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*A review of the best according to the editors of expertology.ru. About selection criteria. This material is subjective, is not an advertisement and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

This review focuses on glass-ceramic hobs. We have selected the top 10 models from popular Russian and foreign manufacturers. For the convenience of users, we will consider 3 nominations — the best inexpensive panels, the best models in the middle and premium segment, and also consider the best induction panels as a separate category.

When choosing the most worthy candidates for our rating, we relied on brand awareness, functionality and practicality. One of the fundamental criteria was the performance of the actual operation of each model. To do this, we studied the reviews of customers who use the equipment for a sufficient period of time to form their opinion about it, taking into account the advantages and disadvantages of the products. All the necessary information was taken by us from open sources — manufacturers’ websites, thematic forums, the Yandex.Market marketplace, review sites and other resources.

Rating of the best glass-ceramic panels

The best inexpensive glass-ceramic panels

For the category of the best inexpensive glass-ceramic panels, we selected 4 models from well-known Russian and foreign manufacturers. All stoves are equipped with a touch control system and all the necessary functions for fast, convenient and safe cooking of your favorite dishes. The price category of nominees is from 10 to 14 thousand rubles, which makes them affordable for most users.

Weissgauff HV 640 B

Rating: 4.5

Weissgauff HV 640 B

Our review opens with the Weissgauff HV 640 B hob from a Russian brand with German roots. The model is made in China and has a one-year factory warranty.

The hob is equipped with four single-circuit burners with a diameter of 15 and 18.5 cm. This size is considered optimal for most types of pots and pans.

The highly sensitive touch control allows quick and precise adjustment of the burners, even with wet or cold hands. The stove has 9 power levels, which are adjusted individually for each burner. At the same time, there are individual controls for each burner, which is very convenient and practical compared to models where the control module is common.

The 99 minute timer allows you to automate the cooking process. After the set time has elapsed, the hotplate will turn off.

Among the advantages of the stove, users note the quick heating of the burners, convenient control and the presence of a timer. Among the shortcomings, it is worth highlighting a constant beep every time you press the sensor, while the sound cannot be turned off.

Weissgauff HV 640 B is an inexpensive but practical hob with convenient controls. The surface will be an excellent solution for any classic or modern kitchen.


  • Low price.
  • Convenient management.
  • The presence of a timer.


  • The sound signal cannot be turned off (according to user reviews).


Rating: 4.6


The next model in our review is DARINA 4P E323 B from a Russian manufacturer of stoves and built-in appliances since 2006. The panel is manufactured in Russia at a plant in the Perm Territory and has a one-year warranty. One of the features of the technique is that its design was developed by specialists from the French company Brandt.

The hob is equipped with four Hi-Light quick heating burners and has touch controls. The presence of 9 power levels allows you to accurately select the optimal mode for cooking various dishes.

The model is equipped with special sliding clamps, thanks to which it is automatically aligned inside the table top. A soft seal is glued on the inside of the edge around the entire perimeter.

As additional options, it is worth noting the automatic safety shutdown, the control panel lock (protection from children), as well as the presence of an electronic timer.

Among the advantages, panel owners note an affordable price, good build quality and convenient control. Among the shortcomings, some users note too sensitive touch controls, especially the child lock button, which is activated when accidentally pressed.

We recommend DARINA 4P E323 B to all users who want to purchase an inexpensive hob with a set of all the necessary options for cooking their favorite dishes.


  • 9 power levels.
  • Child lock.
  • Protective auto-off.
  • Heaters Hi-Light.


  • Too sensitive sensors (according to buyers).

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Midea MCH64160

Rating: 4.7

Midea MCH64160

Midea MCH64160 is another inexpensive hob from one of the largest Chinese manufacturers and exporters of household and air conditioning equipment. The surface is assembled in China and has a one-year warranty.

The model is made in a classic form factor with four burners of two diameters, arranged diagonally. Also, the hob is equipped with standard functionality typical for inexpensive models — touch control for each burner, a 99-minute shutdown timer and a child lock.

The manufacturer uses a glass-ceramic sheet from the leading German company SHOTT CERAN, which indicates the high quality of the panel.

The advantages of the hob include good build quality, the presence of touch controls and ease of maintenance. Owners of equipment also note simplicity, reliability and the absence of unnecessary expensive options. Some consumers attribute the increased rumble of the transformer during the operation of the stove to the disadvantages, but the reason for this can be not only a factory defect, but also individual hearing characteristics.

Midea MCH64160 rightfully occupies one of the leading places in our rating, being the best model in terms of the ratio between cost and quality in its price category.


  • German ceramic cloth SHOTT CERAN.
  • Simple and convenient touch control.
  • Timer and child lock.
  • Overheat protection.


  • No significant deficiencies were identified.

Hansa BHCI66306

Rating: 4.7


Hansa BHCI66306 is a hob from one of the best European manufacturers. The model is made in Poland and it is covered by a 24-month warranty from the manufacturer.

The stove is made in a classic form factor with 4 Hi-Light burners, which are characterized by increased power and fast heating. Along the contour of the panel there is a metal frame made of stainless steel, which not only serves as an element of decor, but also protects the edges of the glass-ceramic sheet from accidental chips and other mechanical damage.

One of the features of the model is the presence of burners of three different diameters — two burners for 145 mm, and one for 180 and 210 mm, which allows you to most accurately select the size of the burner under the bottom of the dish. Most models in the inexpensive price segment usually have only 2 pairs of burners of different diameters.

Another feature of the surface is automatic boiling. This is the ideal setting for cooking foods that need to be brought to a boil first and then boiled or simmered at lower temperatures. First you need to set the heating to the maximum level. As soon as the water boils, the stove itself will reset the power to the selected value.

Users note the high build quality, modern design and convenient operation. The disadvantages of some owners of equipment include the lack of a shutdown timer.

Hansa BHCI66306 is an inexpensive but high-quality European-made hob that will perfectly complement any modern kitchen, and is also suitable for users who do not want to overpay for expensive options.


  • Metal frame along the contour.
  • Boiling automatic.
  • Hi-Light burners.


  • No timer to turn off (according to user reviews).

The best glass-ceramic panels of the middle and premium segment

For this category, we have selected 3 models of glass-ceramic hobs from famous foreign manufacturers. Each of the models has its own and distinctive features that make it the best among analogues. The price range of hobs in this category varies from 16 to 30 thousand rubles.

Zanussi CPZ6466KX

Rating: 4.7

Zanussi CPZ6466KX

The category is opened by the Zanussi CPZ6466KX hob from the popular Italian manufacturer, which is part of the Swedish concern Electrolux. The plate is made in Romania and has a one-year warranty.

The first thing that distinguishes the model from budget counterparts is the presence of two burners with expansion zones. One of them is double-circuit for dishes with a diameter of 120 and 210 mm, and the second has an oval-shaped extension, which allows it to be used under a roaster or dishes with a non-standard bottom.

The perimeter of the panel is covered with a stainless steel metal frame. This is not just an element of decor, but also the protection of the corners of glass ceramics and its edges from accidental chips and other mechanical damage.

Among the additional options, it is worth noting automatic safety shutdown, blocking the touch control panel and the presence of a timer for each burner. Touch control is very convenient and intuitive.

The owners of the hob speak positively about its performance, and also note the stylish design, the presence of burners with expansion zones, as well as convenient controls and a timer. The disadvantages include the heating of the control panel area next to the near burners.

We recommend the Zanussi CPZ6466KX hob due to optimally selected functionality, convenient operation and adequate cost.


  • Burners with expansion zones.
  • Timer for each burner.
  • Automatic safety shutdown.
  • Child lock.


  • The control panel near the burners gets hot.

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Bosch PKN645B17

Rating: 4.8

Bosch PKN645B17

The next model in our ranking is Bosch PKN645B17 from the famous German manufacturer of household appliances. The panel is made in Germany and has a one-year official warranty.

This model in appearance is very similar to the previously considered surface Zanussi CPZ6466KX — stainless steel edging and almost the same functionality. The fundamental difference will be in the control panel and the location of the burners. The manufacturer has made the location of the burners more convenient, which is also noted by the owners of the equipment. In this case, the double round burner is located on the right, which allows you to use dishes with different diameters and conveniently control the cooking process. According to statistics, the oval zone for ducklings and non-standard dishes is not used very often, so the manufacturer placed this burner on the right in the second row.

One of the useful options is the automatic shutdown of the stove when liquid or third-party objects get on the touch control panel. At the same time, the sensors also work on the dishes, warning with an audible signal.

The model is equipped with the Restart function, thanks to which the stove automatically saves the last settings for power and running burners. This is very convenient in the event of an emergency or automatic shutdown, because after turning on the power, the technician will offer to confirm the previous settings within 10 seconds or reset them as unnecessary.

Among the advantages, users note the quick heating of the burners, the high quality of the glass-ceramic cloth and good functionality. The disadvantages include not very convenient touch controls, which you need to get used to.

Good functionality, the presence of expansion zones, a well-thought-out arrangement of burners and an affordable price have allowed the Bosch PKN645B17 hob to take one of the leading positions in its price range.


  • Burners with expansion zones.
  • Thoughtful arrangement of burners.
  • Safety shutdown.
  • Metal frame around the perimeter.
  • Restart function.


  • Not very convenient touch control panel (according to user reviews).

Electrolux EHF 96547 FK

Rating: 4.8


Electrolux EHF 96547 FK is a hob made in Germany and has a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

The model is made in a modern style, and the presence of a 45-degree beveled faceted front edge gives the plate a sophisticated and spectacular look. This hob differs from the above models from Bosch and Zanussi by a number of useful options and convenient solutions.

Let’s start with the control panel. It is not only touch, but also slider. The presence of a slider allows you to set the required power level in the range of 0 to 14 with one movement of your finger. This allows you to select the appropriate mode for cooking any dishes as accurately as possible.

The next important point is the presence of the Stop & GO button, thanks to which the hostess can pause cooking. This feature is useful if you need to control the cooking process, but someone is distracting. By pressing the button again, the process will continue with the previous settings.

Another interesting innovation is the Eco Timer. This is a special timer that will save energy due to the residual heat of the burner. When a specific time is set, the system will automatically turn off the burner a few minutes before the set value. As a result, energy savings and no risk of overcooking or overcooking products.

The hob is equipped with two burners with expansion zones. The right far burner has an oval extension for a duckling, and the left near burner is equipped with a triple expansion zone, which is suitable for dishes with a diameter of 12, 17.5 or 21 cm. The heating zones are controlled using separate sensors on the panel.

The owners of the panel speak positively about its functionality and stylish appearance. The disadvantages of some consumers include spontaneous activation in case of splashing hot water on the slider.

A well-thought-out design, convenient and intuitive operation, as well as wide functionality have made the Electrolux EHF 96547 FK hob one of the best in its price group.


  • Intuitive slider controls.
  • Stop&GO button.
  • 14 power levels.
  • Burners with expansion zones (one of them is triple).
  • Eco Timer saving energy.


  • Possible auto-switch on when splashes of boiling water hit the slider (according to consumer reviews).

The best induction glass-ceramic panels

In the section of the best induction hobs, we have selected 3 models from popular manufacturers of household appliances. Despite the same technology and principle of operation, each of the nominees has its own advantages and characteristics. Any induction panel is already a premium segment of equipment, so the price range of the presented models is from 35 to 60 thousand rubles.

Electrolux IPE 6440 KFV

Rating: 4.7

Electrolux IPE 6440 KFV

Opens the category of the best induction surfaces Electrolux IPE 6440 KFV. This model is also assembled in Germany and has a one-year warranty, like the previously reviewed panel.

The model has 4 burners, three of which are suitable for different diameters of dishes — 14.5 cm, 18 cm (2 pcs) and 21 cm. The unique induction technology allows the burner to automatically adjust to any bottom diameter that is within the maximum working area.

The panel comes without a metal frame and has a faceted bevel on the front, which gives it a stylish look.

Intuitive touch control makes it easy to select the desired operating mode for a particular burner. The presence of the Booster option activates the maximum heating power, which allows you to quickly boil water or fry food at a high temperature, if the cooking technology requires it.

The model is equipped with the unique patented Hob2Hood technology, thanks to which it is possible to establish a wireless connection between the hob and the Electrolux hood (the hood must also support this option). As a result, the user will not need to control the power of the hood — the air cleaner will automatically turn on when the panel is activated, as well as change the suction power depending on the power of the burners.

According to
reviews on the Yandex.Market resource, the hob received the prestigious “customers choice” mark with a rating of 4.7, while 100% of buyers recommend this product. Among the advantages of the panel, the owners of the equipment noted the high heating rate, an intuitive menu, the presence of a pause button and a turbo mode for fast heating. Some consumers attributed the lack of a zone for non-standard dishes to the disadvantages.

The Electrolux IPE 6440 KFV induction panel has earned a place among the best models in its price category due to its high build quality, wide functionality and convenient control.


  • Convenient management.
  • Support Hob2Hood function.
  • Fast heating thanks to the Booster function.


  • There is no area for dishes with a non-standard bottom (according to consumer reviews).

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Whirlpool WF S9365 BF/IXL

Rating: 4.8

Whirlpool WF S9365 BF/IXL

The next model on our list is the Whirlpool WF S9365 BF/IXL from a popular American brand that has been the #1 home appliance manufacturer in the world for many years.

The model became the flagship of the company in 2020 and today is relevant and in demand. The surface is made in Italy and has a one-year warranty. When buying a product on the official website with the subsequent registration of the model, the manufacturer provides four years of service support.

Whirlpool has chosen to combine all of its latest technological developments into one hob, resulting in an innovative product that outperforms its closest competitors in many respects.

The first thing you notice is the stylish look. The surface lacks traditional round burners, instead of which there are rectangular outlines of heating zones. On the right there are 2 separate areas of different sizes, and on the left there is one solid rectangular zone. One of the features of the stove is the automatic detection of dishes within the heating zone. This allows you to cook evenly in pans with any bottom shape.

The key feature of the hob is the patented 6th SENSE technology, which achieves optimal results during the preparation of various dishes. In this model, the user can choose one of four preset modes — melting, keeping warm, boiling and slow cooking (stewing). At the same time, the system will automatically control the process, accurately maintaining the temperature and preventing boiling over.

Another unique technology is the adaptive Flexi Side surface, which consists of four inductors. In fact, these are 4 burners that create one heating zone. The peculiarity of the technology is that it is possible to install dishes with non-standard sizes or an atypical bottom shape, as well as to install several pots or pans with different diameters in one zone. The Chef Control function allows you to change the heat level simply by moving the pan from top to bottom. This solution will be ideal for dishes that require different levels of power at different stages of cooking. The user no longer needs to set the modes manually, but simply move the dishes to an area with increased or decreased heat.

The stove is equipped with a slider control for 18 power levels, which allows you to manually set the appropriate heating mode as accurately as possible. The booster function will provide a short-term output to maximum power to speed up the cooking process.

The owners of the equipment speak positively about the appearance of the surface, wide functionality and ease of operation. No fundamental shortcomings were identified, only some respondents pointed to a quiet timer signal.

We recommend the Whirlpool WF S9365 BF/IXL hob to all users who want to automate the process of preparing their favorite dishes as much as possible and guarantee excellent results.


  • Adaptive surface Flexi Side.
  • 6th SENSE function with four preset modes.
  • Slider control on 18 levels.
  • Chef control function.
  • Modern design.
  • Silent timer (according to user reviews).


  • Silent timer (according to user reviews).

Bosch PXX695FC5E

Rating: 4.9

Bosch PXX695FC5E

Completes our review of the best induction hobs Bosch PXX695FC5E.

The model is made in a modern style, has a front beveled edge, and to protect the side edges, a thin black metal edging is provided, which is almost invisible against the background of the glass-ceramic canvas.

The model received a proprietary Direct Select touch control, which has an intuitive interface, simplifying the process of interacting with the stove.

Special attention deserves the shape and number of burners. In fact, the working canvas is divided into two elongated rectangular zones. Inside each of them are 4 inductors. This solution provides two important advantages — it allows you to place dishes with a rectangular bottom up to 40 cm long, as well as several pots and pans with a bottom diameter of 8 to 30 cm at once. At the same time, the FlexInduction heating zone will automatically adjust to a specific dish.

The built-in frying sensor will automatically maintain a constant temperature in one of 5 preset modes. This will not only allow you to get a uniform frying and crispy crust, but also eliminate overheating and splashing of oil, and also extend the life of the non-stick coating.

The presence of the Power Boost option allows you to send all the power to one burner for a short time, which will ensure a quick boil of water or frying at maximum temperature.

If water enters the control panel, the hob will beep and turn off for safety reasons. Thanks to the ReStart function, the hob will save the previous settings, so after turning on the power, the user can continue cooking in the same mode.

The owners of the hob speak positively about its modern appearance, the ability to place dishes with any shape of the bottom, as well as convenient operation. Serious shortcomings during the operation of the stove were not identified, with the exception of the high cost of the goods.

A stylish look, a wide range of functions, automatic temperature control and real German quality allowed the Bosch PXX695FC5E hob to take one of the leading places in our review.


  • Heat sensor.
  • Power Boost mode.
  • Convenient Direct Select control
  • Multipurpose adaptive zone FlexInduction.


  • High cost (according to user reviews).

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