Rating of the Best Air Purifiers for the Home in 2022 (TOP 6)

Rating of the best air purifiers for the home in 2022 (TOP 6)


In this ranking, we have compiled the 6 best air purifiers for 2022. Only the best models from different price segments got into our TOP – from 9,990 to 27,000 rubles. When selecting air purifiers, we paid attention to such characteristics as performance, operating modes, filtration system and the availability of additional options for air purification. The price is also not an unimportant factor. And most often, the more additional options, the higher the price tag of the device, but not in the case of the leader of our rating REMEZair RMA-107, it has a low price, and in terms of functionality it is not inferior to more expensive competitors. We also studied customer reviews and expert reviews, and based on the data obtained, we were able to objectively identify the pros and cons of each model as objectively as possible.

Table of participants in the rating of air purifiers 2022

Ballu AP-110

Rating of the best air purifiers for the home in 2022 (TOP 6)Rating of the best air purifiers for the home in 2022 (TOP 6)


  • serviced area 20 sq.m
  • productivity 200 m³/h
  • ionization, UV lamp
  • pre-filter, carbon filter, HEPA filter
  • work speed adjustment
  • power 50 W

The sixth place in the TOP is Ballu AP-110. Column-shaped air purifier in white. Touch control panel with display placed on the top panel. Air purification occurs with the help of two filters – preliminary and HEPA. The device also performs the function disinfection with UV lamp and photocatalytic filter. Moreover, the operation of the lamp can be turned off. Ballu also has an ionization switch to saturate the air with useful ions.

On the control panel there are operation indicators that inform about the need to change the filters and show the degree of air pollution. The latter has a color indication, i.e. a change in color indicates an increase / decrease in contamination. The cleaner is designed for processing area up to 20 sq. m with a capacity of 200 cubic meters. m/h. The fan speed can be controlled by choosing from three modes. Ballu has a “night” mode, in which the brightness of the indication and displays is minimized. This ensures comfort during sleep, because it also works with a minimum noise level (42 dB).

The device has an operation timer with duration installations up to 24 hours, as well as a filter replacement timer. When opening the panel that gives access to the filter, the operation of the device stops. This serves as a kind of parental control.

  • The presence of an ionizer and a UV lamp.
  • Shutdown timer (the longest time of all rating devices).
  • Clear display and easy operation.
  • The design is not the most stable.
  • When you turn on the night mode, the On / Off button. burning bright.
  • The filter needs to be changed every month. Expensive filters.
  • Noisy in all modes except night.

The price is 11,900 rubles. Although this is one of the most budget cleaners in the ranking, it has good equipment: several filters and a disinfection lamp, informing about the need to replace the filter, speed control. 94% of users recommend this model.

Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier Pro (FJY4013GL/ FJY4011CN)

Rating of the best air purifiers for the home in 2022 (TOP 6)Rating of the best air purifiers for the home in 2022 (TOP 6)


  • serviced area 60 sq.m
  • productivity 500 m³/h
  • ionization, UV lamp
  • pre-filter, carbon filter, HEPA filter
  • smartphone control
  • noise level 69 dB

The fifth place in the ranking is occupied by Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier Pro (FJY4013GL/ FJY4011CN). The design is a bit similar to the Ballu AP-110, but Xiaomi’s filter is located only at the bottom of the case, and not along the entire length. Cylindrical filtration system provides three stages of cleaning: preliminary, HEPA and coal. The round display is integrated into the body. Its brightness can be changed using the night mode.

The screen shows the air quality, as well as displays the temperature and humidity. The LED ring around the display changes color depending on the degree of contamination: from green to red. In Xiaomi powerful engine installed, which circulates the air blown by the fan. The purifier works according to a new technology with independent air ducts: air is thrown upwards under pressure, and when lowered down, it raises dust from the floor, which immediately enters the filter again. This speeds up cleaning. By changing the shape of the fan blades, the manufacturer has achieved a low noise level at high productivity – 500 cubic meters. m/h

The device is designed to work indoors up to 60 sq. m. It has several modes: favorite (user settings), automatic (Xiaomi itself changes the speed of operation, taking into account the degree of air pollution), standby (the device switches to it after cleaning is completed in auto mode). The feature of this model is the possibility of remote control via smartphone and integration into the Smart Home due to the built-in Wi-Fi module. In the application, you can change modes, control the level of air pollution, monitor the status of filters and receive information about the need to replace them.

  • Shows temperature and humidity.
  • Display that changes color depending on air pollution.
  • Works well in auto mode. Smoothly switches between modes.
  • Responds quickly to changes (when, for example, smoke appears, it immediately shows that the level of pollution has changed and increases speed).
  • Quiet operation in automatic mode.
  • Can be supplied with a Chinese plug.
  • There are problems with the settings in the application.
  • The application does not always correctly show the degree of filter contamination.
  • Inadequately reacts to the air humidifier (recognizes that the air is polluted).
  • In user mode, the fan “cracks”.

Price 15 000 rubles. Compared with the Ballu AP-110, this model has independent air ducts, a powerful motor and higher performance, and is also equipped with a large number of filters. It has several settings modes, shows not only the degree of pollution, but also air indicators (temperature, humidity), allows you to make settings and control the need to replace consumables through the application. Xiaomi is inferior to Ballu only in the absence of a UV lamp. 87% of users recommend this model.

Timberk TAP FL700MF

Rating of the best air purifiers for the home in 2022 (TOP 6)Rating of the best air purifiers for the home in 2022 (TOP 6)


  • serviced area 50 sq.m
  • productivity 200 m³/h
  • ultraviolet lamp
  • prefilter, carbon filter
  • work speed adjustment
  • power 33 W

The fourth place in the TOP is Timberk TAP FL700 MF. The purifier looks cool, and the body is made of tactilely pleasant plastic. The control panel, like that of the Ballu AP-110, is placed on the upper part, which is finished in wood. The filter is changed through the rear panel, where it is conveniently fixed with a lever, and air is pumped from the sides. The filtration system in Timberk is more equipped than in Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier Pro: there are pre-filters, photocatalytic, electrostatic, carbon.

At the device has a UV lamp. The air quality is shown by a multi-colored indicator, which is placed on the front panel. There is also an indicator that indicates when the filters are dirty. The cleaner can work at different speeds, has an automatic and night mode. The timer can limit work time to 9 hours.

  • Beautiful design.
  • High quality filtration system.
  • Quiet operation in night mode.
  • Suitable for large rooms (up to 50 sqm).
  • Convenient management. Informative indication.
  • It is convenient to move around the rooms (there are recesses on the sides that act as handles).
  • Problems with consumables (some users find them hard to find).

Price 18 000 rubles. Compared to Xiaomi, Timberk is inferior in performance (200 cubic meters / h), lack of remote control and not so thoughtful fan operation. But it surpasses the quality of air purification due to a larger system of various filters and the presence of a disinfecting lamp. Therefore, the model is recommended by 80% of users.

Yamaguchi Oxygen

Rating of the best air purifiers for the home in 2022 (TOP 6)Rating of the best air purifiers for the home in 2022 (TOP 6)


  • remote control, timer
  • productivity 350 m³/h
  • ionization, UV lamp
  • pre-filter, carbon filter, HEPA filter
  • work speed adjustment
  • power 60 W

The top three is opened by Yamaguchi Oxygen. The cleaner is made in a cylindrical shape. Holes for air circulation are located on the sides, and the display is placed on the top panel. Around it is a circular indicator that changes color as the air quality changes. Responsible for cleansing 4-stage filtration system: there are preliminary, HEPA, coal, photocatalytic filters.

Model Equipped with UV lamp and ionizer. You can control the device using the buttons located on the panel or remote control: you can turn on / off the lamp, ionization, set the mode, turn on the timer for up to 8 hours. On night mode the purifier is very quiet (29 dB)and the indicators are off.

  • Quality build.
  • Beautiful indication (degree of contamination).
  • The presence of an ionizer and a UV lamp.
  • Quiet work.
  • Remote control.
  • Comes with an extra filter.
  • There are isolated cases of marriage.
  • There is no indication of the operation of the UV lamp (it is not clear whether it is on or not).
  • The filter cover is difficult to open.
  • Expensive consumables.

Yamaguchi Oxygen worth 27 000 rubles. If we compare the model with Timberk, then Yamaguchi has a higher productivity (350 cubic meters / h), has an ionization function, can be controlled from the remote control and differs in the type of filters. For efficiency and ergonomics, 90% of the owners of this model recommend it for purchase.

Philips AC2887

Rating of the best air purifiers for the home in 2022 (TOP 6)Rating of the best air purifiers for the home in 2022 (TOP 6)


  • serviced area 39 sq.m
  • productivity 333 m³/h
  • timer
  • pre-filter, carbon filter, HEPA filter
  • work speed adjustment
  • power 60 W

In second place in the Philips AC2887 rating. The cleaner is made in a concise, but elegant design. Air intakes are neatly integrated on the sides, and an outlet for purified air is provided on top. On the top panel, there are control buttons and a display that shows the air pollution indicator. This can also be recognized by the color indicator located on the front panel. The brightness of the indicators and the display can be dimmed or completely turned off. 3-layer filter is used for cleaning (preliminary, HEPA, coal). The corresponding indicator informs about the need to replace the filter.

Philips capacity is 333 cu. m/h, which, according to the manufacturer’s calculations, is enough to purify the air in a room of 20 sq. m in 9 minutes. In the operation of the device there are three manual modes, at which you can change the fan speed, and automatic. On it, the purifier measures the microparticles contained in the air 1000 times per second and changes the speed based on this indicator. Oone of the manual modes is nightat which the brightness of the display decreases and the noise level is reduced to a minimum.

  • Quality build. Nice design.
  • Quiet work.
  • Optimal set of modes.
  • A noticeable improvement in air quality (according to reviews, there is less dustiness, it is easier for allergy sufferers to breathe).
  • In automatic mode, it instantly reacts to changes (shaken off dust, smoke from a blown out candle).
  • Simple touch control panel.
  • Expensive filters.

Price 21 500 rubles. Compared to the Yamaguchi Oxygen, the Philips is slightly inferior due to the lack of a UV lamp and the ability to remote control. But in terms of performance, build reliability and air purification quality, the models are identical, and the Philips AC2887 is cheaper. Users have higher confidence in this brand, so 88% of them recommend it for purchase.

REMEZair RMA-107-02

Rating of the best air purifiers for the home in 2022 (TOP 6)Rating of the best air purifiers for the home in 2022 (TOP 6)


  • serviced area 20 sq.m
  • productivity 100 m³/h
  • smartphone control
  • pre-filter, carbon filter, HEPA filter
  • ionization, ozonation, UV lamp
  • power 16 W

The leader of my rating is REMEZair RMA-107-02. The air purifier at a very affordable price is a multifunctional device. He performs not only the functions of an air purifier and decontaminator, but also an ozonator. The ozonator helps to get rid of unpleasant odors and eliminate mold and fungus spores, not just dust and bacteria, like other air purifiers. The ozonator function is automatically turned off when people appear in the room (the presence sensor is triggered), since it cannot be performed in the presence of a person. Disinfection is carried out by means of ionization and a UV sterilizer.

The filtration system consists of 4 types of filters: pre, HEPA, coal, photocatalytic. Another feature of the device is its compactness. This is one of the smallest and lightest cleaners in the ranking, which designed for an area of ​​​​15-20 square meters. m and easy to move between rooms. Productivity at the first speed – 50 m3 and 100 m3 at the second speed. The REMEZair case is made in black. Also, this model is presented in the classic white color. Air intake and supply are carried out around the entire perimeter of the device. Dirty air is taken in from below, and purified air is discharged from above. At the same time, the air outlets are hidden and do not spoil the view.

Above is a touch control panel. The device has several modes of operation. In the basic mode of air purification, an ionizer is connected. Separately, it is worth noting the very quiet operation – 30 dB. For other models, this indicator is only possible in night mode. The air purifier has a Wi-Fi module, which allows you to control it from your smartphone. By the way, the Ozonator mode is always turned on only from a smartphone through a mobile application.

  • Quality build, nice design.
  • Multifunctional (HEPA13, ionization, UV sterilization, ozonator).
  • Small-sized.
  • Simple control.
  • Quiet work.
  • Convenient app control.
  • Child lock.
  • Cheap HEPA filters to replace and always in stock.
  • Average performance. Best for living rooms up to 15-20m2.

Price 9 990 rubles. Compared to its analogue at the price, Ballu AP-110, REMEZair has an improved filtration system, performs the function of an ozone generator, works quieter and has a remote control, although it is somewhat inferior in terms of performance. Users believe that due to the functionality and quality of air purification REMEZair RMA-107 is the best option for a small apartment.

In general, REMEZair is a technological brand, but still little known. Their air purifiers are the most thoughtful in terms of characteristics and at the same time the price does not bite. They also have cheap replacement HEPA filters and are always in stock, which will save you a lot of money and time in the long run.

What are air purifiers?

Rating of the best air purifiers for the home in 2022 (TOP 6)Rating of the best air purifiers for the home in 2022 (TOP 6)

The device and the principle of operation of this device are quite simple – the air cleaner drives air flows through the filters inside itself. All sorts of contaminants settle on the filters of the device. Often, an air purifier for the home is equipped with an ionizer, and also additionally disinfects or flavors the air.

The filters that are installed in household cleaners are different:

  • Electrostatic or plasma – trap dust particles;
  • Photocatalytic – remove unpleasant odors, tobacco smoke, microspores of fungi and mold;
  • HEPA filters – help in the fight against dust and allergens;
  • Charcoal filters – mechanically filter out dust and other microparticles, well purify the air from odors;
  • Ionizers – serve to disinfect and improve the condition of the body as a whole.

In modern high-quality appliances, a multi-stage air flow system is used – several different filters are installed at once, which provides comprehensive cleaning, disinfection and humidification of air for the home.


When choosing a device for your home, give preference to models with an air ionization function. Otherwise, you and your family will constantly inhale the so-called “dead” air – such a microclimate loses its natural charge and becomes harmful to all living things in the room.

If you need both purification and humidification of the air inside an apartment or house, you can choose an air washer for yourself. It is more bulky, but does not require the cost of consumables and replaceable filters. It is enough just to add water to the tank and periodically clean the spinning discs through which air is driven.

How to choose a good air purifier

Rating of the best air purifiers for the home in 2022 (TOP 6)Rating of the best air purifiers for the home in 2022 (TOP 6)

Here are a few criteria that will help you choose the right air purifier model for your apartment or house.

  1. The volume of air being transported. For an hour of work, a good cleaner must pass through itself three volumes of the room in which it is located. We calculate the volume of the room and multiply by three – this is the desired indicator for your purifier.
  2. Power. Directly affects the speed and intensity of the device. But if you want the cleaner to work all the time, pay attention to low-power models.
  3. Problems that the device will deal with. Depending on the task that you set for the device, choose the filtration of the purifier. And then, you can always enjoy clean and fresh air in your home.
  4. Additional functions. The presence of a display, indicators of water level or filter contamination, a timer, backlight, ultraviolet radiation, flavoring – all this increases the purchase price, but also makes the operation of the device more comfortable. From customer reviews, we can conclude that it is really worth overpaying for controlled air humidification, and all other functions of purifiers and humidifiers are not of decisive importance.


Remember, any device requires maintenance and cleaning. Some filters need to be washed or changed quite often (electrostatic, carbon), and some less often (photocatalytic).

It’s time to decide on the brand and model of the best device for cleaning the air in the house.

Rating of the most popular manufacturers of household air cleaning equipment

Rating of the best air purifiers for the home in 2022 (TOP 6)Rating of the best air purifiers for the home in 2022 (TOP 6)

  • Sharp. A well-known Japanese company that has been producing only high-quality and modern household appliances on world markets for more than a hundred years. All air cleaners are prudently equipped with a filter system that filters out dust and dirt particles of various sizes, while Plasmacluster ionization technology effectively fights mold and harmful microorganisms.
  • ballu. An international holding that relies on innovative developments and modern technologies. Air purifiers under this trademark are distinguished by the presence of a variety of filters and a modern stylish design.
  • Philips. A Dutch company that conquered the market with simple and practical household appliances. Philips air purifiers are ideal for allergy sufferers and people with hypersensitivity. The air purification technology used in the devices of this manufacturer does not provide for the production of ozone or the use of chemical compounds – everything is natural and environmentally friendly.
  • Venta. It was this German company that produced the world’s first humidifier., which is now sold under the name “sink”. This super economical and extremely effective device not only removes dust from the air, but also helps to maintain a natural and healthy level of humidity in the room. Venta sinks are productive, reliable and easy to use.
  • AIC. A young but dynamic Chinese company. High-quality materials, careful assembly of devices, the use of effective methods and air purification systems.


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