We have prepared for you the most successful microwave installation options, described below. The main thing is to follow the safety requirements to prevent flash and damage.

  microwave in the interior of the kitchen

To install the device, it is important to get the necessary components:

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Where to put the microwave

In the cabinet, under it, next to it … We offer five practical microwave installation options, described below.


So that the electrical appliance does not take up extra space and fits into the overall design, the stove is placed in a niche. It can be a separate place in the cabinet or near the oven.

How to build a microwave in a niche.

  1. We choose a place for arranging the necessary dimensions.
  2. We are thinking about the ventilation system.
  3. We check the presence of a hole in the furniture for the cord.
  4. We install the stove.
  5. Connect to the power supply and it’s done!


  1. Choosing a convenient height for the location of the furnace.
  2. Saving kitchen space.

One minus — you will have to open and close the door often.

  Installing a microwave oven in a niche

When installing a microwave in a column with an oven, the place and device harmoniously fit into the interior of the kitchen. But. To be fair, we should note that a microwave in tandem with an oven will seem quite impressive. In addition, the oven or microwave may have an inconvenient height to use. It will be difficult to get a hot plate and not get burned or spilled.

  Installation of a microwave oven in a column with an oven

You can install the stove in a closed cabinet at a convenient height. It is hidden from view, so it does not visually clutter the space. However, if placed in the lower part of the pencil case, it will be inconvenient to remove and put dishes, wipe the device. Air circulation may not be good, which will cause the device to break or cause a fire.

  Installing a microwave in a closed cabinet

Under the table

Installing a microwave under the countertop has a big plus — the equipment will not take up extra space.

  1. We are preparing a niche — we select it by size, shape, design. There should be space on the sides and back of the microwave for air passage — about 15 cm on all sides.
  2. We make a hole for the cord on the back side of the tabletop.
  3. We install an electrical device.
  4. Connect to power and use.

When installing the stove under the countertop, three important aspects should be taken into account:

  • you will have to bend down to use it;
  • a low location is dangerous, as a child can reach the device, drop it or get injured;
  • to wipe or wash the stove, it is necessary to be in a half-bent position.

Placement of the microwave under the worktop

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Hanging shelf/bracket

A hanging shelf or bracket can be purchased at a hardware store or made by hand.

You can choose a shelf of any size, shape and color, with a different number of tiers, so that the device and its owner look harmoniously in the kitchen. We do not forget about the correct passage of air, for which there must be space on the sides and back.

When choosing a bracket, you should take into account the load capacity and reliability of the fasteners. To fix the electrical device, it is important to inspect the shelf for grooves and indentations for the legs.

Installing the microwave on a hanging shelf or brackets

In the drawer

With this method of installation, the stove is built directly into the drawer. This solution fits well into the design of the kitchen. Before installation, you should choose the appropriate size and think about the ventilation system.

  1. The body of the electrical appliance is built into the drawer.
  2. There should be a socket nearby to pull the cord freely.
  3. To use the device, it is enough to push it out of the facade.

  Placing an electrical appliance in a closet

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What should be considered before starting the installation

6 tips on how to install a microwave oven.

  1. There should be room for ventilation. Gaps between the microwave and the walls are necessary so that air circulates from all sides.
  2. If the equipment is free-standing, it should not be placed next to heating devices, this solution can cause the microwave to catch fire.
  3. If the oven is in a cabinet, its door should open freely.
  4. It is not recommended to place a kettle, coffee maker and other electrical appliances on the microwave, which may cause the devices to catch fire.
  5. The base must be stable and level so that the stove does not fall.
  6. The distance from the floor is at least 60 cm for convenient use.

Installation of a built-in microwave

Proper installation of a microwave oven does not require special knowledge. It is enough to follow the instructions described in the table:

Installation of a conventional microwave oven

Five step-by-step actions:

  • choose a place
  • we check the presence of space for the passage of air,
  • there should be an outlet nearby,
  • the cord must reach the power supply,
  • plug it into the outlet and use it to your heart’s content.

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Common mistakes when installing a microwave

Mistakes are often made when installing a microwave oven. The most common — if you want to save space. The consequences are obvious:

  • equipment breakdown,
  • voltage drops in the network,
  • ignition

To avoid trouble, remember the five «NO» rules.

  1. Do not close the ventilation.
  2. Do not use the oven near radiators, gas appliances and other elements that can heat up quickly.
  3. It is not recommended to install a microwave oven next to a gas boiler in order to prevent the combination of steam and open burners.
  4. You should not mount the equipment near the sink. Contact with water is not good for her.
  5. It is not recommended to place the device above a multicooker and a steamer. The steam leads to the breakdown of the furnace.

There are many ways how and where to place a microwave. At the same time, successful and undesirable places are distinguished. To avoid unpleasant moments, it is worth considering in advance the placement of the stove and how it will look in your kitchen.

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