Rating of the best heating radiators in 2022 (TOP 14)

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Today, retail chains and stores offer four types of heating radiators. Models differ in thermal conductivity, heat transfer, properties and price. I figured out the nuances inherent in each species, and prepared the TOP 14 best models for 2022. Please note that almost all radiators are sold sectionally. This allows you to dial the required number of sections, taking into account power and heat transfer, in order to ensure the optimal temperature in each room.

Rating of the 10 best heaters with Aliexpress according to customer reviews

TOP 4 aluminum heating radiators

Aluminum batteries have the highest thermal conductivity and rapid heating due to thin walls. They are recommended for heating a private house: they are simple, economical, there is no need to overpay (closed autonomous system). But aluminum is sensitive to water quality, subject to corrosion, therefore it is not used in systems where a long stay without water is provided (for example, draining the coolant for the summer in apartments of multi-storey buildings).

ROMMER Al Optima 500

ROMMER Al Optima 500×12

All aluminum radiators provide lateral connection (1 inch). The center distance is standard — 500 mm. One section of the radiator weighs 0.81 kg and holds 0.28 liters of water. This type, unlike the others presented in the rating, will require a minimum of coolant in the system, so heating is much faster. Withstands temperatures up to 110 °C. The wall thickness of the vertical collector is 1.8 mm. Treated with anti-corrosion coating. The power of one section is 155 watts. Heat dissipation — 133.4 W at a temperature of 70 ° C. Designed for a pressure of 12 bar (maximum pressure testing — 24 bar).


  1. It’s easy to set.
  2. Laconic design.
  3. Lungs.
  4. Reliable.
  5. Inexpensive.


  1. The material is fragile. During transportation, it can be crushed (there are isolated cases).

ROMMER Al Optima 500 for 3500 rubles for 12 sections is the most economical option, with a discreet design and a normal degree of reliability. Provides good heat dissipation, although less than Rifar Alum 500. 86% of users recommend these batteries for purchase.

Rifar Alum 500

Rifar Alum 500×10

It has a much larger weight — 1.45 kg. The volume in one section is almost the same — 0.27 liters. The upper part has rounded petals that enhance convection. Withstands much higher pressure — 20 bar (up to 30 when pressing). Designed for any temperature up to 135 °C. Heat dissipation is quite high — 183 watts. 10 sections are needed to heat an area of ​​​​about 18 square meters. m.


  1. Nice view.
  2. High heat dissipation.
  3. Heat up the room quickly.
  4. Convenient easy installation.
  5. Reliable, high quality.


  1. High price.

Rifar Alum 500 for 6 thousand rubles (10 sections) provides an optimal level of heat transfer. This type of radiators has excellent characteristics, but also a little overpriced. A model with a small number of reviews, but they are all positive.

Royal Thermo Revolution 500

Royal Thermo Revolution 500×10

Weigh less than Rifar Alum 500 — 1.2 kg. The ribs are also made somewhat «wavy», which improves the appearance. Differ in large volume. One section holds 0.37 liters. Withstands the same pressure in the system. The limit temperature is 110 °C. Heat dissipation is also high — 181 watts. The power of one section is 171 watts.


  1. Design.
  2. High heat dissipation.
  3. Good paint quality (does not peel off like cheap models).
  4. They warm up well.


  1. There are isolated cases of a small marriage: the back wall is poorly painted, a drop of paint on the thread.
  2. Expensive.

The price of Royal Thermo Revolution 500 is 6250 rubles for 10 sections. Despite the larger amount of coolant in the system, radiators provide fast heating. High heat dissipation. 92% of buyers are satisfied with the reliability, quality of materials and painting.

Global ISO 500

Global ISEO 500×10

Model in a laconic design with subtle petals. One section weighs a little more than the Rifar Alum at 1.31 kg. It is distinguished by the largest volume of coolant in one section — 0.44 l. Designed for a pressure of 16 bar (24 bar — crimping pressure). Maintains temperature of the heat carrier up to 110 °C. The heat output of one section is less — 115 watts. The power is higher — 181 watts.


  1. Appearance.
  2. Normal heat dissipation.
  3. They heat great.
  4. Good quality coverage.


The cost of Global ISEO 500 x10 is 6500 rubles. In terms of heat transfer, it loses to all aluminum radiators in the rating. It has a very large amount of coolant in the system for this segment. But 91% of buyers are satisfied with the purchase and recommend it for purchase.

Bimetallic radiators differ in design. Outside, the case is made of aluminum, and a steel core is laid inside. Increased reliability, reduced the likelihood of corrosion. Resistant to water hammer, do not deteriorate from the low quality of the coolant, withstand greater pressure in the system. Stronger and more durable than aluminum. But you need to contact only proven manufacturers that provide quality certificates. There are cases of fakes when only vertical tubes are made of steel, and not the entire core. A fake does not differ from an aluminum battery in terms of characteristics, but costs like a bimetallic one.


Heater BR1–500 x10

Like all bimetallic radiators, the BR1-500 Teplopribor differs from aluminum in its large weight. One section weighs 1.94 kg. The center distance for connecting to pipes is standard — 500 mm. Diameter — 1 inch. Side connection to the system is provided. These characteristics are characteristic of all bimetallic batteries included in the rating. The volume of water in one section is small — 0.21 liters. Designed for coolant temperatures up to 110 °C. Withstands more pressure than most aluminum radiators — 20 bar (30 bar when pressure tested). The power of 10 sections is 1950 watts.


  1. Simple design. Due to the absence of bulges and roundness, it is easy to wipe.
  2. Double wrapped to protect against damage in transit.
  3. According to experts, full bimetal (the frame is completely steel).
  4. Quality build.
  5. Inexpensive.
  6. Easy installation.


  1. Cool down quickly.

The heat appliance BR1-500 x10 costs 5500 rubles. Budget domestic radiator, made on Italian equipment. Much cheaper than analogues of more well-known manufacturers, but in terms of quality they are not inferior to them. This is confirmed by the buyers who installed them. In terms of heat dissipation, they are inferior to Rifar Base 500.

Rifar Base 500

Rifar Base 500×10

The model surpasses all bimetallic radiators in terms of heat transfer — 2040 W. The manufacturer assures that 10 sections are enough to heat 20 square meters. m. Able to withstand a higher coolant temperature than Teplopribor BR1-500 — up to 135 ° C. For other indicators, it practically does not differ from it.


  1. Nice design.
  2. Heat up quickly.
  3. Excellent heat dissipation.
  4. Reliable. They work without problems for several years without leaks (according to customer reviews).
  5. The kit includes everything you need to connect.
  6. Quality manufacturing.


  1. There is a single case of marriage.

Rifar Base 500 x10 costs 7 thousand rubles for 10 sections. Reliable good quality radiator. 93% of users recommend a product for purchase.

Global STYLE PLUS 500

Global STYLE PLUS 500×10

Model in stylish design. It is distinguished by a smaller volume of water in one section (0.19 l), a significant working pressure — up to 35 bar (52.5 bar — during pressure testing). In terms of power, it is slightly inferior to the Teplopribor BR1 — 1850 W. Heat dissipation — 1140 W. To heat a room of 18.5 sq. m enough 10 sections (according to the manufacturer).


  1. Nice view. They look solid.
  2. Reliable assembly of European quality (manufactured in Italy).
  3. They warm up well.
  4. After several years of use, there are no complaints.


  1. There are cases of scratches found under the inner factory packaging (apparently, one batch left the assembly line with a defective outer coating). It does not affect the quality of work.

The price of Global STYLE PLUS 500 x10 is 8900 rubles for 10 sections. According to buyers, the difference with cheaper radiators is significant: thicker walls, metal quality, solid assembly. 95% of users are satisfied with the performance of the radiator.

Royal Thermo Piano Forte 500

Royal Thermo PianoForte 500×10

Most of the characteristics are similar to Global STYLE PLUS. The design is special: sections are even in shape, located with varying degrees of extension (alternate alternation of protruding upper and lower sections creates the impression of playing the piano). The only model in this section of the rating, presented in white, silver and black colors. With greater heat dissipation — 1230 watts. This is achieved by the asymmetric arrangement of the sections. Designed for lower operating pressure than Global STYLE PLUS — 30 bar (up to 45 — when pressure testing).


  1. Beautiful design, 3 colors to choose from.
  2. Good coverage.
  3. Heats well. Long warranty period from the manufacturer.
  4. Ease of installation.


  1. There is a single case of marriage.
  2. Complaints about high sound conductivity.

The price of Royal Thermo PianoForte 500 x10 is 9900 rubles for 10 sections. The model stands out for its original design, which also affects the increase in heat transfer. Buyers are satisfied with the reliability of performance, the quality of heating, but due to shortcomings, only 88% of users are ready to recommend a radiator for purchase.

TOP-4 steel heating radiators

Steel radiators are distinguished by reliability, high heat transfer. Of the minuses, it is worth highlighting the instability to water hammer, susceptibility to corrosion. Some manufacturers use special coatings to protect against it. Most steel radiators have a panel view, that is, it is impossible to dial the required number of sections, as in aluminum and bimetallic ones. The exception is tubular steel radiators.

Axis Classic 22 500x1000

Axis Classic 22 500×1000

The steel radiator consists of two water-conducting panels and two convection rows. The outer grille is removable: you can clean the internal parts. It differs from the standard dimensions characteristic of all models of the rating (50 × 100 × 10 cm) by a slightly larger thickness — 11 cm. Almost all radiators weigh about 28 kg. The capacity of water is 5.63 liters. Steel radiators differ from bimetallic radiators with a lower working pressure — 9 bar (13.5 — during pressure testing). Side connection ½ inch. The center distance is non-standard — 449 mm. Designed for coolant temperatures up to 120 °C. The model has increased power — 2188 watts.


  1. Nice view. Simple design.
  2. Quality build. Russian production on Italian equipment.
  3. The kit includes everything you need for installation.
  4. Heats well.
  5. Inexpensive.


  1. Non-standard center connection. There are no problems if the eyeliner is made of polypropylene pipes.

Axis Classic 22 500 1000 costs 3700 rubles. The model surpasses all types of steel radiators included in the rating in terms of power. Provides rapid heating of the room. The quality of the metal, reliability satisfied demanding users, so the vast majority of them recommend the product for purchase.

Buderus Logatrend K-Profil 22 500x1000

Buderus Logatrend K-Profil 22 500×1000

It features a large volume of water — 6.3 liters. The working pressure in the system is higher — up to 10 bar, but less power — 1826 watts. According to the manufacturer’s calculations, one radiator is enough to heat a room of about 18 square meters. m. The model undergoes anti-corrosion treatment by phosphating and hot powder spraying. Center distance — 450 mm.


  1. Laconic design.
  2. Good painted. Does not turn yellow over time.
  3. They heat well.
  4. Build quality is ok.


  1. One radiator is not enough for the declared area (but it depends on the coolant temperature).

Price Buderus Logatrend K-Profil 22 500 1000 — 4270 rubles. The model is somewhat inferior to Axis Classic 22 in terms of power, but it has a better anti-corrosion coating. Customers are satisfied with the quality of workmanship and the operation of the radiator.

Kermi FKO 22 500x1000

Kermi FKO 22 500×1000

Differs in the smallest volume — 5.4 liters. But it loses in power to the first two models — 1808 watts. Designed for system pressure up to 10 bar (13 bar — pressure test). Provides operation at a coolant temperature up to 110 °C. Center distance — 446 mm. The manufacturer has applied Therm X2 technology, which increases the energy efficiency of the equipment. The outer coating is made of two layers of powder paint, which increases the resistance to mechanical damage.


  1. Beautiful view.
  2. Quality made.
  3. Ease of care.
  4. Good heat dissipation.


  • There are cases of leakage after several years of use (in an apartment building where the system is drained for the summer).

Kermi FKO 22 500 1000 for 6200 rubles provide a normal level of heat. Due to the small volume of coolant, the heating of the radiator and the room is faster. Recommended for installation in a closed system without draining the coolant for a long period.

Arbonia 2180 1800 270

Arbonia 2180 1800 270

The only representative of tubular steel radiators in the review. It differs from panel models in non-standard dimensions. This is a narrow model (65 mm) with a very high height (1800 mm). The width of one section (tube) is 45 mm. Center distance — 1730 mm. One section weighs 2.61 kg, but it includes a much larger volume than aluminum and bimetallic radiators — 1.56 liters. In terms of heat transfer, the six-section Arbonia is expectedly inferior to other models in the rating — 1730 W. Power — 990 watts.


  1. Interesting view.
  2. Normal heat dissipation. Heats up well.
  3. Quality build.


  1. It is necessary to take into account the place for installation, the possibility of piping. If there are windows in the room, they will blow from them (you cannot place such a radiator under them).

The price of Arbonia 2180 1800 270 is 9950 rubles. You can choose the number of sections, unlike other steel samples. Non-standard sizes significantly increase heat transfer due to the larger radiator area. Can become part of the interior. Customers have no complaints about the quality.

TOP-2 cast iron radiators

Cast iron radiators can be bought in sections, dialing the right number for the room. Cast iron has a slower heating rate, but maintains heat for a long time when the heating is turned off. Batteries withstand more pressure than steel ones, surpass them in strength. Such radiators are less susceptible to corrosion, can be installed in open systems and apartment buildings. But they do not look very attractive, they require painting — this is a small minus.


STI Nova 500 x10

Cast iron radiators provide a standard center distance of 500 mm. Connection — 1 inch. They differ from aluminum and bimetal in significant weight, which must be taken into account during installation. One section weighs 4.2 kg. Larger volume of water in one section — 0.52 liters. Are calculated on work at a temperature of the heat carrier up to 150 °C. Withstand pressure up to 12 bar (18 bar — when pressure testing). In terms of heat transfer, they are inferior to steel radiators — 1200 watts.


  1. They look modern.
  2. They take up little space (thickness is small).
  3. Quality manufacturing. Reliability.
  4. They warm up quickly (compared to outdated cast-iron models).
  5. Heat dissipation is good.


  1. Due to the design decision, dust accumulates. There are hard to reach places where it is difficult to wipe it.
  2. Heavy. Needs additional fasteners.

The price of STI Nova 500 x10 is 6750 rubles for 10 sections. Decent model for high-quality heating. Cast iron is a stronger, more durable material. And thanks to the larger bore width, they have a longer service life.

Rating of the 10 best heaters with Aliexpress according to customer reviews

Konner Modern 500

Konner Modern 500×10

The model is similar in characteristics to the previous type of radiator. It has a more typical design for cast iron batteries. Provides more water in the system. One section holds 0.9 liters. Considerable dimensions and weight (4.9 kg — one section).


  1. They warm up well. Heat dissipation is sufficient.
  2. The kit includes everything for installation.
  3. Many reviews of several years of excellent work.
  4. Are convenient in leaving. There are no «petals» and hard-to-reach places where dust can accumulate.
  5. Does not deteriorate from poor water quality.


  • The coverage is weak. Needs to be repainted. There is a single case of influx of paint.
  • Single case of marriage.

Price Konner Modern 500 x10 — 7600 rubles. The radiator is suitable for any heating system, immune to salts or other substances added to water, less susceptible to corrosion than other types of batteries. 92% of buyers are satisfied with the quality and reliability of the model.


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