In the kitchens of the world, 2 types of teapots have become firmly established: ordinary and electric. One is heated on the stove, the other on a special stand that is powered by electricity. Both perform an identical function – heat water. Even their design has similar features: lid, liquid container, handle, spout. Which kettle is better and more profitable to have at home: electric or conventional (gas)? Information about all the pros and cons of the 2 devices will help make the choice, and it is below.

Which kettle is better: electric or conventional

Electric kettle

This type of device can be made of heat-resistant plastic, anti-corrosion steel, or even ceramics and glass (example – EKL-1319HW).

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The key feature is the presence of a stand with a wire, on which the container is heated to the boiling point of water. The heating time depends on the power, the capacity of the device and other factors, such as the power of the home electrical network. What else attracts buyers to this type of teapot?

  Electric kettle


  1. Does not require manual shutdown – after boiling (or heating to a set temperature), the device automatically stops working. With such a device, you can not be afraid that the capacity will be damaged if you forget to turn it off.
  2. There are models with a wide variety of functions – protection against overheating (for example, in the K17FEII), illumination, heating to the desired temperature and maintaining it for an hour or more, readiness signal, etc.
  3. Safety of operation – matches and manipulation of gas are not required to turn on the device. It is enough to pour water into the container, place it on the platform and press the button.
  4. Mobility – the device can be heated in any place where there is electricity and an outlet. This option is practical not only for the home, but also for the office.
  5. Ease of use – the devices have buttons to turn on the device, open the lid, set the temperature, etc., and a convenient scale allows you to monitor the level of liquid inside.

You can find an original copy for any taste and for any interior style. For example, for lovers of extravagant things – 21670-70, for fans of classics – HD4646/00.

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  • cannot be used in the event of a power outage – such devices will not be able to work without power supply;
  • price – there are, of course, relatively inexpensive examples (for example, SWK1001OR), but most of them cost more than a regular gas kettle.

Manufacturers try to design devices that are as economical as possible, but after all, devices are powered by electricity, so they make a certain contribution to the electricity bill.

Gas kettle

Devices are made of stainless steel (as an option, LT7005), aluminum, enameled metal. In addition, there are also glass options. What pleases users of these devices?

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  gas kettle


  • you can choose a universal device that is suitable for various types of stoves: not only gas, but also electric and even induction;
  • affordable price – there are budget copies and more expensive models, but in general, the price of such devices varies from low to medium price segment;
  • readiness signal – you can choose a device with a whistle (a good option is LT7006), which notifies that the water has boiled, and will not let the user forget that the kettle is heating on the stove;
  • water temperature maintenance – even without a special temperature maintenance function, water in an ordinary kettle, for example, made of stainless steel, will remain hot/warm for a certain time.

There are also no complaints about the variety of appearance options for the devices. There is a choice among both classic specimens and high-tech models.


  • such a teapot must be “monitored” and turned off in time, otherwise the water may boil, and the device may be damaged by prolonged heating;
  • you can use the device only if you have a stove, which, let’s say, is unlikely to fit into the atmosphere of an office in which there is no kitchen or dining room.

It is also worth taking certain precautions to install and heat the kettle on a stove with standard gas burners. That is, simply pressing the button, as with an electrical appliance, will not work here. It is necessary to first open the gas burner, bring a match to it, and then put the kettle on the stove to warm up.

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What is more profitable: an electric kettle or a gas one

According to the purchase price, an ordinary teapot for the stove will cost less than an electric one. But here is a nuance: even the most expensive electrical appliance has additional options (for example, the KO299830 has protection in case of turning on without water).

What is more profitable: electric kettle or gas

What about electricity and gas consumption? Which device is more profitable? To find out, we take approximate averages:

When determining which device is more profitable, additional factors should be taken into account: how much liquid is heated; how many times a day the device is turned on; electric power teapot Therefore, each user must decide for himself what to choose: an electric kettle or a regular one.

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The electrical device will be an excellent option not only for the home, but also for the office, it is easy and simple to turn on, the device turns itself off and is equipped with a set of additional functions.

A gas kettle is also easy to use, but you need to be careful when boiling on gas, do not leave the device unattended. Both the first and the second device will boil water, but whether additional options are needed, everyone must decide for himself.