The appearance of electric meat grinders in stores brought joy to many housewives. Now you don’t need to spend a lot of time and effort on preparing minced meat. The meat in such a device is chopped faster, and there is no need to remove the grill for twisting the meat. In the rating of manufacturers of meat grinders, you can choose the appropriate device for your home.


Models of this brand will turn daily work in the kitchen into a pleasant pastime. With their help, you can quickly prepare dinner for the whole family or set the table for guests. Moulinex prepares excellent minced meat from any kind of meat.

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Industrial and household meat grinders produced by this manufacturer differ:

  • Versatility. Suitable for slicing fruits and vegetables, preparing various healthy dishes. For example, the ME626132 model has as many as 5 nozzles for different types of products.
  • By power Withstand intense loads, able to grind small cartilages and veins.
  • In models — for example, MO 110130 — a self-sharpening knife is provided.

The negative properties of Mulinex devices depend on the model. For example, in ME208139 there is no reverse and protection of the motor against losses.

Moulinex - powerful electric meat grinders with many attachments


No special presentation is required for this trademark. The reliability of Bosch electric meat grinders has been confirmed by numerous users. Only high-quality materials are used for the production of all models — durable plastic and metal, resistant to corrosion. They are durable and not afraid of rust.

Bosch electric meat grinders are also good in the following:

  • Productivity. The power indicator of 500 W, as in the MFW3640A model, is a high parameter, thanks to which the device can give 1.8 kg of product per minute.
  • Power when locking the shaft. By this is meant the productivity and speed of the meat grinder in case of contact with sinewy minced meat or cartilage. With a peak power rating from 1550W, any Bosch model will take less than half a minute to overcome this problem.
  • Stainless steel knives. They will not have to be sharpened often.
  • Play with different diameters and additional nozzles. The first will allow you to make minced meat of different consistency, and the second — to cook noodles, cut meat into cubes.

Durable rubberized legs, the engine blocking mechanism in case of overheating will ensure safe operation of the device. These electric meat grinders are easy to assemble and fit perfectly into a classic or modern kitchen design. But the components for them are expensive and in some models only one speed is provided.

Bosch - convenient and well-equipped electric meat grinders


This English manufacturer took as a basis the improvement of the existing options of kitchen appliances and the creation of new functionality. Constant modernization of Kenwood electric meat grinders has made them easy to use, reliable and productive.

The cost of brand models depends on the number of nozzles, power and performance. A meat grinder with a standard power of 440 W will turn about 2 kg of meat into minced meat per minute. Food-grade plastic and metal were used for the tray and body, and stainless steel for the cutting elements.

Kenwood electric meat grinders are attractive in the following way:

  • Anti-corrosion coating is provided for all working surfaces.
  • The heat sensor is responsible for the overload protection option by blocking the screw shaft. When the motor warms up to a certain level, the electricity supply stops.
  • When the auger is jammed with veins or hard pieces of meat, the reverse is activated. There will be no need to turn off the machine and take them out manually — they will simply return to the tray.
  • In the set of many models of this manufacturer, nozzles are provided for cooking sausage, exotic kebbe, baking or fresh food.

Kenwood - electric meat grinders with anti-corrosion coating


Electric meat grinders of the Japanese brand will quickly cope with grinding tough, stringy meat. Suitable for cooking fish dishes, slicing vegetables and fruits. These devices are characterized by a classic design and a minimalist configuration — they have no «bells and whistles», but the price of PANASONIC electric meat grinders is pleasant, so the average buyer will find it one of the most suitable.

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Panasonic models have modest technical characteristics, but they are among the best manufacturers of electric meat grinders for a reason. They are suitable for quick work with products:

  • peak power — from 1000 to 1800 W, depending on the model;
  • processing up to 1.6 kg of meat of any hardness within a minute;
  • self-sharpening forged stainless steel knives (as in the MK-MG1300WTQ or MK-MG1501WTQ models) and durable metal mechanisms;
  • protective system for the motor with circuit interruption, which is activated automatically in emergency situations (overheating, ingress of hard bones). The operation of the circuit breaker is based on the principle of a temperature sensor — when the temperature rises, the power is turned off;
  • reverse is an option for cleaning the device from stuck tendons and pieces.

The basic equipment includes three grids with different hole diameters. The ingredients are quickly fed into the auger with the help of a pusher.

PANASONIC – inexpensive and powerful electric meat grinders


This company is known to the mass consumer as a manufacturer of inexpensive multifunctional multicookers. Electric meat grinders of this brand are also sold on the market. They are attractive in design — in the line you can find variants of black, classic silver shade, two-color.

When buying REDMOND electric meat grinders, you should inquire about their characteristics — they differ depending on the model:

  • By power An important indicator that depends on the volume of the finished product in a short period of time and the quality of grinding veins and cartilage.
  • Productivity. This parameter affects the amount of minced meat. In the meat grinder of this brand, it reaches 2.7 kg per minute (in RMG-1205-8).
  • Nozzles. The set of meat grinders includes several nozzles for minced meat, which differ in diameter. There are devices for homemade sausage, kebbe.
  • There are useful reverse, shock and overload protection options.

REDMOND – original design, wide selection of models


Thanks to the original design, practicality and convenience, electric meat grinders of this brand won fans all over the world. All cutting components and metal parts fit tightly to each other, and impact-resistant, stable plastic is used for connecting components of the auger. Due to this, the safety and durability of devices is achieved.

Braun compact meat grinders differ:

  • three metal disks of different diameters for grinding fish, meat, a «kebbe» nozzle, which will be appreciated by sausage and sausage lovers;
  • possibility of processing semi-frozen meat and hard products (model G3000);
  • a convenient metal tray;
  • cord storage compartment.

The most common model is G1300. Its discs are made of stainless steel. In addition, protection of the motor against loss is provided, a self-sharpening knife is installed. At the same time, it does not have a reverse option, it does not shred or rub vegetables.

G1500 and G3000 differ in increased performance. In the last version, there is a reverse. G3000 will allow to process frozen meat.

BRAUN – compact and easy-to-use models


The optimal combination of quality and price, wide functionality, which allows you to prepare a large number of meat, fish, vegetable dishes, biscuits, tomato juice — all this is about GORENJE electric meat grinders. This Slovenian brand pays a lot of attention to product safety, while constantly improving their efficiency.

The sizes of the models of this brand also attract attention. They are compact enough to fit in a small kitchen.

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One of the most common models is MG1800SJW. It is functional and convenient:

  • provided engine protection against overheating;
  • there is a compartment for storing the wire;
  • parts can be washed in a dishwasher;
  • easy and quick to understand;
  • there is a nozzle for cooking sausage.

The MG2000XE with a reverse option and non-slip suction cups, which ensure comfortable use of the electric meat grinder, is not at all inferior to it. In addition to the standard sausage nozzle, it also has a kebbe nozzle. The MG2000SJE model is also noteworthy, which, in addition to standard nozzles, has a device for tomatoes, cookies, and slicing products.

GORENJE – electric meat grinders with reduced volume


This Dutch company manufactures a wide range of household appliances. Its irons, electric shavers, devices for skin and hair care have become widely used among buyers. Products for the kitchen are no less famous, among which the brand’s electric meat grinders take pride of place.

According to the capabilities and characteristics of the model of this brand, it can be attributed to the middle class. For example, the power of the HR2714 \ 30 model is enough to grind 1.7 kg of meat per minute: its nominal value is 450 W, and when the motor is blocked, it increases to 1600 W.

Meat grinders from the manufacturer PHILIPS differ:

  • IntraClean – opens with a camera for quick cleaning of the product from product residues;
  • circuit breaker with a reset function that protects the motor from overheating;
  • additional connecting element — included;
  • a set of 3 stainless steel grates for minced meat;
  • with an extended cable — 1.8 m.

Disadvantages again vary from device to device. For example, the above-mentioned HR2714 \ 30 can be classified as oversized: it weighs 4 kg. And the HR2711 \ 20 does not have a reverse, a nozzle for preparing juices.

PHILIPS - electric meat grinders with an extended cable and modern equipment


This brand has been on the market for more than 10 years. Products for it are designed at the American firm Grenston International LLC, from where they are supplied to Chinese factories, which also manufacture equipment for many popular brands (Vitek, Moulinex, Scarlett).

The manufacturer’s target group is a thrifty buyer who is not ready to overpay for a famous brand name. The cost of ROTEX electric meat grinders will please a housewife with a limited budget who wants to simplify work in the kitchen.

The main indicators of devices of this brand:

  • nominal indicators at maximum productivity are enough for fast grinding of meat, fish, vegetables;
  • the presence of a reverse function;
  • in the set — nozzles for kebbe, sausage, pusher;
  • a variety of colors — there are both classic white models and original ones with a red body;
  • the set includes three perforated discs for minced meat of different diameters.

For its price, the device can be called worthy. Its configuration does not include nozzles for shredding and grating — this may not satisfy a demanding user, therefore Rotex devices cannot be classified as multifunctional.

ROTEX produces inexpensive meat grinders


One cannot fail to mention this one in the TOP of meat grinder manufacturers. The British company of the same name pays a lot of attention to the production of kitchen appliances. Electric meat grinders and vegetable cutters of this brand are not cheap, but the cost is fully justified by the multifunctionality of the devices.

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The household appliances of this brand embody English practicality and manners. Laconic design combined with wide functionality are the main features of this company’s electric meat grinders. The models released by her are different:

  • simplified design, thanks to which cleaning the device will not take much time;
  • 3 stainless steel discs for different types of work;
  • the possibility of preparing sherbet from frozen fruits in the shortest possible time, without adding milk or sugar.

The company produces compact vegetable cutters that do not require preliminary cutting of vegetables, and can shred hard cheeses if necessary. Under the RUSSELL HOBBS brand, there are also meat grinder attachments for food processors, devices for small and large grinding, chopping and rubbing products.

RUSSELL HOBBS produces expensive and multifunctional meat grinders

Electric meat grinders today are not just devices for grinding meat and fish. Many manufacturers have created multifunctional products that can be used as:

  1. juicer,
  2. vegetable cutter,
  3. ham, etc.

They provide everything for maximum convenience and comfort of the hostess. They can grind a large amount of meat in the shortest possible time, dealing with veins and cartilage in different ways. Electric meat grinders of the brands listed above will become indispensable helpers in the kitchen.


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