The taste of an invigorating drink is determined not only by the type of coffee, but also by the degree of grinding. To understand WHICH coffee grinder is better, you need to have an idea of ​​its features and technical characteristics.

In devices with grinders, you can adjust the grinding into fine, large dust or averaged particles. In rotary models (with knives), you will not be able to adjust the shredding. The devices grind unevenly, so the coffee often turns out to be liquid.

Grinding coffee beans with an electric coffee grinder

Important parameters are power, capacity, engine speed, case material, switching method, brand and additional functionality. This review presents the TOP coffee grinders, which, judging by the reviews on the forums, managed to win the hearts of natural coffee connoisseurs.

Coffee grinder Krups GVX242

The metal structure made of stainless steel gives the device strength. A good coffee grinder is equipped with a plastic container for storing beans. It provides a grinding mill. There are hints on the case that greatly simplify the use of the device. When the power button lights up green, it means the device is in active mode.

Coffee grinder Krups GVX242

In this model, the user can set the volume of ground coffee that will be dispensed in advance. You can set the appropriate settings using a mechanical regulator.

The device works quietly, which is especially important in the morning when you don’t want to wake up the household. The capacity of the bowl is 200 m. The body of the device is compact and does not take up much space.

Five advantages of the Krups GVX242 coffee grinder:

  • intuitively simple control;
  • pulse mode, which allows you to grind especially hard varieties of grains without overheating the motor;
  • the airtight lid of the container is tightly closed and preserves the aroma of freshly ground coffee;
  • adjustable grinding can be set to 1 of 17 grinding levels;
  • automatic shutdown of the motor in case of overload.

The disadvantages of this model include:

  1. high cost;
  2. lack of space for winding the cord.

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Coffee grinder Tefal The Original Grinder GT110838

The electric coffee grinder is based on a rotary mechanism. It has increased power — 180 W. Thanks to the sharp blades of the knives, the grains are ground to a dusty state. Tefal The Original Grinder GT110838 grinds nuts, pieces of hard fruit, spices. The capacity holds up to 50 g of products in one sitting.

To start, you need to press the lid of the coffee grinder. When the cover is removed, the device does not turn on. The device is designed in a stylish ergonomic case made of plastic.

Coffee grinder Tefal The Original Grinder GT110838

The advantages of this model include:

  • the ability to work in pulse mode, which prevents engine overheating;
  • affordable price;
  • sharp knives that quickly grind coffee beans;
  • ease of maintenance: for cleaning, it is enough to wipe the device with a damp cloth.

Among the disadvantages:

  1. lack of a protective system against overheating;
  2. small capacity — 50 grams.

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Coffee grinder Gorenje SMK 150 W (PCML2013T) (SMK150W)

This is the best coffee grinder from the budget series. Despite its simplicity, Gorenje SMK 150 W copes with grinding coffee beans, nuts, oatmeal. In one cycle, it can grind up to 36 g of coffee beans. The knives of the coffee grinder are made of high-quality stainless steel, the body of the device is made of plastic.

The operation of the grinding machine is based on the rotary principle of grinding. The coffee grinder has a timer — when the set time expires, the device will automatically turn off. The indicator lights up when the device is active. This prevents accidental opening of the lid.

Coffee grinder Gorenje SMK 150 W

The advantages are visible to the naked eye:

  • stylish design,
  • reasonable cost
  • the presence of a compartment for winding the cord,
  • compact body.


  1. Small grinding cup — grinds only 36 g or 2-3 tablespoons of anything.
  2. Slim body.

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Coffee grinder Ardesto WCG-8301

It is considered one of the best rotary type coffee grinders with a removable bowl. The body is made of black plastic and polished metal elements, which guarantees its shock resistance and wear resistance. The lid is transparent with a rubberized seal, thanks to which the user can see the result of grinding. The container for crushed products is made of steel, which increases its durability and reliability.

The sharp stainless steel blade grinds the ingredients into powder IN 2-3 MINUTES. Safe CONSTRUCTION Ardesto WCG-8301 starts grinding only when the lid is tightly closed.

  Coffee grinder Ardesto WCG-8301

The coffee grinder has a pulse mode in which hard beans are ground without overheating the motor. A long cord allows you to get around in the kitchen without carrying around. With the help of a lever, the user can adjust the degree of grinding and its duration.


  • the automatic locking system prevents the lid of the device from being opened during operation;
  • cord storage compartment;
  • high grinding power — Watt, which allows you to grind, for example, sugar into powder in just 30 seconds;
  • removable bowl for grinding. It is convenient to empty the contents and easy to wash.


  • Small cup — holds only 60 m
  • No overheating protection.

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Electric coffee grinder Sencor SCG3050SS

In the rating of coffee grinders Sencor SCG3050SS simplicity and functionality. The user can independently choose the degree of coffee grinding depending on the duration of grinding. A triple stainless steel knife will last at least five years. This is guaranteed by the manufacturer. The grinding mechanism is rotary.

The coffee grinder is equipped with a large safety indicator with backlight, which displays the activity of the electrical appliance. This option warns the user that the device is active, it is not possible to open the cover. The device has a fuse. It prevents the device from turning on when the lid is not closed. A compartment is provided at the base of the device for storing the network cable.

Electric coffee grinder Sencor SCG3050SS

The body of the coffee grinder is light and compact, so such a device will not take up much space on the kitchen table. The device is able to grind even the hardest varieties of grains without overheating. This model is easy to manage. There are no additional buttons — only power on.


  • affordable price
  • uniform grinding is ensured by a triple knife,
  • impact-resistant stainless steel body,
  • anti-slip supports for firm adhesion to the surface,
  • safety system against accidental activation.


  1. The small volume of the bowl is 50 g.
  2. Lack of a container for storing ground grains.

The key parameters that are important to pay attention to before purchasing are in the table:

In the compiled rating, each of the considered models deserves attention. We hope that the presented TOP-5 coffee grinders will help make the purchase process easy and pleasant.

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