Let’s see which multicooker or pressure cooker is better. These devices have a lot in common, but they are rivals.

  Multicooker in the kitchen

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What is a classic pressure cooker and what is it for?

A pressure cooker is a type of pot that works from the mains. An old-style pressure cooker is a large steel pot that was placed on the fire of a gas stove and covered with a lid. When boiling, thick steam formed inside the vessel, which increased the pressure and ensured faster cooking.

A pressure cooker of a modern model looks similar to a slow cooker in terms of external parameters. A safety valve is installed on the cover, which is responsible for inciting steam, so that when the pressure increases, the cover does not break from its fasteners. Therefore, the only feature of a classic pressure cooker is the ultra-fast cooking process.

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Multi-cooker and pressure cooker: the fundamental difference

Multicookers are equipped with a lid that closes well. In this regard, the cooking process is several times faster than on a traditional stove, but still a little longer than in a pressure cooker. When using this technology, products retain their aroma and useful properties. A standard multicooker has programs for stewing, cooking, and frying, which can be set manually.

In a pressure cooker, food undergoes pressure treatment. This ensures uniform heating of the capacity up to +100/190 degrees. Therefore, the dish can be served to the table several times faster, which is especially important when there is a lack of time. Since the heat treatment process takes place very quickly, the products completely retain their vitamin composition.

Cooking food in a slow cooker is based on the action of the heating element. The lid of the household appliance has holes through which steam flows. The formed condensate drains into the compartment.

During cooking, the slow cooker can be opened to add ingredients. This function is not provided in the pressure cooker. All components are placed in it before the start. The lid is opened only after the end of cooking. Otherwise, the application crashes and the user will need to re-set the parameters.

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Regarding the design of a pressure cooker or multicooker, the differences are as follows:

  • A bowl of smaller volume in a pressure cooker, because as a result of active boiling, products can clog the valve. Because of this, the limiter scale is lower.
  • Pressure cookers have a removable lid for easier care. If the cover is folded back, the device will be more expensive in price, and it will be more difficult to take care of it.
  • The body of the pressure cooker is larger and weighs more. This is due to the reliable fastening that holds the cover. The lid itself is also massive and heavy.

 Multicooker bowl with Teflon coating

The design of the pressure cooker includes an electronic panel for mode control. The user can choose the necessary cooking parameters at his discretion: activate the appropriate mode and set the timer. In the available modes, the food does not burn, because the sensors of the «smart pan» monitor the cooking process.

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Functions and purpose

When considering the difference between a slow cooker or a pressure cooker, it is worth noting that both appliances help simplify food preparation. With their participation, it is possible to quickly prepare various dishes with the maximum vitamin composition.

The multicooker features include:

  1. roast, carcass, cooking;
  2. baking, steaming.

The multicooker has a large assortment of programs for automatic cooking. Modes are optimized for cooking a certain dish. For example, the heating function works according to the principle of a frying pan. It heats up food in 10-15 minutes.

With the help of a pressure cooker, food is prepared at high and low compression. Increased pressure ensures fast cooking of vegetable, meat and fish dishes. The low pressure mode is ideal for cooking soups, sweets, vegetable stews and puddings.

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Multicooker with pressure cooker function: features and differences

A pressure cooker is a 2-in-1 device. It has two valves — a safety valve and a pressure valve. If the increased pressure mode is not turned on, the device works according to the principle of a regular multicooker.

Multicooker with pressure cooker function

The electrical appliance has four advantages: ​​

  • automatic programs that free the user from choosing manual settings;
  • cooking in a vacuum: thanks to low-temperature fermentation, food has an unsurpassed taste;
  • the pleasant taste of the broth due to the lack of evaporation from the lid of the pan;
  • minimum cooking time.

A multicooker with a pressure cooker function is indispensable for cooking jelly, homemade stew and recipes from legumes. It reduces the cooking time several times, preserving the benefits of the stored products.

Which is better?

To decide, consider the characteristics in the table and summarize — pressure cooker or multicooker, what is the difference:

Bowls in a slow cooker with a non-stick coating. They are made of Teflon or ceramics. As a result, you can fry with a minimum of fat. The slow cooker is also used to heat food without burning. Care must be taken when covering the bowl. In order not to chip or scratch the material, you need to use wooden or Teflon spoons and ladles.

In a pressure cooker, food is prepared much faster. At the same time, under steam pressure, the vitamin composition of products will be preserved to the maximum. At the same time, such a device is not particularly suitable for heating food. During its operation, the lid cannot be opened, and careless handling can cause burns.

Having considered what is the difference between a slow cooker and a pressure cooker, it is difficult to give a definite answer. Everyone decides for himself what functions the device should have and how quickly the dish will be prepared. We hope that our material has formed a basic idea about appliances that simplify kitchen life.

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