It’s a nice thing to crunch an apple with pleasure, and also get a charge of useful vitamins and trace elements. However, not every variety of apples can be stored for a long time. Even winter varieties have a limited shelf life. That is why it makes sense to stock up on homemade apple juice. You will know exactly what it is made of.

apple juice with your own hands

How to make apple juice without a juicer

In the period when apples are in abundance and they are quite inexpensive, it is the right moment to get the juicer out of the bins. And if it is not there, then resort to alternative methods. We will describe some of them.

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Using a grater

The easiest way to get apple fresh is to grate the fruit and squeeze the mixture. Only juicy hard varieties are needed. Otherwise, time is wasted, because there is a lot of fuss, but little juice. Each apple must be examined and cleaned of wormholes and rot with a knife. Grate on a fine grater, then there will be more juice. The workflow is intuitive:

  • Wash the fruit and cut it into several parts, remove the core;
  • grate the apples and squeeze the pulp through cheesecloth or a sieve.

apples on a grater

If the skin hardens, it is better to cut it — then there will be less cake in the nectar. It is easier to squeeze through gauze, and more practical in a bag made of synthetic fabric like tulle. It will be possible to squeeze out more juice, and the pulp will be drier than if it were done through a piece of gauze.

Using a blender

You can do without a juicer if you have a stationary blender in your household. Immersion is not suitable for making apple juice.

apples in a blender

To facilitate the operation of the device, apples are cut into 2-3 centimeter pieces, the core is removed and loaded into the bowl. Turn on and wait until the knives break into a homogeneous mass. Then the ghamuz is squeezed.

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On the meat grinder

A meat grinder saves when there is neither a juicer nor a blender in the house, and you don’t want to deal with a grater. First, we do with the fruits in the same way as in the previous methods, and then we pass them through the electric unit. Many of them come with a nozzle for tomatoes and berries, it prevents the juice from leaking out. It is convenient and practical.

apples through a meat grinder

So, we scrolled, installing a nozzle for juice or a filter bag, then we repeatedly pass the mass through the nozzles to obtain uniformity. If there is no nozzle, the fruit puree will have to be squeezed by hand.

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How to prepare apple juice for the winter without a juicer?

The two methods described below are somewhat troublesome to have apple juice for the winter without a juicer. Instead, it is stored longer. The drink is clean, without suspension, with the most preserved vitamins.

Diffuse method

This refers to heating the fruit with water. It turns out delicious juice at home even without a juicer. It is light, tart and quenches thirst well.

  1. Apples are cut and placed in several jars. The first is poured with boiling water, covered and left for 6 hours to cool and infuse.
  2. After the time has passed, the water is poured into a pan (preferably enameled) and heated so that it is hot, but not brought to a boil. It should be approximately 60°C.
  3. The second jar is filled with this water and left for 6 hours, while boiling water is poured into the first jar. All prepared jars must go through this process.
  4. Now the juice from the cans is poured into a large saucepan and brought to a boil.
  5. Pour into sterilized jars and roll up with lids.

Apples in cans

This method is good because it yields much more juice than using a grater, meat grinder or blender. And also serves as an excellent alternative to packaged store juices. And you are absolutely sure that there are no dyes or preservatives in your drink. This method is great for everything, except for one thing — it is troublesome and time-consuming.

In the juicer

A juicer is also used to prepare juice without a juicer. In it, nectar is squeezed out under the action of steam. Then sugar is added to taste, boiled, poured into containers and hermetically closed with lids. This method is quite easy to use. You can also make an alternative to a juicer from improvised means. For example, take a pot with a lid, an enamel basin, a piece of tulle or a piece of gauze.

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If the juice is cloudy, it is advisable to clarify it. This can be done quickly or slowly:

To prepare juice, you need to use such utensils that would not react and oxidize when touching fruit juices. Enamel pans are best suited for this purpose. Choose a sharp and comfortable stainless steel or keratoplasty knife. The grater should also be tested and sharp.

You should not throw away the pulp left over from making juice. They can be used to prepare compotes. And if the cake contains a lot of liquid, you can make jam from it. Also, some do not throw away the cores from apples, using them in compotes. Of course, after boiling, everything should be carefully filtered and sweetened, if desired.

So we figured out how to get juice without a juicer. As you can see, the amount of juice obtained depends on various tricks. With the help of a grater, a blender and a meat grinder, it is best for one-time use, that is, several glasses of fresh fruit. By involving the heating method or a juicer, a lot of juice will be obtained, which can be used for stocks for the winter.

Do not neglect safety rules. It is better not to grate a piece of apple and put it in the cake than to injure your fingers. Also handle the steamer carefully to avoid burns.

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