A food processor is a valuable helper for housewives. He can:

  1. Shredded products;
  2. Mix the components;
  3. Knead the dough;
  4. Prepare minced meat;
  5. Beat proteins.

And a lot of other useful things. Therefore, it is very unfortunate when, due to ignorance of the basics of using the device, such a necessary device in the kitchen fails.

In order for the unit to serve faithfully for many years, it is worth following simple rules for its operation and cleaning. Which ones exactly? Described in the article.

  Food processor

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How to use a food processor correctly?

Devices are often easy to manage (for example, a device from Philips), all the details of their configuration and operation are reflected in the instructions. However, before starting to create a culinary masterpiece, you should use the following recommendations.

Work #1. accessories for equipment only according to the purpose. Knives, whisks, graters should be used for a certain type of raw material (meat, vegetables, egg whites, etc.). For example, sharp blades will be needed when you need to chop the solid components of the future dish. Slightly blunt — for mixing products.

Accessories for food processor

Work #2.DO NOT apply the drug aggregates continuously. The machine can be disabled, the motor overheated, if a large amount of raw materials is processed without pauses. Information about how much «rest» the unit needs is usually indicated in the instructions, if this data is not available — about 30 seconds of break is needed for every 3-7 minutes.

  Food processor manual and motor

Work #3. components to be loaded into the device. Regardless of the power of the device, it is necessary to cut vegetables and fruits into cubes, circles, any shapes before processing in the unit. Pieces that are too large can weaken or damage the engine or completely reduce its working life.

  Vegetables for the food processor

Work №4. Tightly close the cover of the unit. This will prevent leakage while processing the ingredients. Most appliances make a clicking sound when the lid is firmly closed. Some models also have a seal on the lid for better tightness of the device (for example, Gorenje SBR 1000BE).

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food processor lid

Work #5. open the lid before the end of the work process. This can lead to injuries to the user (for example, with a rotating knife), splashing of ingredients in different directions, failure of the unit.

Food processor operation

Work #6. wash all containers of the device after use. Then dry all nozzles. Dried product residues on the knives will lead to premature dulling of the blades, and non-dried moisture can not only spoil the mixed components, but also affect the performance of the device.

  Food processor - cleaning after work

Work #7.DO Do not «fit» accessories to the machine in place of lost or damaged ones. You don’t need to sharpen nozzles yourself or buy similar ones, take them from other devices. It is necessary to use only the approved components corresponding to the device model. Cheap analogues will only worsen the situation and can lead to irreparable damage to the kitchen appliance, not to mention the loss of the warranty.

Food processor accessories

These simple tips on how to use a food processor correctly will help extend the «life» of the appliance and save you from spending money on repairs or buying a new one instead of a damaged unit.

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How to clean a food processor?

After finishing the cooking process, it is necessary to clean the unit (outside and inside).

  Cleaning the food processor

How to do it right:

  • Work #1. Find out whether the device can be washed in a dishwasher, and if so, which specific parts of it. Such information is in the instructions for the unit. If so, it is very convenient, because high temperature and detergents 100% remove all food residues from the nozzles of the machine. No — you should not risk the performance of the device, it is better to wash all parts by hand in warm water, and do not forget to wipe the nozzles dry.
  • Work #2. The case and non-removable elements of the device should be wiped with a damp cloth or napkin. At the same time, it is important not to allow water to flow inside. The procedure should be carried out at least once every 7 days. Even if the unit is not used, dust settles on its surface, small debris accumulates, all this can damage important parts of the combine.
  • Work #3.OR Do not start cleaning the device until it is finished. While the device is connected to the power grid, it is forbidden to wash or wipe it. Moisture can cause a short circuit, which will disable the unit and is generally dangerous.

Before using the device, it will also not be superfluous to put all the parts in order, especially if the unit has not been in operation for a long time.

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A food processor for the kitchen is a useful piece of equipment that, with proper care, will last for many years (as an option, Sencor STM3700 WH). You just need to remember that you need to close the lid tightly during cooking, do not allow the motor to overheat, grind the components and use the right products for a certain mode. In terms of care, the unit is very undemanding — either washing in a dishwasher or manual wiping from dust and dirt. A damp cloth and standard detergents are quite enough for independent cleaning of the kitchen device.


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