ATLANT XM 4208-000 is a good, reliable option for small kitchens, saving space and energy, but at the same time, featuring a wide range of working functions and reliability. The narrow two-chamber model has electromechanical control. Even a child can set up the refrigerator: just set the thermostat knob to the desired temperature, and the refrigerator will work in the set mode.


ATLANT XM 4208-000 is a model that is very much loved by interior designers who work with small kitchen space, wanting to save it in favor of comfort and coziness.

Refrigerator ATLANT ХМ 4208-000

In addition to compactness, the model is famous for its ergonomics — recessed door handles do not slip, they are convenient to open; the presence of numerous compartments allows you to sort products and extend their shelf life. In addition, the refrigerator is able to maintain cold during a power outage for 14 hours.

Distinctive features

This compact model is distinguished by its economy. The refrigerator consumes significantly less electricity than its competitors in a more expensive price segment. The refrigerator compartment does not need manual defrosting — a well-thought-out drip system will save the owner from this routine.

The refrigerator compartment maintains the optimum temperature, thanks to which even perishable products, such as greens and berries, remain fresh and juicy much longer than the due date.

Pros and cons of the model


  • Ergonomics;
  • Compactness;
  • Affordable price;
  • No manual defrosting of the refrigerating chamber is required;
  • Ability to keep cold offline up to 14 hours;
  • You can adjust the temperature;
  • The presence of various compartments for vegetables, fruits, drinks;
  • Compartment for eggs and ice.


  • Insufficient capacity;
  • Lack of super-freezing and super-cooling mode.


  • Energy consumption is 261 kWh;
  • Freezing capacity does not exceed 2 kg per day;
  • Drip mode of defrosting the refrigerating chamber;
  • The freezer needs manual defrosting;
  • The minimum temperature threshold of the freezer compartment is 18 degrees;
  • Volume — 173 liters.

ATLANT XM 4208-000

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