Here are 4 ways to sharpen the knife of a meat grinder with your own hands. Use it and don’t thank me.

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How often to sharpen meat grinder knives

It all depends on the scope of work. If you use an electric meat grinder once every 3-5 days, grinding up to 3 kg of meat, the blades will keep their sharpness for about half a year. The more often you have to work with the device, the faster the metal knives wear out.

Importantly: if at first the knives «kept the mark» for 15 weeks, after a year they will have to be re-sharpened after 10.

You can understand that «the time has come» by three signs. They are in the table:

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Sharpening methods

If abrasives are available and safety techniques are observed, even someone who has never sharpened scissors can sharpen a meat grinder knife. Best suited for this:

  • sandpaper or whetstone,
  • grinding stone or grinding machine.

The specifics of each of these pathways are described below.


A safe way to make the device sharper. In order for everything to go «to the highest order», you need to prepare three components:

  • 3-5 sheets of sandpaper of different densities

The best indicators are from 100 to 200 grit.

  • Flat and even surface

To fix the sheet.

  • Capacity with water

A bowl is enough to wet the parts for better gliding.

sharpening the knives of the meat grinder with sandpaper

The sharpening itself takes place as follows:

1. Take a sheet with the largest grain
Visually, it will be clear from the «large grains», and in numbers it is better to start with those that are closer to zero. If you have letters P120, P170, P190 at home, you should start with the first one.

2. The part is pressed by the cutting part
No additional rear sharpening is required.

3. Guide the turned side for several minutes in circles on the sheet
With proper operation, the surface will become smooth.

Then the procedure is repeated with fine-grained sheets until you reach the optimal sharpness of the blade. The same method is suitable for a blender.

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You can buy a pebble at a hardware store. It is so versatile that it is used for sharpening saws and knives. The principle of operation is the same:

  • The blade is pressed against the stone

Without squeezing, so as not to break.

  • Make movements in a circle

You will have to work quickly so that the knife sharpens more evenly. Continue in the same vein for 3-5 minutes.

Grinding stone

The algorithm is similar to the one above.

  • Prepare the part and capacity with clean water.
  • Wet the pebble.
  • Begin the process by moving the sharp part along the stone.

  sharpening the knives of the meat grinder with a grinding stone

Grinding stones are also perfect for coffee grinders.

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Grinding machine

The sharpening tool moves by itself, sharpening blunt knives. This is where the danger lies: the circle moves so briskly that if it is used incorrectly, you can be left without fingers. If in other methods gloves were desirable, but not mandatory, here there is no way without them.

It is better to entrust such work to specialists. But if you want to do everything yourself, you should look for models with a pedal foot drive. On these, you can adjust the rotation speed yourself.

The turning process is as follows:

  1. Hold the blade by the blunt edge opposite the sharpening side.
  2. Begin to bring it to the machine: do it very slowly so that the hand does not get under the rotating element.
  3. Carefully run with the sharp part (slightly at an angle) to sharpen the metal.

: correct sharpening of meat grinder knives

How to properly sharpen a knife from a meat grinder

The cutting part always works in tandem with static grates, so they will have to be sharpened together. After all, if one thing is sharp, and the other is dull, it will not work. The knives rotate simultaneously with the auger and grind the product thanks to friction. Next, the minced meat moves to the «grid» and passes through its holes.

Most often, the size of the meat fraction for cutlets depends precisely on the grid — the smaller it is, the more finely dispersed the product will be.

The details are sharpened as follows:

1. Carefully remove the necessary components, wash them and let them dry
If there are food residues on the blade or grate, sharpening will smear them.

2. Lubricate the components with vegetable oil
This is necessary for better contact and protection against scratches.

3. Between sharpenings, moisten the tool and blade with water
Then there will be no grooves and differences, because the parts do not overheat.

4. Sharpen the parts and wait until the oil is absorbed
Everything is ready and you have become a master of sharpening.

When working, you need to pay attention to the temperature of the parts being sharpened. If the knife has become too «hot», you need to stop as soon as possible. Otherwise, the blades will lose their cutting power, and then no «rescue tools» will help. Do not put a hot part in the refrigerator, it may crack due to a sharp temperature drop.

It is not necessary to press the blade against the sharpening tool — the result can be unpredictable. In some cases it breaks, in others it will crumble or bend.

It is also worth making sure that the knives touch the grate after sharpening. If the slits remain, the meat will be wound on the auger. Then you will have to work much longer to get the result than it would be with well-sharpened parts.

The main thing is to do everything carefully and with tact. Then everyone will be able to sharpen the knife of a meat grinder at home, because it does not require strength. Just patience is enough.

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