This refrigerator is distinguished by its reliability and practicality in use, as well as stylish appearance. On the control panel there are regulators that allow you to adjust the temperature level and create optimal conditions for food in the chamber.

Functionality Beko RCNK356E20BW

The Beko RCNB356E20 model has a “Vacation” zone for food safety. The “Super Freeze” function, due to a strong decrease in temperature, allows you to quickly freeze food, thereby extending the period of their use.85632


  1. Low noise level.
  2. Economical electricity consumption.
  3. Internal lighting.
  4. No frost system.

Distinctive features

  1. Voltage surge protection.
  2. Tempered glass shelves.
  3. Climate class: SN-ST.

Pros and cons of the model


  1. Profitability.
  2. Spacious refrigerator compartment.
  3. LED lighting system.


  1. Shelves scratch very easily.


  1. Energy consumption: 339 kWh/year.
  2. Freezing capacity: 6 kg/day.
  3. Freezer Defrost / HTO: No Frost.
  4. Fridge Defrosting: No Frost.
  5. Min. freezer/HTO temperature: -24°C.
  6. Freshness zone (zero chamber): yes.
  7. Noise level: 40 dB.
  8. Autonomous cold storage: 17 hours
  9. Refrigerant: R600a (isobutane).
  10. Egg stand: yes.
  11. Form for ice: is.
  12. Bottle holder: no.
  13. Total usable volume: 335 l.
  14. Useful volume of the refrigerating chamber: 241 l.
  15. Useful volume of the freezing chamber / NTO: 94 l.
  16. The volume of the zero chamber (freshness zone): 25 l.