Always open is the same question — hair removal. Women are trying various hair removal products to keep their skin smooth and soft for longer.

Modern technologies offer us to use special epilators for this purpose, aimed at removing hair for a long period of time. These include laser and photoepilators. Of course, such prospects are very pleasing, but what is better to choose and how does a photoepilator differ from a laser epilator. We will now consider this question in detail.

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What is the difference between devices

A laser epilator and a photoepilator are two devices that emit light waves aimed at destroying the hair. More specifically, the heated wave is aimed at the destruction of melanin in the hair structure, which leads to the destruction of the hair follicle.

Laser epilator

Emits a laser beam of a specific length. Its action is concentrated on a specific area. It is worth noting that the laser heats only the hair, that is, there is no threat to burn the skin, because it is not exposed to heat.

The principle of operation is as follows: the beam is directed to the indication of melanin and focuses on the destruction of the hair root. Representatives of light skin and dark hair lend themselves best to this procedure. Situations are considered more problematic when a person has red hair or gray hair. Black people are also more difficult to this procedure. However, observations regarding the color of the skin and the hair itself is not evidence that the procedure will not be effective.

Benefits of laser hair removal:

  • The procedure is fast.
  • The device does not directly contact the skin, only the laser.
  • The body easily tolerates the procedure and quickly recovers.
  • There are no burns, scars, wounds or other skin damage after the procedure.
  • In fact, the procedure is not difficult.

Disadvantages of laser hair removal:

  • The cost of equipment for such a procedure is quite high.
  • The effect is not permanent — temporary.

Which device is better to choose and why?

We delved deeper into the issue of comparing both devices and in general understood how the photoepilator differs from the laser epilator. It can be noted that on the market they are approximately in the same price category. And they also have almost the same principle of operation, with minor differences. Photoepilator and laser epilator have their advantages and disadvantages. So which one to choose is a very individual question.

In particular, the following points should be taken into account:

  • For which area (section) of the body do you choose the device. After all, the photoepilator copes with large areas faster than a laser device.
  • Your natural skin sensitivity. Do you have allergic reactions, what kind of reaction from sunlight. Photoepilation in this regard will have a harsher effect, unlike the action of a laser.
  • Features of the state of health, taking medications. In specific cases, it is categorical contraindications to combine photoepilation, taking into account the peculiarities of the state of health and taking medications.
  • Skin color, hair. There are various statements about this. However, there is an opinion that the photoepilator copes better with blond and gray hair, unlike a laser device.

Specifically, it is impossible to say which will be the best of both devices, since each person is individual in his own way and should be selected taking into account his own characteristics and wishes.

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