Bosch KGN36NW21R two-chamber refrigerator with NoFrost system and forced air circulation inside the refrigerator compartment (a special fan is installed). It also automatically regulates humidity and does not require defrosting. The capacity of the freezer is up to 15 kilograms per day.

Functionality Bosch KGN36NW21R

The main set of supported features in Bosch KGN36NW21R:

  1. Super cooling and super freezing (for the freezer and the refrigerator compartment are switched on separately).
  2. 5 levels of temperature selection.
  3. It is possible to re-hang the hinges (handle on the right or left side, at the choice of the buyer).
  4. Adjusting the brightness of the backlight (using an LED lamp, a resource of about 60 thousand hours).
  5. Sound signal if the door is not closed or the temperature regime is violated.
  6. Advanced self-diagnosis system (by indicator lights on the control panel, a detailed description is presented in the manual).
  7. A forced air circulation system is provided (included with the compressor).

Refrigerator Bosch KGN36NW21R

Pros and cons of the model

Key advantages of the Bosch KGN36NW21R refrigerator:

  1. The NoFrost system, no need to defrost, automatically maintains optimal humidity in both the freezer and refrigerator.
  2. 2 separate cooling circuits are used.
  3. Economical electricity consumption (consumption class A +).


  1. There are only 4 shelves in the refrigerator compartment by default.
  2. You can’t turn off the sound notification.
  3. Noisy (when the compressor is turned on or refrigerant flows).


Specifications declared by the manufacturer:

  1. Volume: 327 liters, 237 — refrigerator.
  2. Electricity consumption is about 308 kWh per year.
  3. The minimum cooling temperature is -24 degrees Celsius.
  4. Weight — 72 kilograms.

Bosch KGN36NW21R

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