Rating of the best robotic vacuum cleaners for dry cleaning (carpets, wool) in 2022 (TOP 7)

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For this rating I selected the 7 best robot vacuum cleaners in 2022 for dry cleaning. The main selection criterion was the quality of carpet cleaning from sand, crumbs and pet hair. Additionally, I took into account navigation, design, application functionality, user reviews, test results and, of course, the price tag. The TOP includes models costing from 20 to 40 thousand rubles, but there is also one model for 90 thousand rubles. Next, I will describe the features, talk about the advantages and disadvantages, and draw brief conclusions for each robot vacuum cleaner.

2022 Dry Robot Vacuum Cleaner Ranking Table




  • cleaning type: dry and wet
  • dust container volume: 0.6 l
  • water container volume: 0.35 l
  • battery life: up to 120 min
  • smartphone control: yes
  • equipment: turbo brush, side brush

Unlocks ABIR X6 rating. For dry cleaning, ABIR X6 is equipped with a traditional turbo brush and end whisks. Turbobrush processes carpets and throws motes into the air duct, and end whisks collect debris in the corners and expand the working area during zigzag movement. The motor of this model is installed directly in the dust collector, which has its pros and cons. Due to this design, the suction power has increased to 2500 Pa, and if suddenly the motor fails, it will be enough to order a new container. On the other hand, the dust collector cannot be washed with water, and it is inconvenient to get dust with a cloth.

He does an excellent job with his main responsibilities: sucks up grits, crumbs and cat food, cleans wool from carpets. In heavily soiled areas, additional cleaning may be required. You can zone an apartment in the WeBack app. There are functions of limiting the working area with a rectangle and installing virtual walls. The robot makes a map using a camera, which is why it does not have the highest accuracy, and it does not always move rationally. But the compact body crawls into hard-to-reach places. The price tag is modest — from 20 thousand rubles.

  • low profile case;
  • interactive map;
  • powerful motor;
  • two end brushes;
  • separate tank for wet cleaning;
  • listens to Amazon and Google voice assistants.
  • weak battery (2600 mAh);
  • separate cleaning;
  • inconvenience during maintenance of the dust collector;
  • application with disabilities;
  • if the robot does not return to the base, the map is reset.

ABIR X6 is the best solution for small apartments in the budget segment. The vacuum cleaner copes with common types of debris, tidies up carpets, and after replacing the dust collector with a tank, it can also wipe the floors. The main problem is that he often moves from one end of the apartment to the other, consuming precious battery power, which is why he cannot always finish the work he has started in one work cycle. It’s good that the manufacturer has provided the function of resuming cleaning after recharging.

Dreame D9

Xiaomi Dream D9


  • cleaning type: dry and wet
  • dust container volume: 0.57 l
  • water container volume: 0.27 l
  • battery life: up to 150 min
  • smartphone control: yes
  • equipment: side brush

In sixth place is Dreame D9. This robot has no problems with navigation — it draws up a map using lidar, remembers it after the first cleaning, and subsequently focuses on it when planning a route. The floor plan is divided into rooms, so you can send the vacuum cleaner to the bedroom for cleaning with one swipe of your finger. The working unit is made with the latest technology. On the frame of the turbo brush there are separators that protect against winding socks, guides that increase suction power and reduce the amount of hair on the brush, there are even long hair catchers. The frame itself «floats» up and down, adapting to the floor relief.

In combination with a powerful motor (3000 Pa), this system demonstrates high performance on any surface, especially on thin carpets, which the Dreame D9 brings to perfection. The manufacturer did not save on energy supply and equipped the vacuum cleaner with a premium 5200 mAh battery. Even with maximum suction power, Dreame functions for at least 1.5 hours, and in quiet mode it will work for all 3. For wet cleaning, a nozzle under the bottom with a 270 ml tank is provided. The price tag is moderate — 25 thousand rubles.

  • laser rangefinder;
  • breakdown of the apartment into rooms;
  • complex cleaning;
  • the dust container can be washed with water;
  • outstanding carpet cleaning performance.
  • case height 97 mm — 2 cm higher than that of ABIR X6;
  • one end brush;
  • minimum equipment.

Dreame D9 is a more expensive and more technologically advanced vacuum cleaner than ABIR X6. Lidar helps to better navigate in large houses, including multi-storey ones: up to 3 floor plans are stored in memory. Scheduling work in the MiHome app is much more convenient than in the ABIR app, and Dreame does a better job with dry cleaning. The mop is installed independently from the dust collector, so the functional robot can vacuum and mop the floors at the same time.




  • cleaning type: dry and wet
  • dust container volume: 0.6 l
  • container type: for dust
  • battery life: up to 120 min
  • smartphone control: yes
  • equipment: turbo brush, electric brush, side brush

The fifth line is occupied by iCLEBO O5 Wi-Fi. Yujin Robot released their flagship back in 2018, but it still remains one of the best dry cleaning robots. This is due to its successful design. 85mm high ovoid body allows it to be maneuvered between chair legs, drive under furniture and at the same time more thoroughly sweep the dirt from the corners. A large working block was placed in the front expanding part of the body, into which one of two brushes is inserted to choose from: a standard petal-bristled or silicone brush, which is less clogged with hair. For end brushes, Korean engineers came up with curved leashesto keep debris from flying around.

There is no data on the suction power, but the robot is quite powerful – he draws sand from deep cracks and raises large debris. Even when processing a clean carpet, he manages to collect a bunch of dust. An overview camera is used for navigation. The map is inaccurate, but you can set up to 10 zones on it, marking rooms, carpets, and no-go areas. The application also provides a mode of bypassing carpets during wet cleaning. Quality control technology at the Yujin Robot factory involves checking each individual piece, so it is not surprising that iCLEBO has such a high price — 42 thousand rubles.

  • convenient display;
  • befriends Alice;
  • large dust container (600 ml);
  • two brushes to choose from;
  • high build quality;
  • deep cleaning of carpets.
  • useless wet cleaning;
  • obsolete app.

By modern standards, iCLEBO O5 Wi-Fi is a fairly simple robot, especially in terms of mopping the floor. Now it is already difficult to find a robot for more than 10 thousand rubles. with a non-wetting wipe, and iCLEBO with its premium price has just such a system. But in terms of the quality of dry cleaning, the Korean vacuum cleaner still leaves behind most Chinese analogues, including the Dreame D9. In particular, iCLEBO O5 not only performs surface cleaning, but also draws sand out of the carpet, and also cleans the corners of the room more efficiently.

iRobot Roomba s9

iRobot Roomba 9S+


  • cleaning type: dry
  • dust container volume: 0.55 l
  • container type: for dust
  • operating modes: local cleaning
  • smartphone control: yes
  • equipment: side brush

Fourth place goes to iRobot Roomba s9. Designed in the USA, and its dissimilarity to its Asian counterparts is felt in everything, starting with the design. For their flagship iRobot chose a D-shaped body with a panoramic camera. Therefore, it does not leave debris in the corners, under the battery and under the cabinet. In the wide part of the body, the manufacturer placed a huge working block with two rollers. They rotate in opposite directions, as if “squeezing” the carpet pile from crumbs and sand, therefore it is much easier for the motor with a power of 2200 Pa to draw the specks into the dust collector. And the floors after dry cleaning look like washed, although wet cleaning is not provided for in this model.

Feature of Roomba series robots — dirt detection system. During cleaning, the robot detects areas with a high level of pollution and passes them several times, bringing the quality of cleaning to perfection. The interactivity of cartography is not as high as that of models with lidar, but you can select the desired rooms, specify priority and restricted areas. The price tag is impressive — 90 thousand rubles. If desired, you can also purchase a self-cleaning station for 30 thousand.

  • 2 extractor rollers;
  • drives under furniture;
  • detects dirty places;
  • effective on high carpets;
  • you can buy a self-cleaning station.
  • gets stuck on the bathroom rug and dislikes scales;
  • end brush wears out quickly;
  • does not connect with Alice;
  • no wet cleaning;
  • frequent software errors.

Unlike Roborock S7, Roomba s9 has not one, but two rubber rollers, each of them is twice as long as the Chinese counterpart. In one pass, the American robot does 4 times more work. The shape of the body allows it to clean corners more efficiently, and its end brush is even more effective — six-beam. In addition, Roomba s9 does smart cleaning and goes through problem areas over and over again. If this robot did not cost so much, it would certainly have risen in the ranking higher.

Roborock S7

Roborock S7


  • cleaning type: dry and wet
  • dust container volume: 0.47 l
  • water container volume: 0.3 l
  • battery life: up to 180 min
  • smartphone control: yes
  • equipment: turbo brush, electric brush, side brush

Top three opens Roborock S7. A new generation robot vacuum cleaner, adapted to dry cleaning much better than any of its analogues. The working block doesn’t just go up and down like the Dreame D9 — Roborock has each side of the working block lowered and raised independently, which allows it to better adapt to uneven floors. Accessories are made of silicone. End brush with five panicles does not throw specks too farPlus, it lasts much longer than a soft-ended brush.

Instead of a petal-bristle turbo brush, a ribbed roller is installed — it collects hair from carpets and cleans dirt stuck to the floor. Nominal suction power is not the highest — 2500 Pabut due to the sealing of the working units, the snug fit of the socket to the surface to be treated and the well-thought-out design of the accessories, the garbage collection efficiency of this model is quite high. The robot thoroughly cleans carpets from sand, dust, wool and hair. For each room, you can set individual wetting intensity, suction power and vibration frequency. Taking into account the described functionality, the price tag is more than humane — 43 thousand rubles.

  • reliable brushes;
  • vibration dry cleaning;
  • knows how to lift a mop on carpets;
  • detailed settings of work in the application;
  • removing stains and stubborn dirt.
  • the color of the wire does not match the color of the docking station;
  • there is no check valve in the dust collector, which is why garbage often spills out;
  • poor equipment;
  • standard working block size;
  • one end brush.

Roborock S7 is a more modern and user-friendly vacuum cleaner than iCLEBO O5 Wi-Fi. The map is automatically divided into rooms, the robot detects carpets and marks their position on the floor plan, and its wet cleaning is one of the best on the market. The high quality of dry cleaning is achieved not so much by increasing the power of the motor, but by improving the design of the working units. At the same time, Roborock S7 is almost as good as iCLEBO in terms of build quality.

Okami U100 Laser

Okami U100 Laser Plus


  • cleaning type: dry and wet
  • smartphone control: yes
  • battery life: up to 120 min
  • dust container volume: 0.6 l
  • equipment: turbo brush, electric brush, side brush
  • add. functions: building a map of the room, a signal when the battery is low, a timer

Second place goes to Okami U100 Laser. Immediately attracts attention with an interesting design and practicality. The mottled pattern on the front cover gives the robot an unusual look, at the same time makes dust accumulations invisible and hides scratches. Although the cover should not be scratched, because the lidar is equipped with a tactile sensor that protects the device from getting stuck under furniture. The U100 Laser is also equipped with TOF sensors for quick cleaning along walls.. For dry cleaning, the vacuum cleaner has two end and central brushes — all with anti-winding protection, so Okami does not chew wires and does not choke on socks. The manufacturer placed the motor in the dust collector, due to which it was possible to achieve a suction force of 2500 Pa.

It is enough to collect any kind of garbage — from surface dust to shoe pebbles and even metal balls. Not a single microbe escapes him! But even if one of them hides in the cracks of the parquet, the robots marked «UV» are armed with a UV emitter. The main mode of operation is dry cleaning, but if you want the robot to clean the floors, just put a separate module with a tank. Okami will not only wipe the dust, but also wipe off dried coffee stains with high quality. This is one of the most affordable premium robots — 35 thousand rubles.

  • stylish design;
  • laser navigation;
  • two end brushes;
  • anti-winding system;
  • separate tank for wet cleaning;
  • rich equipment;
  • unlimited cleaning area.
  • motor in the dust collector;
  • there is no breakdown of the premises into rooms;
  • 3200 mAh battery.

Okami U100 Laser is a cheaper and more reliable robot than Roomba s9. Okami remembers the map after the first cleaning and does not spoil it with constant improvements, he always knows where to go and does not get stuck out of the blue. The clearance is from 7 to 40 mm, which ensures good patency on carpets, and the working unit with a turbo brush is not blocked by large objects, so the Okami U100 Laser easily collects even dog food balls. And after a thorough dry cleaning, the vacuum cleaner can also wipe the floors.

Genio Laser L800

Genio Laser L800


  • cleaning type: dry and wet
  • smartphone control: yes
  • battery life: up to 150 min
  • dust container volume: 0.5 l
  • water container volume: 0.24 l
  • add. functions: building a map of the room, timer, programming by day of the week

So we got to the leader of the rating — Genio Laser L800. At first glance, it is no different from its competitors — the same glossy lid with a pattern, a bumper with TOF sensors and a turbo brush. But with a closer acquaintance, you can notice a number of specific features that distinguish the Genio Laser L800 from other models. A standard turbo brush is installed in the working unit, but at any time you can put a ribbed roller in its place. If there are pets in the apartment, and there are practically no carpets, the roller is the best solution — much less fuss with maintenance. Genio cleans laminate flawlessly, pulls sand out of crevices in tilesand with the turbo brush installed, it also collects wool from carpets with high quality.

By default, there is a 500 ml dust collector in the case, but if you need to clean the floors, you can use the 2 in 1 module (240 ml for dust and 260 ml for water) — with it, Genio can vacuum and mop the floors at the same time. The robot sees Wi-Fi of any frequency, it is easy to install the application. In it, you can zone the room into rooms, draw virtual walls and restricted areas. But if you’re too lazy to mess with it, just take the remote control and magnetic tape. Taking into account the functionality and configuration, its price is low — only 32 thousand rubles.

  • premium battery (5200 mAh);
  • convenient container handling;
  • suction power 2700 Pa — more than Okami;
  • complex or separate cleaning;
  • you can change the configuration of the modules depending on the flooring;
  • exquisite design;
  • speaks in Alice’s voice.
  • one end brush;
  • one-piece turbo brush;
  • The package does not come with a spare HEPA filter.

An unusual transforming robot that adapts to any apartment and solves any dry cleaning tasks: cleans carpets of hair and crumbs, removes dirt from laminate joints, polishes a smooth floor. Genio has a modern application, there is the possibility of complex cleaning in one pass, and the price tag is even lower. It is currently the best robot vacuum cleaner for medium to high pollution homes.

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