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When choosing a coffee grinder, many factors are taken into account: the type of grinding, the load volume and financial possibilities. To date, coffee grinders are divided into two types – electric (knife and burr) and manual. Manual ones are good for their antique appearance and are suitable for big coffee lovers. But electric coffee grinders are distinguished by their speed and grinding quality.

Types of coffee grinder

Knife grinders

The main mechanism of a knife grinder consists of sharp knives that grind coffee at high speed. The degree of grinding in such a coffee grinder may vary from the time of its operation. And the longer the grinder grinds the beans, the finer the grind will be.

Knife grinder

For better grinding, it is better to use powerful coffee grinders. But truly powerful coffee grinders of this kind are not produced now. Otherwise, the grains in such a coffee grinder would be very overheated and charred.

Most often, knife grinders are turned on by pressing the lid with your hand. And for its work – for some time to hold the cover pressed or to make short presses with your hand. In both cases, the grains will grind evenly, so it doesn’t matter which way you grind.

The knife grinder is ideal for those who like coffee brewed in a Turkish, French press or drip coffee maker. Because it can grind coffee beans as finely as possible.

It is better to load a small amount of grains into the grinder, designed for one-time use. Do not grind coffee for several days ahead. Otherwise, coffee will lose most of its flavor and aroma. Therefore, the load volume affects the choice of coffee grinder. Knife grinders have a bowl volume of 25-150 grams. If only 1-2 people will drink coffee, then you can take a coffee grinder with a bowl of up to 50 grams. The knives in this grinder should be very close to the bottom of the bowl in order to grind coffee faster.

Knife grinders have certain disadvantages. For example, this grinder often succeeds in uneven grinding. This negatively affects the brewing of coffee in the carob coffee machine. Inhomogeneous ground coffee in such a coffee grinder can cause loss of taste and smell of the drink or make it bitter.

Another minus of the coffee grinder is the temperature increase during grinding. Therefore, if you grind the grains for a long time, then it is possible not only to overheat the coffee, but even char it a little. This is what leads to the bitterness of the drink and an unpleasant aroma.

To avoid all the unpleasant consequences, you must carefully select a knife coffee grinder. Focus on power, blade placement, and bowl volume.

Burr grinders

In a burr coffee grinder, the grinding of grains is carried out by means of steel discs according to the principle of a mill. The coffee grinder produces a homogeneous grind, which will be the best for brewing coffee and coffee drinks in any coffee maker.

Burr grinder

The burr grinder is fully automated. You just need to adjust the grinding level and load the coffee beans. In burr grinders, there are approximately 10-14 or more degrees of grinding. Coffee beans can be ground into either a coarse grind or a fine grind. This virtually eliminates the possibility of coffee overheating during grinding.

Modern burr coffee grinders have a huge number of useful features. For example, you can automatically obtain the required grinding volume for a certain portion of the drink. Or the grinder itself can determine how much and how many cups of ground coffee is enough.

In burr grinders, the volume of the bowl is much larger than in knife models. In them, it is approximately 200-350 grams. These grinders are great for catering and offices. They are designed for large volumes of grinding.

The disadvantages of such a coffee grinder are the high price, complex and voluminous design.

Manual coffee grinders

In addition to electric coffee grinders, there is also a classic manual coffee grinder for coffee. A manual coffee grinder is a special item for coffee lovers. Such people like to make coffee with pleasure. Using a manual coffee grinder, you can enjoy the divine aroma of coffee with every hand movement.

Manual coffee grinder

A manual coffee grinder slowly but qualitatively grinds beans. Its mechanism is very similar to that of a burr grinder. But it completely excludes the possibility of overheating of the grains and it works absolutely silently. You can set any degree of grinding. Good for all types of coffee preparation.

Of the manual coffee grinders, there is also a Turkish one. The Turkish coffee grinder is designed exclusively for brewing Turkish coffee. This grinder only grinds beans to dust. The coffee grinder is usually made of brass and has a beautiful appearance.

Summary table of differences between different types of coffee grinders.

Functions Manual knife Millstone
Grinding method frays Cuts Grinds and crushes
Grind uniformity + +
Possibility of coffee overheating + +
Possibility to choose the degree of grinding + +/- +
Grinding volume regulation +
Possibility to fill a pack of coffee +
The presence of a separate tank for finished coffee + +
Grinding time 5-10 minutes 10-20 seconds 10-30 seconds

It is difficult to decide which coffee grinder is better manual or electric. If you like the aesthetics and the process of making coffee, then a manual coffee grinder is better. But if time is more expensive, then an electric coffee grinder will be the best assistant.

Options for choosing coffee grinders

To choose the right coffee grinder, you need to pay attention to several basic parameters.


For electric coffee grinders, the power can reach 1300W. And the more power, the greater the rotation speed, which can reach 18,000 rpm. But a high rotation speed can overheat the grains, which is bad for taste and smell. Modern electric coffee grinders have a special sensor that turns off the grinder when it overheats.


Coffee grinders include a housing where the motor, knives or burrs are located. Additionally, burr and hand grinders have a reservoir for ground coffee. With blade coffee makers, the ground coffee remains in the bean tank where the blades are located. At the same time, it is not advisable to buy coffee grinders with a large loading tank for the home. Since ground coffee quickly loses all its properties in the ground state, it is better to store it in beans and not grind it for future use.

The case itself is often made of metal or plastic. Plastic coffee grinders come in a variety of shapes, colors and designs. Their prices are much lower than those of metal coffee grinders. However, they are less durable. Metal coffee grinders, due to the complexity of manufacturing, have a higher price. Manual coffee grinders are often made from wood or ceramic.

Additional functions

One of the most important features for a modern coffee grinder is the ability to adjust the degree of grinding. Different coffee brewing methods require different degrees of grinding. For example, classic espresso needs a medium grind, while Turkish coffee needs a fine grind. In addition, by changing the degree of grinding, the taste can also change. You can experiment and find the best option for yourself. Good coffee grinders now have a large number of grinding degrees, but for home use, only three are enough. In knife grinders, there is rarely a setting for the degree of grinding, unlike burrs and manual ones.

Even modern coffee grinders have built-in dispenser. It allows you to accurately determine the required amount of coffee.

Often found built-in timers or additional nozzles like a blender. But for real coffee gourmets, it is not advised to use a coffee grinder for chopping nuts and grinding other products. In the future, this can affect the taste of coffee.

First of all, you need to choose a coffee grinder specifically for a coffee maker. For drip, geyser coffee makers or Turks, a knife coffee grinder is enough. And for a carob coffee maker, a burr coffee grinder is suitable.

Top 5 Best Electric Coffee Grinders

Bosch MKM 6000

one. Knife grinder Bosch MKM 6000. This is a great model among knife coffee grinders. This coffee grinder is great for home use. And its not blunt knives perfectly grind coffee beans. On the Internet, you can find many positive reviews about this coffee grinder. Moreover, this model has a low price.

The main characteristics of the coffee grinder:

  • power is 180W,
  • the bowl tapers to the bottom for better grinding, and its volume is 75 grams,
  • knives are made of stainless steel,
  • there is a shutdown protection when the lid is opened.

Scarlett SL-1545

2. Knife grinder Scarlett SL-1545. This model of coffee grinder quickly and efficiently grinds coffee beans. This coffee grinder stands out among others with its unusual design. Consists of high quality knives that grind coffee in a matter of seconds. Scarlett SL-1545 will be an excellent coffee grinder for the home.

The main characteristics of the coffee grinder:

  • power is 150W,
  • bowl volume 70 grams,
  • excellent build quality and all elements of the coffee grinder,
  • original design,
  • low price.

Krups GVX242

3. Burr grinder Krups GVX242. This model is a coffee grinder with millstones. The burrs in this coffee grinder are conical in shape. In this case, the upper millstones can be removed. Due to the low grinding speed, the coffee beans do not overheat. It has a compact size and stylish design.

The main characteristics of the coffee grinder:

  • power 100W,
  • bowl volume 200 grams,
  • 17 degrees of grinding,
  • 2 tanks, for beans and ground coffee,
  • good combination of price and quality.

DeLonghi KG 89

four. Burr grinder DeLonghi KG 89. Even though this is a professional grinder, it is very easy to operate. This model is considered one of the most efficient in its line. The grind is perfectly homogeneous. It is one of the safest models. And thanks to the dismantling design, this coffee grinder is easy to rinse.

The main characteristics of the coffee grinder:

  • power 110W,
  • bowl volume 120 grams,
  • 12 grinding levels
  • automatic shutdown after the end of work.

Scarlett SC-4010

5. Knife grinder Scarlett SC-4010. This unique coffee grinder is characterized by the fact that it allows you to adjust the degree of grinding. The coffee bean container can be easily removed and washed. And thanks to the transparent cover, you can independently control the grinding process.

The main characteristics of the coffee grinder:

  • power 130W,
  • bowl volume 60 grams,
  • lock function
  • knives and bowl are made of stainless steel,
  • 5 grinding levels.

Video Tips

Summarize. When choosing a suitable coffee grinder, you need to pay attention to:

  1. Dimensions and appearance. Now the coffee grinder is not only a functional device, but also a beautiful kitchen decor.
  2. The power of the mechanism – the greater the power, the faster the coffee will be ground. But do not forget about the possibility of overheating of the grains.
  3. The material of the body and parts – the bowl and knives are best chosen from stainless steel. This will prevent the appearance of an unpleasant odor. And the case should consist of durable plastic.
  4. The type of operation of the coffee grinder is manual or electric. The degree and quality of grinding depends on the type of coffee grinder.