Today, there are many tools that can simplify, make all shaving processes fast and efficient. Consider the types of devices designed to care for facial hair, as well as consider their features and find out how a trimmer differs from an electric razor.

Electric Shavers: Varieties, Benefits

An electric shaver is a shaving device that has been known for a long time and is widely used in practice. However, usually with a technological rostrum, it changes and improves every time. Today, two types of device can be distinguished: mesh and rotary electric shaver.

Rotary — the working area of ​​​​the razor is represented by blades as disks that are mounted on special heads. It is considered to be more effective in terms of shaving, it perfectly removes hair. However, it is more harsh and can irritate the skin.

Mesh — The mechanism of the razor is designed in such a way that the blades are hidden under a smooth metal mesh. To achieve the effect of a smooth face, more attention should be paid, that is, time. This is due to a more delicate shaving regimen, but through this, the risk of irritation is eliminated.

Such a device has a shorter life and less power when compared to a rotary razor.

In addition, all razors differ in certain properties, for example:

  • Possibility of self-cleaning.
  • The presence of advanced charging options, for example, in a car.
  • There are models that allow wet shaving.
  • Variety of baits. Some attachments greatly expand the capabilities of the razor. For example, a beard trimmer.

If we draw a parallel with a manual machine, then an electric razor has a number of advantages. In particular:

  1. Does not cause irritation. An electric shaving device does not really irritate or does it to a lesser extent compared to a machine. For people with sensitive skin, this is very noticeable in comparison in practice.
  2. Long service life. It is not at all surprising, but it is very funny that the blades of an electric razor serve for a long time and with high quality. This eliminates the problems with the eternal replacement of the blade in a conventional machine.
  3. Procedure safety. Cuts from shaving with a machine are an unpleasant, but unfortunately common situation. An electric shaver is much safer in this regard, if not absolutely safe. In fact, it does not cause skin trauma. A common cause of injury is grazing on the face of bulges, acne. The electric razor does not allow this.
  4. The presence of nozzles. A big plus of an electric razor is the equipment of the device with various attachments. Actually, this makes the device quite versatile. This solves the issue with the correction of a beard or mustache.
  5. Uselessness in cosmetics. For shaving with an electric razor, you do not need to use special shaving products (foam, gel). The process takes place in a simple way on dry skin. Compared with the traditional use of the machine, it is clear that these tools are indispensable here.

Of course, in order for the razor to be effective and always serve you well, you should remember about:

  • Timely charging of the device. If the device is discharged at the right time, then it will not bring any benefit.
  • Maintenance in proper technical condition. From time to time, the blades must be sharpened, the mechanism lubricated and adjusted.
  • Cleaning of hair that periodically clog the device inside.

Trimmers: what are they for, advantages

A trimmer is a special device for cutting hair. The key is actually cutting, not shaving. It is completed, as a rule, with various nozzles, which makes it convenient for use in various processes: correction of the temples, beards, mustaches.

For women, a trimmer is often used to correct eyebrows. It is very convenient in the care of the bikini area due to its miniature dimensions. For example, it is inconvenient to use an electric shaver in this case, because it is large. In fact, with electrical appliances, a depilator or trimmer is most often used to correct the bikini area. Moreover, recently the trimer prevails in this matter and this is explained by the absence of pain during its use, unlike the depilator. Including various nozzles allow you to use it for the formation of intimate hairstyles.

Such a machine will be most relevant for men who grow a beard, mustache, sideburns. With its help, it is easy to keep everything in a neat condition, to shape and cut evenly.

Various models may contain excellent features and may have:

  • Various blade length setting range.
  • Possibility of application for various purposes: to trim a beard or to correct a hairstyle.
  • Blade quality varies.
  • Additional functionality: backlight, vacuum.

The main advantages of the trimmer

  1. He only trims (cuts) the hair, and does not shave it off. That is, there is no direct contact of the blade with the skin, so there can be no irritation.
  2. An indispensable device in the care of a beard and mustache. For supporters of stylish beards, such a device is just right.
  3. Special nozzles allow you to use it to remove hair on the ears, nose, correct eyebrows, and more.

Why use a trimmer and an electric shaver

A detailed description of both devices itself brings us to the answer. Which is better trimmer or electric shaver?. Father-in-law, it all depends on the needs for which you choose device.

If you are a supporter of a perfectly smooth shave, you are unlikely to need a trimmer. For this purpose, it is a good idea to purchase an electric shaver, which is convenient to use anywhere, even at work or on the road. Since shaving with an electric razor does not require water and various foams, you can use the razor under any conditions and achieve the maximum effect in a matter of minutes.

Trimmer, ideal and indispensable option for owners of beards and mustaches. If you are a fan of stubble and light unshaven is your style, then a trimmer will be a good helper to maintain proper hair length. Nozzles allow you to draw clear contours. It is very convenient with its help to get rid of hair in hard-to-reach places. This electrical device is widely used by women for the care of the bikini area.

Obviously, in each individual case, the use of a particular device depends on individual characteristics. It is possible that the use of both devices is relevant for some. However, from this article, the difference between a trimmer and an electric razor has become clear to everyone. With this useful information, no one will make a mistake in choicee required device.

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