In the spring-summer season, many residents of apartment buildings or private dwellings are faced with the problem of high indoor temperatures — in other words, summer heat prevails. At this point, the decision to purchase an air conditioner is made. High-quality and affordable units are presented in many stores, for example, at http://gree-cool.ru/. But even here there are nuances. It is important to familiarize yourself with all the pros and cons of the need for such a purchase before acquiring equipment.

Air conditioner

Pros of the air conditioner

Of course, when purchasing an air conditioner, you get a lot of advantages, rather than its disadvantages (and there are some). Its main plus, and, in fact, the need is to cool the air in hot weather to create a comfortable temperature in the room.

The following are the advantages of purchasing an air conditioner:

  • There are models that cool the air in hot weather and warm it up in cold weather.
  • Very fast result of the unit operation (almost instantly, depending on the power and cubic capacity of the room).
  • Some models are silent.
  • Setting a comfortable temperature in the room, regardless of the weather in the external environment.
  • The criteria for choosing an air conditioner allow you to choose a model that can additionally eliminate odor and disinfect the room.
  • Convenient management. You can use the remote control or connect the Smart Home system, which will set up the air conditioner via your smartphone.
  • Uniform air distribution.
  • Ionization of the air space.

There are a lot of pluses, but most importantly, they are very significant, especially for those who, for health reasons, cannot tolerate sudden changes in temperature or critical indicators of heat or cold.

Negative sides

Cons can be found in any demanded technique. Air conditioners are no exception. If you are bothered by the following nuances, then you should refrain from buying:

  • Rapid cooling. 95% of users, when buying an air conditioner in the heat, set a low temperature. At this moment, you want coolness, but a sharp change in temperature promises a malfunction in the immune system and, as a result, the manifestation of cold symptoms.
  • Noise from the device (in budget models up to 50-60 thousand rubles).
  • Frequent filter replacement. Additional consumables, plus the purchase of a filter replacement service.
  • The high cost of some models.

As a result, there are more pluses than minuses. If you have free money, and you can’t stand the heat (or it’s difficult to heat the room in winter), then purchasing an air conditioner will be a great solution, both at home and in the office.

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