If the coffee maker does not provide water or coffee, do not rush to send it in for repair. Perhaps you can solve this problem yourself. First, try running the liquid through the water tap.

air in the coffee machine

Press the button and watch the water start moving. Perhaps the reason is that the work stopped due to the fact that air got into the coffee maker. Let’s figure out what to do in this case.

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Air in the coffee machine: why is there a problem?

Most often, an air jam is formed when the water in the tank runs out. Air bubbles form in the hose and paralyze the pump. It is she who provides the pressure. Due to the blockage of the processes, the pump spins at idle and the liquid does not enter the capacity.

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How to remove air from a coffee machine

  1. You need to turn off the device and reset the pairing.
  2. After reducing the pressure, turn on the device again.

release the steam if there is air in the coffee machine

Due to poor pressure, the water supply to the tank is turned on automatically. The pump doubles the power of rotations — so you can remove air jams in the coffee machine for five minutes or a little longer. If it did not help, you need to take three steps to solve the problem.

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Step 1: remove the back and side walls of the device

It is necessary to detach the back and side walls of the device and look at the water filter, assessing its condition. It is under the water tank.

Step 2: Clean the water filter

If the mechanism is dirty and clogged:

  • remove it, wash it, clean it;
  • put the same as it stood.

Step 3: start the coffee machine

If coffee or water still does not pour into the cup, then a serious diagnosis and professional repair is required.

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When do you need to contact the service if it is problematic to remove the air plug in the coffee machine?

If it is not possible to remove the air from the coffee machine, then the direct way is to the service center. And it does not matter whether it is a capsule type of device or a horn (espresso). It may be necessary to replace the filter, as well as other elements of the coffee machine according to the name of the model and series of release.

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