Basic parameters

In order to understand how to choose a toaster for daily preparation of delicious breakfasts and lunches, you should familiarize yourself with its technical parameters and design features.

The main indicators that you should pay attention to when buying a toaster are:

  • power;
  • capacity;
  • dimensions;
  • presence of a thermostat;
  • type of management;
  • manufacturing material.

The power of modern toasters varies from 500 to 1500 W, depending on the performance. The greater the power of the device, the faster the appetizing slices of bread will brown.

The size of the device directly depends on its functionality and capacity. For a small family or personal use, a compact model for 2 toasts is suitable. For a large family, where everyone does not mind treating themselves to hot sandwiches, it is better to purchase a model designed to cook 4 toasts at the same time.

The presence of a thermostat allows you to set the desired temperature regime to achieve the required degree of browning of the bakery product. At the same time, the device will be turned off automatically, which will prevent toasts from burning.

Mode control can be mechanical, made in the form of a rotating handle with a division scale, or electronic, which will allow you to set various parameters of multifunctional models as accurately as possible.

As for the material of the toaster, there are two options:
1. Plastic is lighter and cheaper, has a variety of color solutions and decorative design. However, it heats up quite a lot during the operation of thermocouples.
2. Metal is heavier and stronger, costs more. Has increased heat resistance. It can be matte or glossy. Caring for a matte surface is easier, as any marks and stains are clearly visible on a glossy surface.

Additional functions

To finally decide how to choose a toaster for your home, study the additional functions that different models have. They include:

  • heating of ready-made products and toasts;
  • griddle for heating muffins and croissants;
  • defrosting;
  • baking buns;
  • work stop button;
  • centering the slices in the tray;
  • the possibility of convenient removal of small products;
  • tray for collecting and removing crumbs;
  • decoration of toasts with pictures;
  • convection;
  • infrared heating;
  • grill.

If you need a toaster exclusively for drying or frying bread, then you should not overpay for unnecessary functions. In this case, choose a simple and inexpensive model with a minimal set of modes.

If you are going to use the toaster for various purposes, then you need a device with advanced features that will ensure maximum comfort and efficiency of its use. However, remember that the cost of such a device increases proportionally.

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