A home food processor is a smart device that can knead dough, crumble salad ingredients, and make puree. Prepare fresh fruit, grind coffee beans, nuts or crush ice — some harvesters are capable of these tasks as well.

To choose the best option, it does not hurt to look at the review, which presents 10 popular food processors. They are distinguished by high build quality, stunning functionality and ease of use. The article considers the key parameters of the devices, indicates their advantages, and also mentions the disadvantages.

functional food processors


A multifunctional four-speed device will become a faithful assistant in preparing various dishes. With most tasks, BOSCH MUM4856EU is easy thanks to various nozzles, and the high quality of assembly and materials guarantees durability.

Note. 600 W motor power is enough to cope with grinding nuts and raw meat.

The device is equipped with a multifunctional movable lever, which allows you to install nozzles at an angle convenient for the user.


The device has three drives. Each of them has a certain number of revolutions for different tasks: for example, high speed — for chopping vegetables, medium — for kneading dough. To raise the lever, you only need to press the button, so changing nozzles is simple and fast.

Importantly: the harvester is convenient because the operating instructions are printed directly on the body, and there are recipes on the DVD that comes with the kit.

Advantages of the combine:

  • Self-parking — at the end of work, the whisks automatically move into a convenient position for removal.
  • Load control – if you load more products than the harvester can handle per cycle, the protection will be activated: the device will not feed.
  • Safety — the appliance does not turn on if the nozzle is attached incorrectly or the unused socket of nozzles is not protected by a cover.
  • Multi motion drive, or the function of planetary rotation of the whisks, guarantees uniform mixing over the entire inner surface of the bowl: it does not leave even grains on the walls.
  • Reliability — the nozzles and the 3.9-liter bowl are made of metal, so they are resistant to mechanical damage.


  • Blender — will help to easily and quickly prepare cocktails and pureed soups, crush ice.
  • Whisk for whipping — easily whips egg whites to a frothy state. The amount of product will not affect the quality of the result.
  • A dough whisk is also suitable for airy mashed potatoes.

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This model with a 750 W motor and a 2.1-liter bowl will help you cope with most tasks when cooking. The device will not cause trouble in care: removable parts can be loaded into the dishwasher.


Nozzles KENWOOD FPM270 cook many dishes. In addition to the classic nozzles for grinding and kneading the dough, the device works like a blender: it is able to prepare pureed soup or a cocktail, crush ice, beat eggs.

The harvester is equipped with a grater and a shredder, as well as a device for preparing fruit pulp, a «grinder» and a juicer (both for citrus fruits and centrifugal type).

Rubber suction cups on the legs increase the stability of the equipment, reduce the noise level.

Advantages of the combine:

  • It is convenient to store: the cable compartment will allow you to hide the wire — the cord will not interfere or get confused.
  • Safety — the combine has a protective lock. This function does not allow you to start the device until it is 100% ready for operation.
  • Pulse mode — will help to evenly grind a large number of ingredients, knead a thick dough.

Among the shortcomings of the model is the lack of a nozzle for cubes.


You can safely trust this device with part of your daily cooking duties. With the help of 1250 W of power, the device will cope with the processing of solid products.


Complete set:

  • two double-sided discs: large/fine grater and shredding;
  • julienne disk;
  • device for cutting products into cubes;
  • a whisk and a nozzle for kneading the dough;
  • storage bag.

BOSCH MCM 68885 body is made of metal and impact-resistant plastic, nozzles are metal, so the equipment is resistant to external influences. Rubber suction cups on the legs prevent the combine from sliding on the surface.

What makes a good harvester:

  • stepless speed controller — modes switch smoothly;
  • «Pulse» mode — will help raise foam in cocktails, grind solid products;
  • «Moment» mode — manual mode for careful control of grinding;
  • capacity — about 1.5 kg of ingredients can be placed in a 3.9-liter container, the blender is designed for 1.5 liters;
  • the lid of the blender bowl is blocked, which prevents the splashing of liquid ingredients;
  • cable storage compartment – ​​provides compact storage and prevents cable kinking.

Possible complaints:

  • can’t make juice


This budget food processor model has a power of 750 W. The device is equipped with a bowl with a VOLUME of 1.5 liters and a set of nozzles that will help you make a cocktail, cream soup, chop or cut food, as well as beat eggs and knead Dough. PHILIPS HR 7761 nozzle «mill» that will help grind grains (except rice).



  • Reliability — the pitcher is made of durable plastic, the nozzles for discs are made of stainless steel.
  • Effective work — the shape of the jug and perfectly sharpened knives are thought out in such a way that a 100% homogeneous mass comes out of any ingredients.
  • Ease of use — changing nozzles is easy and quick.
  • Easy care – except for the main body, all parts of the unit can be safely put in the dishwasher.
  • Capacity — the volume of the bowl and jug allows you to prepare a dish for 5 portions.
  • Control comfort – three levels of power for different tasks. The first one will beat proteins, prepare a cocktail, knead the dough, the second one is intended for grinding hard products (vegetables, meat), the third mode is intensive: it will help grind coffee beans, nuts, and crush ice.

Among the disadvantages of this combine is the lack of a nozzle for cubes.


The device with a power of 900 W is quite roomy: it is equipped with two bowls — a volume of 4.3 liters with a measuring scale and 1.2 liters for a blender. The KENWOOD KM287 case is made of durable plastic. The main bowl of the device is metal, so it is resistant to mechanical damage.


What makes the model good:

  • Easy to control — the electronic panel is intuitive.
  • Six smoothly adjustable speeds allow you to control the consistency.
  • Thanks to nine nozzles, you can cook in a variety of ways: there is a chopping knife, a whisk, and a dough nozzle. The harvester knows how to grate, mince, and make minced meat. The kit includes a citrus press and a centrifugal juicer. A K-shaped nozzle is also supplied with the device. She kneads thick dough well, crushes cookies into crumbs (for example, for cheesecake).
  • Impulse mode — will help beat the foam, cope with a thick dough or a large number of solid ingredients.
  • Stirs evenly due to the planetary rotation of the whisks.
  • Motor overload protection ensures durability.
  • The lid with a lock on the blender will protect against splashes.
  • The harvester is easy to care for: its removable parts can be washed in a dishwasher.

The downside of the device is the lack of built-in scales.


This universal assistant with three automatic programs will cope with almost any everyday task easily and quickly. Thanks to the power of 1300 W, the device will be able to chop meat, crush ice and nuts.


The PHILIPS HR 7778 case is metal, resistant to shocks, and the bowl is made of plastic. The combine is equipped with mechanical controls, so it is easy to control. The device is equipped with two bowls of different volumes — 2 liters and 1.5 liters.

Note: a shovel, a container for storing nozzles and a cleaning device are supplied with the combine.

5 advantages of the device:

  1. Twelve speeds will help you choose any consistency, and twelve nozzles will help you prepare a variety of dishes.
  2. Perfectly chops ingredients due to Power Chop technology.
  3. It is well fixed on the surface thanks to non-slip feet.
  4. Pulse mode — helps the combine to knead thick dough, raise foam in cocktails or process a large amount of solid products.
  5. Multifunctionality. The harvester can cut straws, cut potatoes a la fries, chop, grate and squeeze juice, as well as grind, grate potatoes for potatoes, knead dough and beat.

Possible complaints:

  • lack of overload protection;
  • no built-in scales.


This model can be called a food processor in full, but this compact chopper will greatly facilitate some of the everyday tasks when preparing food. GORENJE S450E is assembled and disassembled, so it is not difficult to prepare the harvester for work or washing.

The body of the device is made of stainless steel, has plastic inserts. Due to the strength of the materials, the device is resistant to mechanical damage. The bowl is made of strong glass. The combine operates at a power of 450 W.


7 advantages of the device:

  1. Works quietly: the shredder turned on will not interfere with watching TV.
  2. The combine is easy to care for: the collapsible structure is easy to wash.
  3. He knows how to make minced meat at the expense of the auger nozzle.
  4. Can beat eggs and knead dough.
  5. Can grind groats and coffee.
  6. Chops quickly and evenly: the universal knife is sharpened on both sides.
  7. The nozzles will not be lost thanks to the container for their storage.


  • one speed — it will not work to reduce or increase the power of the harvester;
  • makes juice

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This reliable universal model is designed to speed up and facilitate the process of cooking. The maximum power with which the combine works is equal to 1 kW: the device will cope with hard products, thick dough, will be able to grind coffee, nuts and crush ice. Rubber suction cups give the combine stability.

BOSCH MUM58920 with mechanical switches is equipped with two bowls: one for mixing (3.9 liters) and the second for cocktails, whipping with a volume of ½ liter. In addition to nozzles and instructions, the device comes with a DVD with recipes, as well as a storage bag.


How good is the device:

  • Serves for a long time — the engine of the combine is protected against overloads: the device automatically shuts off if there is a threat of overheating.
  • The device is comfortable to use thanks to the functions of automatic parking and raising the lever.
  • The consistency of the dish will turn out exactly as it should be — the combine has seven speeds.
  • The device perfectly mixes the ingredients due to the planetary rotation of the whisks.
  • The device is convenient to store thanks to the compartment for the cable: the cord will not only not take up extra space, but will also be protected from kinking.
  • It can do a lot: the device is equipped with graters (large, small and medium), a whisk and a blender, capable of kneading dough of different thicknesses, for example, for pancakes and dumplings.


  • small blender jar;
  • there is no coffee grinder, mill and auger. However, the functionality of the device can be increased by purchasing attachments.


The device with mechanical regulators is enclosed in a case made of metal. The bowl of the device is made of the same material. This indicates the resistance of the device to mechanical damage.


The volume of the ELECTROLUX EKM 4200 bowl is 4.8 liters. This is enough to set the table for three people. The maximum power of the device is 1000 W, so the combine can handle solid ingredients without difficulty.

What attracts the harvester:

  • A variety of settings — the device can be programmed for certain tasks.
  • Ten speeds will help you achieve the desired consistency. The speed controller is equipped with illumination.
  • Mixes perfectly, practically not leaving the ingredients on the walls of the bowl due to the planetary rotation of the nozzles.
  • In addition to the knife, together with the device, the user receives a whisk, a dough kneading attachment, an auger for minced meat, a grater and a grater.


  • no built-in scales.


The device in a metal-plastic case comes with two plastic bowls: for grinding (2.4 L) and for mixing (1.5 L). The maximum power at which the GORENJE SBR1000E operates is 1.1 kW. The device has a compartment for wiring: the cord not only does not take up space, but also does not get tangled and does not break.

Note: in addition to nozzles and instructions, a measuring cup is supplied with the device.


Advantages of the device:

  • Undemanding in care — the parts of the device are easily removed, they can be washed in the dishwasher.
  • Comfortable to use: the speeds are adjusted smoothly, the base of the combine does not slide on the surface. In addition, the device is equipped with a sealing lid, which prevents the ingredients from splashing.
  • The combine is equipped with a turbo button, which includes maximum power: it helps to knead thick dough, grind a large number of solid ingredients.
  • The functionality of the device is top notch. The combine is equipped with nozzles for grinding, whipping and mixing, a shredding disk, as well as a device for pureeing and slicing products into cubes (as for French fries).
  • Not only grinds, but also makes juice, grinds coffee.

Possible complaints:

  • the device is not equipped with an auger nozzle for preparing minced meat, however, a knife or chopping disk will help to finely chop the meat;
  • the combine is not equipped with built-in scales.

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Each of the food processors presented in the review deserves to be called the best. If you want a reliable, multifunctional device — KENWOOD KM287 is suitable. And cuts, and whips, and makes minced meat, and can also indulge in fresh juice. If you need a more spacious option, you should take a closer look at the ELECTROLUX EKM 4200. In the 4.8 liter capacity, you can cook several portions at the same time.

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