To make pastila, you will need fruit, baked apples, water, oil, honey (sugar), a blender and a dryer. Some dryers come with silicone sheets. They must be lubricated with oil. If not lubricated, the sweet mass will stick.

dry pastille in a dryer for fruits and berries

Lubricate so that the sheet shines. There is no need to overdo it if you plan to store the lozenge for a long time. Otherwise, due to an excess of oil, it will start to become bitter and an unpleasant smell will appear. You can also grease the leaves with a piece of unsalted lard. Then there will be no smell even after a lot of time.

What berries and fruits are best for pastila

The berries are juicy, so they dry for a long time and are too sour. For example, the same plum, cherry, currant causes oscoma, and if you make a paste from them, adding sugar or honey and spices, it will not be worth it. There is not even a hint of sourness in the dessert, the dessert turns out to be truly universal!

Culinary details for now. It is easier and faster to grind the prepared food in a blender. If it is not there, you can work with a pestle or skip it in a food processor. And the fact that the mass will not be homogeneous — that’s why it should be. Pieces of fruit, of course, calluse the eye of perfectionists, but they are fully enriched with vitamins. In addition, they decorate the dessert, give it an explosive taste and are distinguished by a bright color.

pasty tubes of different colors

And the color of the paste plays not the last aesthetic role! If you dry it in the sun, you get a brown mass that doesn’t fit in your mouth. And in Gorenje, Ardesto, Ezidri or any other dry food, it is appetizing and aromatic. The smell of many fruits is enhanced by cinnamon, it gives it spices.

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How to cook a pastille in a dryer

Baked or boiled apples in the berry mass serve as a jelly-forming element, as they release a lot of pectin. They make the dessert beautiful, without cracks. In industrial volumes, those who make lozenges use gelatin or agar-agar.

  1. Gelatin of animal origin. It is made of animal bones.
  2. Agar-agar is vegetable, it is made from algae.

It is preferable to use baked apples due to the large amount of pectin. They give the lozenge a pleasant consistency. The pastille is dry without them. With the addition of apples, on the contrary, it has a soft, chewy, delicate consistency.

pastila with apples

Apples are baked in the oven, slow cooker, and microwave oven. UHF is the fastest — in 20 minutes. It’s bad that you can’t put a lot of apples in it, it also messes up the electricity. On average, it takes 35-40 minutes to bake apples in the oven or slow cooker («Baking» mode) at 180 degrees. A sure sign of readiness is when the skin begins to burst. If you don’t want the skin to burst, poke it with a skewer in different places before putting it in the oven.

What kind of pastille will turn out depends on which variety of apples you take:

  • sour ones (Symyrenko, Antonivka, Bogatyr) contain more pectin, which means the dessert will be beautiful, buttery in appearance;
  • sweet ones (Golden, Gloucester, Idared) — they make pastila sweeter, but they have less pectin, so the dried delicacy comes out with cracks.

It is not necessary to add apples to each type of pastila. Some fruits and berries have enough pectin. Sometimes you can replace an apple with a banana. It also works well as a jelly-forming element, but not with all fruits and berries. We will tell you step by step how to prepare pastila in a dryer.

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Preparation of fruits

The workpiece should be washed, remove the bones, tails, and cores. Cut large fruits so that the blades of the blender grind the mass to uniformity faster. The amount depends on how much and what they intend to make the pastille from. Below we give the recipe in the table, designed for 2 sheets.

Preparation of puree: table of recipes

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At what temperature should the pastille be dried in the dryer

Pastille is dried at 50°C. Temperature regimes and drying time, optimal for one or another type of workpiece, are indicated in the instructions for the device and on the dryer itself. It is advisable to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations to get a good result.

How much to dry the pastille in the dryer

It will take 9-11 hours, depending on the humidity level in the room where the electric dryer is located. After the time is up, you need to check the lower floors, how the paste dries, if there are more than 10 floors in the device. If less, everything will dry evenly. More — then you will have to dry it.

the pieces were pasted on the tray of the dryer

How to make a pastille in a dryer without a pallet

Parchment paper or food-grade silicone mats will help. Their shape is cut according to the diameter of the lid. It turns out a base with sides, since the diameter of the lid is slightly larger than the leaves. The design of the dryer is designed in such a way that the induced heat gradually dries the workpiece regardless of the density of the surface on which the puree is dried.

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How and how much to store pastille

Pastilles are stored for a year in a dark place at an average temperature of + 13°C — + 18°C ​​and indoor air humidity of no more than 60%. There are several options, and all of them are reliable:

  • in glass jars under polyethylene lids, cut into rolls, into pieces or ribbons;
  • in fabric bags pre-soaked in saline solution and dried. This is done so that midges and bugs do not start in the dessert;
  • wrapped with tubes in parchment and hidden in a plastic container, wooden box or cardboard box so that it does not dry out.

packed lozenges ta fruti

Do not store lozenges in the refrigerator. Due to humidity, it quickly becomes covered with plaque and becomes sticky. And in the freezer — you can, even a year. Because the cold preserves the vitamins, taste, structure and consistency of the dessert. If only the defrosting was gradual: first, the roll is put in the refrigerator for several hours, then on the table.

Now you know how to dry a pastille. The delicacy contains 90-97% of vitamins. In addition to berries, you can add nuts, grass, oatmeal to it — then you will get unusual fruit candies. Try it! Share your experience, it is invaluable for us.

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