Built-in dishwashers with a width of 60 cm are indispensable helpers that fit perfectly into any modern kitchen and take on the task of cleaning dirty dishes.

When choosing a dishwasher, you need to pay attention to many details, as well as take into account all the advantages and disadvantages of wide models.

Device Features

The main feature of the 60 cm wide dishwasher is its large capacity.

Models of this size can accommodate up to 14 sets of dirty dishes.

You can also wash pots, pans and baking sheets in it — they fit perfectly and are washed well.

Siemens built-in dishwashers are equipped with a variety of automated washing programs, which makes it easy to work with the device.

The most common set of programs is as follows:

  • intensive program for heavily soiled dishes;
  • express program (quick cycle);
  • economical program for lightly soiled dishes;
  • pre-soak mode.

Most Siemens dishwashers have such useful additional features as a water purity sensor, indicators for the presence of salt and rinse aid, a delay start timer and an audible signal indicating the end of the wash.

Many models are also equipped with protection against leakage and intervention of children in the operation of the household appliance..


Advantages and disadvantages


  • beautiful and modern design;
  • spaciousness and ergonomics;
  • automated built-in programs — for example, half load mode.


  • installation difficulties in a small kitchen

How to choose and what to look for?

Before you decide to buy such a household appliance as a built-in dishwasher with a width of 60 cm, you should pay attention to the following particularly important indicators:

  • capacity;
  • cleaning class;
  • consumption of water and electricity;
  • type of drying;
  • noise level;
  • leakage protection;
  • protection from child interference.

Wide models of dishwashers contain, as a rule, from 12 to 14 sets of dishes.

This option is suitable for a family of 3-4 people or those who often receive guests. If you do not need to wash large volumes of dishes, then you should opt for a narrower model.

The quality of washing a household appliance directly depends on the cleaning class.

The highest class of washing is considered to be the class denoted by the letter A.

Siemens dishwasher models have exactly this classification. Better cleaning also occurs due to the fact that in wide models the dishes are located more freely and are washed better.

When choosing a dishwasher, it is important to take into account the level of consumption of water and electricity by the device.. The less resources are consumed, the more environmentally friendly and economical the operation of the household appliance is.

The optimal noise level that the device is capable of producing during its operation is considered to be 45-52 dB. If the noise from a working household appliance exceeds 55 dB, then it is worth abandoning it in favor of quieter models.

Most modern models of dishwashers are equipped with full or partial protection against leaks, as well as blocking the display and buttons from child intervention..

Thus, the use of the device becomes more secure.


TOP-2 Siemens built-in dishwashers 60 cm wide

Which sixty cm wide Siemens built-in dishwasher do you think is better? You can vote one once.

SN 65E011

Built-in dishwasher Siemens SN 65E011 is the ideal solution for one

modern kitchen.

It is great for a large family, as it can accommodate up to 13 sets of dishes..

For one complete washing cycle, the household appliance consumes 12 liters of water. The noise level produced by the device during operation is 46 dB. This dishwasher model is equipped with 5 automatic washing programs and 4 temperature settings.

The household appliance has a delay start mode, full protection against leaks, a water purity sensor, as well as indicators for the presence of salt and rinse aid. The dishwasher will indicate the end of its work with a sound signal.

The basket for dishes is adjustable in height, in addition, a holder for glasses is presented in the kit.


  • quiet work;
  • stylish design;
  • capacity;
  • the presence of built-in programs.


  • buyers do not highlight the shortcomings of this dishwasher model.

SX 736X03ME

Dishwasher Siemens SX 736X03 ME 60 cm wide holds 14 place settings 2and perfectly copes with its cleansing even from heavy pollution.

Water consumption for one complete washing cycle is 9.5 liters.

The device operates very quietly, the noise level during operation does not exceed 44 dB. The maximum power consumption of a household appliance is 2400 W.

The dishwasher has 6 built-in programs and 5 temperature settings.

Also, this model is equipped with a delay start timer, a water purity sensor, protection against leaks and children, indicators for the presence of salt and rinse aid.

The set also includes a tray for cutlery and a holder for glasses..


  • silent operation;
  • stylish design;
  • capacity;
  • economy.


  • no half load mode.

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