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*A review of the best according to the editors of expertology.ru. About selection criteria. This material is subjective, is not an advertisement and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

This review is dedicated to the refrigerators of the Russian manufacturer Biryusa. The company’s products have been well known since the days of the Soviet Union. Production facilities are located in Krasnoyarsk, and the history of the brand itself began in 1963.

The introduction of modern technologies and the equipping of workshops with high-tech equipment made it possible to produce high-quality products that successfully compete not only with Russian brands of refrigerators, but also with foreign manufacturers.

For the review, we selected the 10 best Biryus refrigerators, dividing the nominees into 2 groups — classic models with a drip auto-defrost system and appliances with the No Frost system.

When choosing specific models, we focused on functionality, practicality, functionality and technologies used. One of the key selection factors was the performance of refrigerators in real operation. To do this, we analyzed reviews from owners of equipment who use refrigerators for a sufficient time to identify the advantages, disadvantages and features of a particular model.

All data was obtained from various sources — the official website of the manufacturer, the Yandex.Market marketplace, review sites, thematic forums and other open online resources.

Rating of the best refrigerators Biryusa

The best Biryusa refrigerators with a drip defrost system

For this category, we have selected 5 models that differ not only in overall dimensions and volume, but also in configuration (location of cameras), equipment and functionality. All refrigerators have only one thing in common — a drip auto-defrost system (the freezer must be defrosted manually).

Biryusa M8

Rating: 4.3

Biryusa M8

The Biryusa M8 refrigerator opens our review. The model has a compact size (only 85 cm high), which makes it ideal for small kitchens. Often this refrigerator is bought for hotel rooms, for a rented apartment or in a student hostel. Due to its small dimensions, the device can be easily placed under the kitchen worktop.

The body of the equipment is made in silver color, which gives it a stylish appearance. The refrigerator is single-door, but inside there is a separate freezer (34 l) with its own door. The volume of the refrigerator compartment is 116 liters, which is enough to store the necessary food supply for 1-2 people.

Inside there are 2 shelves made of tempered glass and two plastic boxes for vegetables and fruits. A large number of skids on the side walls of the chamber allow you to place the shelf at different heights, optimizing the interior space.

The presence of LED backlight not only provides bright illumination of the entire chamber, but also reduces electricity consumption, and the lamp itself does not heat the air. One of the features of the model is the A + energy efficiency class.

The owners of the equipment speak positively about the rapid cooling, compact size and good capacity of the refrigerator compartment. The disadvantages of some users include increased noise during compressor operation.

Biryusa M8 is one of the few compact refrigerators on the Russian market that has good technical characteristics, high-quality assembly and affordable price. We recommend this model for small kitchens, as well as for offices and other non-residential spaces.


  • Energy efficiency A+.
  • LED backlight.
  • Thoughtful interior layout.
  • Good volume refrigerator with compact dimensions.


  • Noise during operation (according to user reviews).

Biryusa 111

Rating: 4.4


The next model on our list is Biryusa 111. This is a one-door single-chamber refrigerator with a height of 122 cm and a width of only 48 cm. freestanding freezer.

One of the most original and practical ideas for using this model is to create your own Side-by-Side with minimal cash outlay. To do this, you need to buy a Biryusa 111 refrigerator and pick up a freezer of the same size. Then put both modules together, and hang the doors on one of them. The result is a capacious two-door refrigerator, which will cost several times cheaper than the simplest Side-by-Side.

The model is equipped with a mechanical temperature adjustment knob, which is located in the upper part of the case. You can change settings without opening the door.

A bright LED light is located on the top of the camera. The lamp consumes a minimum of energy, well illuminates the entire space and does not heat the air in the chamber.

In total, the refrigerator has 4 glass shelves with plastic edging, three of which can be moved. A large number of runners in the side walls allows you to optimize the compartment space by setting the shelves at the right levels. For vegetables and fruits there is a large tray made of transparent plastic.

The volume of the refrigerator is 180 liters, which is enough for a family of 2-3 people.

The positive aspects include compact size, low price, quiet operation and good build quality. Among the shortcomings, some users note the appearance of extraneous sounds, but this is not of a systemic nature.

We recommend the Biryusa 111 model to all users who do not need a freezer (or already have one), but compact dimensions and a good internal volume of the refrigerator compartment are important.


  • Low price.
  • Compact dimensions.
  • Thoughtful layout inside.
  • Quiet work.


  • No critical deficiencies were found.

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Biryusa 122

Rating: 4.4

Biryusa 122

The compact two-chamber refrigerator Biryusa 122 will be an excellent solution for a small kitchen. With a height of 122 cm, the model has a width of only 48 cm, so it will harmoniously fit into any room.

The model has a top location of the freezer, the volume of which is 35 liters. There is one shelf inside the compartment. The refrigerator compartment has a volume of 115 liters, which is enough for the needs of a small family. Inside there are 3 glass shelves and one large drawer for fruits and vegetables. A large number of rails allows you to place shelves at different heights, optimizing the interior space of the chamber.

An LED lamp is installed on top, providing bright illumination and consuming a minimum of electricity. The refrigerator is controlled by a rotary knob on the outside of the case.

The advantages of the model include good capacity with compact dimensions, as well as quick access to a given cooling mode. Among the shortcomings, some users note too loud relay clicks when the compressor is turned on and off.

Refrigerator Biryusa 122 — the best option for a small kitchen for a summer residence. The model optimally combines modern design, practicality and affordable price.


  • Compact dimensions.
  • Low price.


  • Loud clicks when turning the compressor on and off.

Biryusa 237

Rating: 4.5


Biryusa 237 is another compact one-door refrigerator, inside of which there is a small freezer with an individual door. The model will perfectly fit into a small kitchen or to the country house.

With a height of only 145 cm and a standard width of 50 cm, the total volume of the refrigerator is 275 liters, which is enough to store the required amount of food for a family of 2-3 people.

Inside the refrigerator compartment there are 4 shelves and 2 drawers for fruits and vegetables. An LED lamp is installed on the top of the camera, which not only provides bright illumination, but also consumes very little energy.

Owners of equipment note quiet operation, stylish design, compact size and good capacity. The disadvantages of some users include the impossibility of rehanging the doors of the freezer. If you have moved the common door to the other side, then it will be problematic to open the freezer.

Small size, quiet operation and affordable price allowed the Biryusa 237 refrigerator to take its rightful place in our rating.


  • The noise level is not more than 39 dB.
  • The temperature in the freezer is -18 degrees.
  • Low price.


  • The freezer door does not open to the other side (according to consumer reviews).

Biryusa 649

Rating: 4.6

Biryusa 649

The Biryusa 649 model completes our review in the category of the best refrigerators with a drip system. This is a full-size two-chamber refrigerator with a total volume of 380 liters and a height of 207 cm. The manufacturer produces this model in seven color variations — from classic white to bright red and orange tones. Models of different colors will differ from each other only by an additional letter before marking. For example, Biryusa T649 is made in an orange case. A large selection of colors makes it easy to find the right option for a specific kitchen design.

The fridge has a bottom freezer. Inside the chamber there are 4 slide-out trays with a transparent front surface. The volume of the chamber is 135 liters, which is enough for long-term storage of a large number of products.

The refrigerator compartment has a volume of 245 liters. Inside there are 4 shelves and two containers for fruits and vegetables. A distinctive feature of the model is the ability to adjust the level of humidity in the Fresh Zone compartment, which allows you to increase the shelf life of various products.

The refrigerator is mechanically controlled — the temperature adjustment knob is located at the top behind the door. Additionally, there is a button that activates the «superfreeze» mode.

According to
reviews of buyers on the Yandex.Market resource, the refrigerator has a rating of 4.5 points, and also received the “customers choice” mark. The model is recommended by 97% of consumers. Among the advantages, the owners of the equipment distinguish modern design, good capacity and thoughtful arrangement of shelves and other elements. The disadvantages, some users attributed a short power cord and audible relay clicks when the compressor is turned on or off.

We recommend the Biryusa 649 model to all users who want to purchase a reliable and spacious refrigerator at an adequate price.


  • The model is available in several colors.
  • Adjustment of humidity in a compartment for vegetables and fruits.
  • Large usable space.
  • Super freeze mode.


  • Short power cord (according to user reviews).

The best Biryusa refrigerators with the No Frost system

This category includes 5 models, including classic «Europeans» with a bottom freezer, as well as side-by-side refrigerators. Despite the similarity of some models, each of the nominees has its own distinctive features and advantages, thanks to which it became the best in its price group.

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Turquoise 320NF

Rating: 4.6


The 320NF model begins our review of the best Biryusa refrigerators with the No Frost system. This is the most compact refrigerator in this category. Its height is 175 cm and its width is 60 cm, while the total volume is quite large — 310 liters, which is quite enough for the needs of a family of 3-4 people.

This model is available in a classic white version, but the manufacturer offers a choice of only 7 different colors, including metallic, orange and others. This will allow the user to easily select the desired color for a specific kitchen design.

The refrigerator is made in a minimalist design with built-in camera handles. The model is equipped with the Full No Frost system, so the user does not have to defrost both cameras.

Biryusa 320NF has a so-called «European» arrangement of chambers — a freezer at the bottom, a refrigeration compartment at the top. The 100 liter freezer is equipped with three transparent plastic drawers. The refrigerator has 3 shelves (two can be rearranged), as well as a single Fresh Zone drawer for fruits, herbs and vegetables. Adjusting the humidity level will keep food fresh for as long as possible. Bright illumination is made in the form of a column located along the rear wall.

According to customer reviews, the advantages of the model include a complete No Frost system, good lighting and fast cooling. As a disadvantage, many owners of equipment note increased noise from the cooling fan.

Low cost, modern design and full No Frost technology have made the Biryusa 320NF refrigerator one of the best in its price range.


  • Full No Frost.
  • Bright backlight.
  • Good capacity for its size.


  • Increased noise from cooling fans.

Turquoise H340NF

Rating: 4.7

Turquoise H340NF

Biryusa H340NF is the next “oldest” model in the line of refrigerators with the No Frost system. The case is made in red color, which gives the technique a stylish and modern appearance. This model is also available in other colors. The letter in the marking will indicate the specific color of the case. For example, in this case, H is red, and G is beige, and if there is no letter, then this is a classic white case. The variety of colors is a successful marketing ploy, thanks to which users can choose the optimal color for the design of the kitchen.

There is no fundamental difference between this model and the Biryusa H320NF refrigerator considered earlier. In this case, this model will be slightly higher (192 cm vs. 174 cm) and more spacious (340 liters vs. 310 liters). At the same time, the volume of the freezer increased — a fourth drawer was added to it. The rest are the same refrigerators.

Among the positive qualities of the refrigerator, users note a stylish look due to the red case, a large volume of the freezer and good assembly. The disadvantages of some owners of equipment include not very many opportunities for rearranging the shelves in height.

Refined and original appearance, modern design and Full No Frost auto-defrosting technology allowed the Biryusa H340NF refrigerator to take one of the leading places in our rating.


  • Unusual color.
  • High build quality.
  • Freezer with 4 trays.


  • Poor interior layout of shelves.

Turquoise M380NF

Rating: 4.7


Biryusa M380NF continues our review. This is the largest refrigerator in this series in terms of size and capacity. Its height is 207 cm and the total volume is 370 liters. Also, like the younger models, this refrigerator has a freezer located at the bottom. Its volume is 130 liters, and inside there are 4 transparent containers.

The refrigerator compartment has a volume of 240 liters, which is quite enough for a family of 3-4 people. Inside there is a Fresh Zone tray for vegetables and fruits, and a humidity control system will keep food fresh for a long time.

This model is made in a metallic color case, but the manufacturer offers 6 more different colors. Refrigerators will differ from each other only by the letter in the marking (in this case, “M” is metallic).

Among the advantages of the model, the owners of the equipment note a stylish appearance, modern design, large volume (especially the freezer), bright lighting and full No Frost. The disadvantages of some users include increased noise from the cooling fan.

We recommend Biryusa M380NF due to the best balance between cost, functionality and quality in its product group.


  • Large volume.
  • Low price.
  • Full No Frost system.
  • Bright backlight.


  • Increased noise from the cooling fan.

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Biryusa SBS 587 I

Rating: 4.8

Biryusa SBS 587 I

The next model in our rating is Biryusa SBS 587 I. This is Side-by-Side, which is distinguished not only by its stylish design and good capacity, but is also one of the most affordable refrigerators of this class on the Russian market. Unlike traditional single-chamber and two-chamber refrigerators, this model is assembled in China, at the factories of partner companies.

The refrigerator is made in a classic form factor with stainless steel facades. Along the border of the doors there is a vertical stripe of black color, which complements the steel sheen of stainless steel.

On the handle of the refrigerating chamber there is a control panel, which is a touch module. The user can set a separate temperature for each chamber with an accuracy of 1 degree, turn on the “supercooling” or “superfreeze” mode, and also use the “vacation” option (the refrigerator compartment is turned off, the freezer continues to work). If necessary, the sensors are blocked (child lock). Feature of the control panel — three-color backlight. Information on the display can be shown in blue, white or red. When you open the door, the display will automatically light up, which is very convenient.

The total volume of the refrigerator is 587 liters. This is enough to store food for a large family. Inside both chambers there are LED lamps that provide bright illumination, consume a minimum of electricity and do not heat the air inside. The energy efficiency class of the refrigerator complies with the A + standard, which is considered a high indicator among appliances of this class.

According to consumer reviews on the Yandex. Market, the model received the prestigious mark «Customers’ Choice» and has a rating of 4.7 out of 5. The product is recommended by 98% of users, which is also considered a high indicator. The advantages of the model are the owners of equipment include spaciousness, stylish appearance and affordable cost. Among the shortcomings, some respondents noted a slightly annoying beep every time the door is opened, which cannot be turned off.

Refrigerator Biryusa SBS 587 I deservedly occupies a leading position in its product group due to its low price, modern design, convenient operation and good capacity.


  • Electronic touch control.
  • Energy efficiency class A +.
  • Large volume.
  • Stylish appearance.


  • Soundtrack that cannot be turned off (according to user reviews).

Turquoise SBS 587 BG

Rating: 4.9


Our review is completed by another Side-by-Side Biryusa SBS 587 BG. The refrigerator is made in a modern style, so it will fit perfectly into almost any kitchen. A distinctive feature of the appearance of the model is black glass facades, thanks to which the equipment looks expensive and spectacular. The manufacturer also offers this model with beige and white.

Unlike the previously reviewed SBS 587 I refrigerator, in this model the touch display is not located on the handle, but is built into the right door. The appearance and functionality of the control panel for both models is the same.

The refrigerator is equipped with an inverter compressor, which not only makes its operation very quiet, but can significantly reduce energy consumption. The energy efficiency class of this model is A+.

Both refrigerators have the same internal equipment and shelf arrangement.

The positive aspects of users include a stylish appearance, good build quality, quiet operation and convenient operation. No critical flaws were identified, but some owners of equipment note a very easily soiled surface of the facades, on which fingerprints and dried drops of water are visible (this is natural, because the facade is black glass).

Biryusa SBS 587 BG is a stylish Side-by-Side refrigerator with modern technologies and good functionality. The model remains one of the most affordable among the vehicles of its class.


  • Appearance.
  • Touch control panel.
  • inverter compressor.
  • Energy efficiency class A +.


  • No critical deficiencies were found.

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