In everyday use, washing the juicer’s parts seems like a waste of precious time. But when the body of the device is covered with stains and plaque, and the knives and strainer are clogged with leftover cake, it is pointless to refuse cleaning. Affordable tools that can be found in every kitchen will help to restore the juicer’s cleanliness and shine. The article will talk about them.

How to clean your juicer

How to remove plaque from the juicer body

Even if the manufacturer promises minimal splashing of juice when the juicer is working (such as Mquick 5 from Braun), drops and cake particles still fall on the body: it is inevitable. Carrot and beet juice stains are especially eaten.

How to remove plaque from a juicer

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But if the plaque is deeply embedded in the plastic or the glass cover, folk remedies will help wash the juicer:

  1. Stains from juice can be smeared with a small amount of vegetable oil, after which wipe the plaque together with the oil with a sponge.
  2. Maroon and orange stains will be removed by a gruel made of soda and lemon juice. The composition should be applied to the surface and wiped, walking carefully over the contaminated areas. Remove the remains of the mixture with a damp sponge and wipe dry.
  3. A vinegar-lemon solution will remove plaque. So that moisture does not get inside the device in disassembled form (for example, in the Kenwood JE730), this should be done carefully, using a damp sponge.

Cleaning parts

It is hardly reasonable to put an uncleaned juicer (a real breeding ground for bacteria!) in its place, in a kitchen cabinet. Below are the fastest ways to clean it.

Cleaning the detachable parts of the juicer

How to wash removable parts

So that the usual duties do not turn into unpleasant consequences, you need to remember the lessons of physics and chemistry.

  • Washing in the sink, with detergents for dishes:

Even if it seemed that the plastic of the household appliance is of good quality, it is better not to use abrasive products. Microscratches will almost certainly appear on the surface.

To prevent the removable metal parts from rusting, they must be wiped dry.

Before proceeding with this method of cleaning, it is worth reading the instructions — how safe it is for the appliance to be washed in the dishwasher. You can wash in the following cases:

  1. If there are rubber gaskets in the device: they are deformed when exposed to very hot water and strong detergents.
  2. There are hard-to-reach places in some parts of juicers that simply cannot be washed by large household appliances.

Pay attention: Care should be taken when washing plastic parts in the dishwasher: in most cases, they cannot withstand the effects of special detergents — they can fall apart or become stained.

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How to wash the grater and strainer of the juicer

Running water and an ordinary sponge will cope with the task of cleaning these components. It is not much easier to clean the grater and strainer with a brush (brush), which are often included in the set. And even more difficult than a dry cake is a fruit coating. How to overcome it? There are two ways.

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1. Dishwashing detergent diluted with warm water is an excellent way to get rid of sticky and dried cake. The dirty parts are immersed in a container with the mixture for a quarter of an hour. Then it is enough to rub them a little with a sponge or a toothbrush and rinse them under running water.

Interesting: A strainer with polishing, as in the Philips HR1919/70, is easier to clean. And the Philips HR1855/80 has a pre-cleaning mode.

2. Soda solution is an equally effective assistant. If you soak the parts in it for half an hour, the sticky cake will be easier to fall behind.

The table will help to systematize and remember information:

Timely cleaning of parts and the body of the equipment will save you from unnecessary efforts and loss of time. But if you correctly approach the issue of general cleaning, you can deal with it quite quickly. Everything you need is probably in the refrigerator or kitchen cupboard.


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