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The built-in microwave oven is installed in the kitchen furniture set, does not take up useful space on the table. The peculiarity of its design is a presentable facade and unformed sidewalls, which are invisible due to the cabinet walls during the operation of the equipment. The advantages of a built-in microwave are obvious:

  1. secure fixation at the place of installation,
  2. nice facade,
  3. enlarged chamber.

Like a conventional microwave, built-in has a different set of functions, models differ in power. The EXPERTOLOGY team found out which microwaves are preferred by home appliance buyers and compiled a rating that includes the 7 best built-in models.

Rating of the best built-in microwave ovens

Siemens BE634RGS1

Rating: 4.9

Siemens BE634RGS1

The best choice for a person seeking to furnish the kitchen with expensive appliances! Like almost all other products of the German manufacturer, this microwave has a modern design. The work is provided by numerous automatic programs that focus on the weight of the product. To see the remaining cooking time, it is not necessary to come close – the information from the display is easy to read from any angle. It should also be noted that the adjusting ring, pleasant to the touch, is usually used to set the timer. And the rest of the body of the microwave oven causes only positive emotions, because stainless steel was mostly used for its manufacture.

The volume of internal space in the Siemens BE634RGS1 is 21 liters. Long-lasting and bright LED-backlight allows you to monitor the cooking process. Unlike cheaper microwaves, this one won’t irritate you with its spinning plate – it’s simply not there. But this does not mean that the heating of the products will be uneven! And the device will please with a quartz grill, thanks to which you can cook delicious poultry and other dishes.

Included with this model you will receive not only a metal grill grate, but also a glass tray. To connect the microwave oven to the network, it is proposed to use a 150 cm cable. The microwave is made in the UK. This is partly due to its high cost.


  • There is a quartz grill;
  • Made from the finest materials;
  • There is a weight automatic;
  • Long service life;
  • Long power cord;
  • High power;
  • Implemented protection from children;
  • It turned out to be very roomy.


  • Excessively high cost.

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Bosch BFL634GW1

Rating: 4.8

Bosch BFL634GW1

An excellent built-in microwave, a look at which will always evoke joyful emotions. This is due to its modern design. Moreover, the device greatly simplifies the preparation of any dish. But how else, if the device received 7 automatic programs that independently determine the temperature, mode and duration of the process? To find out when the warming up or cooking is over, just look at the TFT display, which pleases not only with numbers, but also with animation. Of course, the information on it is clearly visible from any angle.

To control the Bosch BFL634GW1, touch buttons and a rotary ring are used. All these elements are exceptionally pleasant to the touch. It is proposed to use the maximum power of 900 watts. Not prohibitively high parameter, but more is often not needed. Still it is impossible not to note the support of inverter technology. It is thanks to her that the heating of the dish is carried out as evenly as possible. And no turntable is needed!

The volume of the internal chamber of this microwave oven is 21 liters. As expected, it has a bright LED-backlight. It will let you know that the preparation is going according to plan. To open the door, just touch the corresponding touch button. The buyer will also be pleased that the insides of the microwave oven are quite easy to clean.

Why did this model fail to become the leader of our rating? Everything is simple. There is no grill here. This significantly reduces the arsenal of the device’s capabilities.


  • A 150 cm network cable is used;
  • Built-in bright LED lighting;
  • The inner surface is made of stainless steel;
  • Convenient management;
  • Implemented numerous automatic programs;
  • Large volume;
  • Excellent cooling system.


  • High price;
  • Grill missing.

Whirlpool AMW 730 WH

Rating: 4.8

Whirlpool AMW 730 WH

Further in the review, a more powerful built-in microwave from Whirlpool, the AMW 730 WH model with a white facade and a hinged door. It is more powerful than the leader – 1000 W, the backlit camera is also impressive – 31 liters, but the weight is almost 10 kg more – 27 kg, installation is possible only in a reliable niche on a solid frame. Like its predecessor Bosch, Whirlpool is not equipped with convection, but it has a top grill function with a power of 800 W, and a total of 8 power levels. Touch control buttons can be blocked from children, there is a display on the facade.

The Whirlpool microwave oven has a defrost mode, but there are no recipes and cooking modes built into the software.

At first glance, the Whirlpool AMW 730 WH microwave is more powerful than the leader in the rating, its price is also affordable – 33,800 rubles, but in terms of aesthetic perception and functionality it is still inferior.


  • grill and grate for it included;
  • capacious chamber;
  • tight-closing hinged door;
  • e management.


  • relatively small functionality, only grill, defrosting and heating.

Gorenje BM251S7XG

Rating: 4.7


This microwave will please those who do not like to spend a lot of time cleaning. Its door has solid glazing. This means that there are simply no places on it where dirt would accumulate abundantly. It is enough to wipe the case with a cloth from time to time, and then the microwave oven will always look perfect. And it is impossible not to note the inside of the device, made of stainless steel. They, you guessed it, are also easy to clean.

This model has many automatic programs. In order for the dish to be prepared correctly, it is enough to select the type and weight of the product. Electronics will independently select the operating time and optimal power. If you often cook the same dish, you will need a memory function when the settings remain in the memory of the device – in the future they are selected by pressing just one button.

This microwave offers a maximum power of 900 watts. But she also has a quartz grill. Its power is already higher – 1100 watts. The manufacturer has not forgotten convection, which places the greatest demands on the power grid. Also, the advantage of Gorenje BM251S7XG is a 25-liter volume. With this parameter, even a very large bird is placed inside, which is important when using the aforementioned grill.

The disadvantages of this device must be looked for under a magnifying glass. The easiest way to find fault with the fact that this is not an oven. This means that food wrapped in foil cannot be placed inside (the exception is convection without microwaves). Also, not everyone will be satisfied with the presence of a rotating plate inside, albeit made of thick glass.


  • There is a child lock;
  • Not forgotten quartz grill;
  • Implemented convection;
  • The huge volume;
  • There is an automenu;
  • Easy cleaning.


  • A turntable is used;
  • Large size and weight;
  • High price;
  • Not everyone will like the design.

Bosch BFL520MS0

Rating: 4.6

Bosch BFL520MS0

The usual microwave. Most of its body is covered with tinted glass. It is controlled by two rotary knobs. The insides are made of stainless steel. This suggests that the microwave oven must be durable. And it’s also easy to clean.

The volume of the inner chamber of the Bosch BFL520MS0 is 20 liters. This is more than enough to heat even a fairly large pot of soup. Only the maximum power, which is only 800 watts, can confuse someone.

This model comes with a glass tray with a diameter of up to 25.5 cm. Also among the advantages of the microwave oven is bright halogen lighting. Nothing bad can be said about the button used to open the door.

This microwave has a powerful cooling system. This allows you to integrate the device into any kitchen set – do not think that in six months it will start asking for mercy because of the radiant heat. This model is also ready to boast an automatic shutdown, which will occur when the temperature rises to a certain limit. To connect to the mains, a very thick, but not a record long cord is used here.

Alas, it is impossible to call this microwave oven built into a 60-cm niche ideal. This is prevented by the lack of a grill and convection. But if you already have a modern oven, then this is unlikely to be a problem. But there are automatic modes for cooking and defrosting products. And don’t be intimidated by the cost – built-in models can’t be cheap for a variety of reasons.


  • Implemented protection from children;
  • Effective design;
  • The inner surface is made of stainless steel;
  • Uses bright halogen lighting;
  • Decent volume.


  • Not very long power cord;
  • The grill is missing;
  • When the door is opened, the backlight does not turn on;
  • It is impossible to set a very short operating time.

Hansa AMG20BFH

Rating: 4.5


Another microwave oven with a modern look. Like many of its competitors, it uses a pleasant-to-touch rotary control that adjusts the timer. As for the choice of operating mode, it is carried out by means of mechanical buttons. Unexpected decision of the manufacturer. We are already accustomed to the touch keys.

In total, this model provides 9 autoprograms. More often than others, some people will use the defrost function. It can be activated by setting a specific time for the microwave oven, or by specifying the weight of the product. Even a very large piece of meat can be placed inside, because the internal volume of this microwave oven reaches a decent 20 liters. At the same time, the device itself cannot be called large – it will fit in a niche measuring 375x560x300 mm.

The main advantage of the Hansa AMG20BFH microwave oven over even cheaper competitors is the presence of a grill. It is doubly important that it was created using quartz technology. However, there were some simplifications. Grill power is only 900 watts. This means that the preparation of poultry or some kind of meat dish will take a very long time. But on the other hand, a microwave can be installed even in an old house where aluminum wiring is used. Just remember to make sure that the meter length of the power cord is exactly enough.

Otherwise, this is a familiar microwave oven. It evenly heats dishes, including due to the turntable. Also in the kit you will find a metal grate, without which it is difficult to imagine grilling.


  • Elegant design;
  • Bright backlight is used;
  • There is a quartz grill;
  • Decent volume;
  • A large number of auto programs;
  • The inner chamber is made of stainless steel.


  • The maximum microwave power is only 700 W;
  • Short power cord;
  • Grill power leaves much to be desired;
  • Fingerprints are clearly visible.


Rating: 4.4


Buyers of household appliances are happy to purchase the MAUNFELD MBMO.25.7GW built-in microwave oven, focusing on its large chamber of 25 liters and the basic microwave power of 700 W, which is enough for normal heating and even defrosting. There is a separate top grill that delivers more intense 1000W waves.

The control of the microwave oven is touch-sensitive, the operating time of the mode and the clock in standby mode are displayed on the screen. The facade is neat white with a hinged door that opens with a button. Glossy plastic is easy to clean if touched with greasy or dirty hands, inside the chamber is stainless steel, which is also not afraid of stains.

The average price of a built-in microwave oven MAUNFELD MBMO.25.7GW is 24,000 rubles.


  • classic exterior;
  • grill function along with heating and defrosting;
  • chamber walls – stainless steel;
  • protection from children;
  • moderate price.


  • relatively low power.

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