different percentages of pulp content;
  • have a large loading neck.

PHILIPS juicers

The use of strong materials for the parts of each model allows you not to bother with cutting fruits and vegetables into equal small parts — that’s why Philips is one of the best brands of juicers. Of course, you will have to take into account the size of the neck of the juicer.

Note: By the way, in the warm season, you can prepare drinks containing a large percentage of pulp from Philips and use them as a basis for chilled desserts.

The devices shown in the table below are suitable for this:

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The British company combines a meticulous approach to details and the regular introduction of technological progress. Thanks to this combination, any juicer model (except citrus press) can handle even beets.

KENWOOD equipment:

  • equipped with the lightest and strongest internal elements;
  • allows you to get a minimum cake and a maximum drink;
  • does not take up much space in the kitchen;
  • the dirty parts themselves can be washed in dishwashers.


The most popular options are listed in the table:

Note: There will be less foam when obtaining juice if you use a screw juicer (for example, the first model from this table). In addition, household appliances with this type of squeezer are able to extract healing moisture even from nuts, herbs or soybeans!


This representative of the TOP-10 manufacturers of juicers takes maximum care of the safety of their products. For this purpose, the corporation created a special committee more than 5 years ago, which takes care of strict compliance with high standards in this area («Working Group on Safety Standards»).

In addition to common centrifugal juicers, PANASONIC produces models that work according to the screw principle: the juice is squeezed at low speeds, which prevents its heating and oxidation. This approach allows you to preserve more vitamins in the final product.

Separate models can be used to prepare sorbet or fruit ice cream.


PANASONIC juicers:

  • have internal parts made of high-strength stainless steel;
  • do not heat up during operation;
  • known for high productivity;
  • democratic in price.

The possibility of obtaining juice from hard vegetables and fruits indicates the high reliability of PANASONIC products. Therefore, they are among the best brands of juicers.

Good options are offered in the table:

by the way, a universal kitchen device (the second model in the table) is also included in the rating of juicer manufacturers. This is a good option when the kitchen area is limited, but you want to use it as productively as possible.

Note: Pay attention not only to the technical, but also to the physical characteristics of kitchen items. In the rating of juicer manufacturers, you can find options with different dimensions. If daily use is planned, then it is better to allocate a permanent place on the work panel for such an item. In other cases, they should be quickly disassembled, weigh little and be compact (as much as possible).


The products of this brand are one of the most stylish, which is confirmed by the «IF product design award», which was presented to the company in 2012. Braun kitchen appliances are also known for their high performance. Due to this, it entered the TOP-10 manufacturers of juicers.

Juicers BRAUN

BRAUN juicers:

  • have large holes for loading pieces of fruits and vegetables;
  • They will NOT slide on the kitchen table due to the presence of special rubberized legs (however, this is characteristic of all the best brands of juicers);
  • have the «Anti-Drip» function;
  • make it possible to choose the speed of the equipment depending on the hardness of the original product;
  • easy to clean.

Below is an overview of the basic characteristics of the most popular models of the brand:

Note: You should not be afraid to make juices from bright fruits and vegetables — the surface of the juicers from the rating is absolutely not discolored even with the passage of time. At the same time, it should be remembered that it is better to store freshly prepared drinks for no longer than 3 hours and only in the refrigerator, because after this time they begin to lose their useful properties.

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Kitchen appliances of this brand fall into the middle price category. GORENJE juicers have a simple, stylish design and clear controls that any person can handle.


Regarding functionality, they made it to the TOP-10 manufacturers of juicers due to the fact that:

  • squeeze the maximum out of all the juicy products of plant origin;
  • the light weight of the devices allows you to easily take them out and unfold them repeatedly;
  • the equipment is ergonomic — easy to use and easy to clean, easy to disassemble.

Good performance is shown by the models in the table below:

This Slovenian manufacturer is among the best brands of juicers also due to the high failure resistance of the devices. Ease of management and the use of innovative technologies even in the most everyday things brought GORENJE to our rating of juicer manufacturers.


Reliability is one of the advantages of this well-known technology. This is a quality that was tested in the kitchens by our grandmothers. It is safe to say that this equipment can easily serve for more than a dozen years without complaints. Also BOSCH products with an elegant design.

BOSCH juicers

It’s not even scary to take such a one with you to the country plot during the harvest season — it will easily process all the fruits and recoup every penny spent on its purchase.

Juicers of this company are what Mercedes is to cars: classics that are never questioned. Bosch appliances have:

  • high power;
  • low electricity consumption;
  • reliable knives (in the MES4010 model – ceramic);
  • easy intuitive control;
  • all removable parts can easily be washed in the dishwasher and you don’t have to worry about their integrity.

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Which models to look at — a hint in the table:


In the model range of this brand, you can find both auger and centrifugal juicers. The juicers of the brand are perfectly suited for preparing various berry purees and purees — for this, various mesh options are offered. On the basis of these products, you can prepare not only summer desserts, but also beautiful sweet and sour sauces that will complement duck or turkey well.

MOULINEX juicers

Cooking with MOULINEX is simple — and this is the most important advantage of this manufacturer from the TOP-10 juicers. The juicier the fruit, the better it will work.

You can see juicer options in the table:

As can be seen from the characteristics in the plate, the last model is the simplest, but this does not affect the quality of its work. Frutelia is quite easy to disassemble, its elements are easy to wash. This makes daily consumption of freshly squeezed juice possible for a small family.


The company made it to the rating of juicer manufacturers thanks to its reliability. Impact-resistant and paint-resistant elements allow you not to worry about its preservation.

REDMOND juicers

Depending on your needs, you can choose an option only for preparing citrus juice, or a universal device. The last option is naturally more practical, although it will cost more. Such models have large openings for loading products, so it is not necessary to cut small apples and carrots.

The most functional juicers are in the table:

Any REDMOND juicer, like models from other companies, has a manufacturer’s warranty. But this does not negate the need to follow all safety measures and the manufacturer’s recommendations — for example, peel hard fruits or vegetables, divide large fruits into parts, etc. If you follow these rules, any juicer will serve for a long time.

What to stop at?

Fortunately, there are enough manufacturers of quality household appliances on the market. It is only necessary to determine the basic requirements for a juicer. It is necessary to decide what is more important: the speed of juice preparation or its enrichment with useful substances.

In the first case, you should stop at the centrifugal technique, because it is more powerful and squeezes the juice faster. The auger type is characterized by slower squeezing, but due to this, the drink does not heat up — no oxidation occurs. All useful substances and vitamins are preserved.

Next, you need to pay attention to such parameters as:

  • power;
  • the possibility of continuous work;
  • the volume of the compartment for the cake;
  • number of speeds.

When you have a list with the necessary characteristics, all that remains is to choose a product in the appropriate price category.


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