An invigorating morning for many certainly begins with a cup of delicious aromatic drink — coffee. The main assistant in brewing this «nectar from grains» is a coffee maker. At home, horn devices will help create a rich drink without thick.

Overview of espresso coffee makers

They earned their popularity thanks to their affordable cost, simple operation, and the ability to produce not only standard black coffee, but also cappuccino with airy milk foam. Those who are just going to get a similar device for home use should read the review of the best espresso (or combined) coffee makers.

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Saeco Poemia HD8425/21

A unit with a classic design and a high speed of coffee preparation. You can brew 2 cups of drink at the same time with one switch on. At the same time, the device takes care of saving energy consumption, turning it off after 30 minutes of idle time.

Saeco Poemia HD8425/21 - the best espresso coffee maker

In addition to this, the Saeco Poemia D8425/21 has the following advantages:

  • Compactness. The gadget fits seamlessly into the limited kitchen space, without disturbing the hostess and complementing the interior. The dimensions of the device are 20×26.5×2.9 cm.
  • Heating of containers. Even after switching off, the stand of this machine continues to heat up, eliminating the possibility of getting a warm drink.
  • Mechanical cappuccino maker. It is a separate panarello nozzle that allows you to create an unnaturally tasty and stable crema foam.

The indisputable merit of this product for the kitchen is a high-speed boiler. You don’t have to wait a long time for the water to heat up to prepare the next portion of a hot drink. The only minus of the device: it is not designed for the use of tall cups.

According to its technical parameters, this unit is one of the best espresso machines. Regardless of the type and brand of coffee raw materials used, it produces a strong, hot drink with an excellent taste.

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Delonghi EC 680 M

Attracts users with its narrow forms. The width of the unit is record low — only 15 centimeters. At the same time, the device is quite durable
from anti-corrosion metal. Chrome elements on the outer parts of the body add style to the design.

Rozhkovy coffee maker for the house of Delonghi EC 680 M

What else is good about the EC 680 M of the Italian brand «Delonga»? The device has at least 3 advantages, namely:

  1. Well-thought-out control area. It is equipped with 3 buttons with designations of their functions, which are also beautifully illuminated.
  2. Ease of care and use. The water container is easily removable/replaceable, and if you remove the cup holder, you can place a large latte glass, such as a Latte Macchiato, underneath.
  3. Efficiency at «5+». The device is equipped with a thermoblock and electronic elements, thanks to which it is as convenient as possible to use the equipment, and you can adjust the size of the coffee portion at your discretion.

In addition, the owners of the machine note the first-class taste of the coffee it brews: the drink comes out like a professional barista.

The minus concerns the outer part of the unit — the case is quite greasy, but if you wipe it regularly, this nuance will not cause any trouble. Otherwise, the machine is rightfully included in the list of the best combined coffee makers for the home.

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Saeco Poemia Focus HD8323/39

A distinctive feature of the unit is simplicity. Control of the device consists in left/right rotation of the round handle on the front of the machine. There are also convenient places to store cups, spoons for measuring coffee doses, and filters (compartments on the platform above).

Saeco Poemia Focus HD8323/39

The following features are among the advantages of HD8323/39:

  • Versatility. Lovers of invigorating drinks can prepare their favorite Americano or cappuccino using coffee powder or special chaldas.
  • Serviceability. To replenish the water supply, tidy up the filter or tray, you just need to reach out and take them out of their place: all compartments are freely accessible.
  • Availability of special options. There is a boiling function, that is, you can quickly brew tea, as well as a panarello nozzle, which is immersed in milk to create airy foam.

Small disadvantages of the machine:

  • there is no energy saving option, which means that you need to turn off the device yourself if it is not in use;
  • the button for turning on the unit is located on the back of the machine, that is, the device should not be placed close to the wall.

In general, the unit deserves to be in the ranks of the best combined coffee makers, because it works smartly, is affordable and durable in operation.

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Delonghi EC156.B

The device will please its owners with stable, trouble-free operation, as well as excellent quality of the final product. The unit is equipped with a durable boiler made of anti-corrosion steel, which will take only a few minutes to heat up.

The best carob coffee maker Delonghi EC156.B

EC156.B is better to buy because of the following advantages of the device:

  • Super economical. After 9 minutes without work, the device turns off and does not «wind» extra kilowatts of electricity.
  • Control of temperature indicators. There are 2 separate thermostats responsible for steam and water temperature.
  • Control with one click. By turning the toggle switch on the front of the machine, you can activate the process of brewing espresso, supplying steam or turning off the machine.

Glowing indicators on the panel send signals to the owner of the device whether the device is turned on or not. Another nice point in the design of the unit is the removable parts: a water tank and a tray for drops. This significantly facilitates maintenance of the equipment.

The machine conquers users with its unpretentious care and excellent quality of delicate latte or creamy cappuccino, which look luxurious in special CAPPUCCINO glasses.

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Redmond RCM-1503

The device is encased in a matte plastic shell of a rich dark gray shade. The upper and front parts of the product are covered with metal sheets for solidity and strength. The suction cups securely hold the device on the surface.

Rozhkovy coffee maker Redmond RCM-1503

Here are some of the advantages of the RCM-1503:

  • you can program the amount of water for cooking one portion (total volume – 1 liter);
  • it is possible to choose the temperature indicators of the finished drink (75 or 85 degrees Celsius);
  • rapid water heating (the process takes less than 1 minute).

With such a functional device, you can quickly cook 1-2 portions, you only need to set the desired mode on the control panel. Before brewing a delicious drink, it is worth warming up the containers on the «table» in the upper part of the structure.

Work: In order to prepare a perfectly tasty and lump-free drink, you should use an automatic coffee grinder instead of a manual coffee grinder to grind the beans.

Saeco Poemia Top HD8327/99

The material of the body of the unit is steel with anti-corrosion properties, which ensures a long life of the machine. You can control the equipment with the help of a switch-regulator, which clicks the modes (espresso — steam supply — water supply).

Saeco Poemia Top HD8327/99

In addition, it is worth noting the following advantages of HD8327/99:

  • the presence of a horn valve, which allows you not to additionally tamp the tablet for preparing coffee solution;
  • the coffee treat invariably has a very dense, creamy texture foam;
  • record-breakingly short water heating time — takes about 90 seconds;
  • provision of boiling water for preparing not only espresso, but also tea is provided.

The well-thought-out device is designed in such a way that you do not have to remove the water container countless times, you can observe the liquid level through the window on the panel (behind the holder). There is also frontal access to all elements of the unit, for hygienic procedures it will not be necessary to move the device. The only thing: it is worth periodically using a liquid for decalcification (FOR EXAMPLE, ECODECALK) to eliminate scale inside.

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Kenwood ES020 kMix

Those who like to adjust the right amount of water in the cups will definitely like it. Here you can manually adjust it, as well as preheat the containers on the top of the unit to get the most aromatic and tasty drink.

Kenwood ES020 kMix

ES020 kMix among «siblings»:

  • Beautiful and strong case. It is decorated in snow-white color, looks stylish in any style (from classic to modern), made of metal.
  • Preparation of espresso + cappuccino. Thanks to a special nozzle, the unit can create not just coffee, but this drinkable treat with a delicate, lush milk foam.
  • Comfort in operation. Flashing indicators inform the owner about the operating modes of the device, the control keys are large, which eliminates the possibility of pressing an unnecessary button.

The manufacturer of the machine took care of users by equipping the machine with filters for water purification (although you can also use filter jugs). A small nuance of the unit — the machine requires regular cleaning (at least once every 30 days), otherwise it will become clogged and require the intervention of repair specialists.

This device is always popular, because it shows high taste indicators of drinks and, thanks to the metal case, long-term operation without losing the attractiveness of the appearance.

Electrolux EEA111

The device is unusual in design. The water tank is located on the side. It is transparent, which allows you to observe the liquid level without unnecessary movements (no need to extend/insert the tank into the compartment).

The best carob coffee maker Electrolux EEA111

In addition, EEA111 has the following advantages:

  • the increased volume of the water tank is 1.25 liters, perfect for a large family;
  • the unit turns off after half an hour of non-use, allowing economical consumption of electricity;
  • ease of control — all the necessary buttons and a switch are located on the front, there are markings nearby that are understandable even without instructions.

Coffee cups up to 9 cm fit perfectly in the machine. Do you need to install a large container? It is only necessary to simply remove the platform for collecting drops: it is removable, it is quickly pulled out and falls into place.

Delonghi ECOV 311 BG

The device is not only functional and durable, but also designed in an original retro style. The shell of the device is made in an elegant beige shade, metal elements add luxury and style to the design of the device. You can collect the entire collection of this series (toaster, electric kettle) and complete the kitchen space not just with appliances, but with exclusive equipment.

Delonghi ECOV 311 BG

In addition to the non-trivial design, the ECOV 311 BG has the following advantages:

  • equipped with a special filter — allows you to cook richly, with a beautiful foam and at any degree of grinding;
  • complete set with first-class elements — the boiler is made of anti-corrosion steel, and the device itself consists of metal and plastic;
  • the possibility of adjusting some options — you can change the temperature indicators of steam and water, as well as adjust the power of steam.

There is also a mechanism for preparing a delicate and airy cappuccino: the system mixes steam and milk in a couple of seconds, creating a perfect-tasting drink.

This unit looks very cool and «perfectly» copes with its functions, so it is ideal for installation not only at home, but also in the office.

Which coffee maker to prefer?

Before the final selection of the desired device, it is worth taking another look at the individual technical characteristics of the devices. They are presented in the table:

100% of all proposed units successfully fulfill their purpose — brewing a dizzying drink with first-class foam. The difference between them is small: the volume of the water tank, the material of the case and some additional features.

You can give preference to brand-name devices from the well-known company «Delongy» or opt for more modestly priced «Electrolux» coffee makers. The purchase will certainly be successful, because the best candidates for the role of home barista are collected in this review.


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