Compact, free-standing dishwasher with narrow body. Suitable for those kitchens where there is a minimum of free space. But the capacity is as much as 10 sets (as many offer in full-size dishwashers from many manufacturers).

Economical electricity consumption (energy class A ++). A unique patented Aqua Stop leakage protection system is also used (automatically shuts off the water, turns off the electricity supply).

Overview of the functionality of the Weissgauff DW 4015 dishwasher

Supported functions of the Weissgauff DW 4015 dishwasher:78965

  1. 6 customizable programs. A special battery is installed inside, so their settings are saved even after a power outage.
  2. 5 water temperature selection modes.
  3. Convenient adjustment of the amount of water used.
  4. Intelligent leak protection system (complete, not just the body).
  5. Child protection (button lock).
  6. condensation drying.

Pros and cons of a dishwasher

Considering the published reviews about this dishwasher, the following advantages can be distinguished:

  1. Economical consumption of electricity and water.
  2. Works well on heavily soiled dishes.
  3. Minimum noise during operation.
  4. The heater is a flow heater.


  • sometimes there are stains on glass and crystal dishes;
  • periodically entered settings are ignored (until reboot).